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When searching for food for ourselves, we go make a fuss about the expiry date, nutrition content, digestive properties, and even flavor. As a dog owner, I can tell you, our furry friends deserve the same sort of treatment. I know people who’ve been scorching the internet in search of a balanced dog food diet and failed. To me, Victor Dog Food Reviews were the answer to this glaring issue of malnutrition for six of my furballs.

Be it the issue of allergies, malnutrition, fatigue, Excessive weight problems, or the effects of aging; this company came up with products that cater to all of them.

As dog lovers, you must be familiar with Victor. This franchise has been around since 1950’s and is still going strong. In case, some of you aren’t, let me give you some context on what food items they manufacture and how? I’ll also touch on few of their popular items, recall history, and glaring advantages that should give you a clear indication why I am so in favor of them.

A Little Bit About Victor Dog Foods

Victor Dog Food manufacturers are based in Texas, USA. This company is small in stature but they’re well-known for their dedication and dog breed expertise. In my experience, the brand ranks right up with the “Bosses” of dry and wet dog food. Their rise to fame can be credited to grain-free dog food line that they came up with.

This company has five or six top-ranked and sought after formulas and eight canine food formulas overall. All of them are “Grain-free” and “Anti-Allergenic” with the fish-based one being the best among the lot.

The manufacturers put in fishes, meat, sparse types of veggies into these formulas. You won’t find any with fruits or even GMOs. Trust me, I can refer these products to my beloved readers with my eyes closed.

Top 8 Victor Dog Foods Comparison Table

Victor Dog Food Reviews at a Glance!

I’m not going to pick and choose between the best of the lot. I’ll not distinguish whether Victor Grain Free Dog Food Reviews are the best or not. Let us take a simpler route. Let us go over all of them briefly. I fed these to five of my dogs and can say that these are honest remarks with results that I found myself after months of testing.

1. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy Beef Meal and Sweet Potato

 Victor-Dog-Food-Grain-Free-Active-Dog-and-Puppy-Beef-Meal-and-Sweet-PotatoThis dry dog food is specially produced for active dogs and puppies. It contains all the essential ingredients that every growing dog needs. It fills them up with energy and keeps the rejuvenated.

This Victor dog food variant contains a variety of ingredients. And the good thing is it does not use any kind of fillers. It contains ingredients like the beef meal, sweet potato, chicken meal, chicken fat, pork meal, peas, flax seed, dehydrated alfalfa meal etc. That is, it contains all those high-quality materials needed for the proper growth of every dog.

As the name suggests, the food material is grain free. The grain free texture makes it easy to digest the food. And it also fills their appetite faster than most other dog foods. Moreover, the grain free quality is mainly directed towards puppies of almost any breed.

Puppies don’t have a strong digestion system like that of the older dogs. And so a grain free meal helps them to easily digest and absorb the nutrient from the food. Adding to that, the dog food is high in protein with 33% crude protein that your puppy won’t have to chew through or waste.

Victor Dog Food Reviews analysis from various reviewers show it contains 3.8% crude fiber as well. Just the perfect ratio for the young ones to grow up on!

All the sources all these materials are natural, there is little or no risk for your dogs, mostly puppies to get an irritable bowel. However, the only problem that you might face with this food is that your dog may not like the flavor on the first try.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • This one helped my puppy and young adult dog with digestive problems.
  • I liked that the source of ingredients is natural rather than any GMOs.
  • These are practically Kibbles; any breed of dogs can chew through them easily.
  • Even if your dog can’t chew one; there are three sizes in total to pick from.
  • These are grain-free; you won’t find corn, soy or any other shady carbs inside.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • I’ve had my initial problems with the flavor of this food type.
  • They have a short leash on the expiry date of these things.


2. Victor Dog Food Select Hi-Pro Plus Formula for Active Dogs and Puppies

Victor-Dog-Food-Select-Hi-Pro-Plus-FormulaHas your dog been lackluster with little or no interest in going out? Has it not been that active while you are training him? Chances are you are not feeding him right. Your dog needs a high protein diet to feel energetic without carbohydrates to fill him up and slow him down.

That is where the Victor Select Hi-Pro Plus Formula comes into the fray. This dog food is produced to provide active dogs and puppies with more calories and protein per meal and less carb. This product does not use any kind of filler, and so your dog will get proper nutrients without getting unnecessarily full.

This dog food contains all kinds of top quality ingredients starting from beef, pork and chicken meal, sorghum, whole grain millet, flax seed, yeast culture etc.

These ingredients provide your dog with the protein and calories it needs. As you see, the varied protein sources work in favor of your dog’s nutrition. You must be careful to feed this to dogs which train more than an hour per day. Otherwise, it may cause weight gain.

The analysis shows that this thing comes with 30% crude protein and 20% crude fat which build up the muscle. At an astonishing 450 kCal/cup, the Select Hi-Pro Plus provides enough fuel for your dog to burn through a whole day of training.

It is GMO-free as the ingredients are all naturally produced. Most importantly, all of the ingredients come from the USA as most dog owners like. These items are processed and packaged in the USA as well.

Like most dog foods these days, this Hi-Pro Plus Formula is also grain free. Thus, it is free from gluten and corn. This quality makes it easier for the dogs to digest the food without facing any internal blockage or constipation.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • All ingredients can be found in the USA and are packaged here as well.
  • Totally GMO-free ingredients are used in the making.
  • Protein sources are diverse.
  • Again, Grain Free formula provides for great nutrition to my dogs.
  • Calorie count is on the higher side for dogs under training or growing puppies.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • If your dog has joint problems, this food isn’t idea for him.
  • Don’t feed this to dogs that train less than an hour per day as it may cause overweight issues.


3. Victor Dog Food Senior Healthy Weight Management Diet Dog Food

Victor-Dog-Food-Senior-Healthy-Weight-Management-Diet-Dog-FoodThe older a dog gets; the fewer calories it needs. So if you keep feeding your dog the same food you used to feed when they were younger, it will only cause them to gain more weight. In this stage of their lives, they need a specialized meal that will keep them strong and healthy but will not make them obese.

Victor Senior Healthy Weight Management is one of such dog food products that fill the void of a good dog food at this stage. This is mainly prepared to fulfill the needs of aging dogs, giving them exactly what they need.

It contains beef meal, whole grain brown rice, menhaden fish meal, chicken meal, pork meal, flaxseed, peas, oatmeal and more. The carbohydrate percentage of this formula is high at 44%. But that is understandable for senior dogs.

With 27% protein, it gives them enough to sustain healthy coat and legs to have training activity. As it is produced mainly for senior dogs, it contains less protein than other dog food products.

This dog food derives all its calories from plant-based ingredients. For example, the flax seed in the food is a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid.

This Weight Management Diet Dog Food contains glucosamine. This material is great for keeping your dog’s joints in good condition. In fact, this food product also aids in relieving joint pain and soreness. You’ll find it low on fat. So, the problem of gaining weight for senior dogs is fixed.

Instead, the formula features fiber that makes your dog active and gives it the energy to do some training and keep itself fit for the old age. This Victor dog food contains all naturally occurring ingredients and so it is free from chemicals and fillers.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • Good mixture of carbohydrates and protein considering the dogs’ ages.
  • If your dog has joint pain and troubles; this one is the ideal formula for him.
  • Plant-based fatty acids eliminate any need for unnatural elements in this product.
  • The pieces are easy to chew through for senior dogs.
  • If your dog is “Overweight,” feed him this product.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • Carbohydrate percentage is high; may not bode well with people and dogs alike.


4. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Yukon River Canine Salmon and Sweet Potato

Victor-Dog-Food-Grain-Free-Yukon-River-Canine-Salmon-and-Sweet-PotatoIt is nothing new that seafood is a big source of protein, vitamins, and fatty acids. And if your dog is a fan of fish, there can be nothing better to feed them the Victor Grain Free Yukon River dog food. This is produced for dogs of all ages and types.

Two of its main ingredients are salmon and sweet potato. Along with them, it contains canola oil, dehydrated alfalfa meal, flaxseed, dried kelp, peas etc. You may not know but Salmon is actually a better source for complex proteins than beef for your dog. Salmon gives you 46% protein (which is a LOT!) and 54% fat.

However, this dog food does more than just provide proteins. You have potatoes and peas too. These offer 93% and 77% carbohydrates respectively. Peas also provide 22% protein into the mix.

This dog food helps to keep the joints in good condition and even aid in joint pain. If your dog has allergies with other food items like beef or chicken meal, I suggest you give Yukon River Formula a try. Plus, it also helps your dog keep a shiny coat. And a shiny coat means a healthy dog.

Along with all these good things, this Victor dog food material is grain free. This helps your dog to easily digest the food, absorb all its nutrients and keep a healthy bowel. All the ingredients used in this food come from a natural source. So there is no risk of containing GMO or fillers.

Personally, I think Victor steps up a notch when it comes to fish-based formulas.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • Fish protein is healthier compared to other sources of protein.
  • Protein count is a lot higher due to fish items being present on the ingredients’ list.
  • Great source of protein and carbohydrates for dogs allergic to meat.
  • Good food for dogs with uneven coat problems.
  • You can feed this to puppies, adults, and senior dogs alike.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • I didn’t find any fault with this product.


5. Victor Dog Food Select Beef Meal and Brown Rice

Victor-Dog-Food-Select-Beef-Meal-and-Brown-RiceThe Victor Select Beef Meal and Brown Rice dog food is one of those materials that you can buy regardless of your dog’s breed and age. It is prepared to serve all kinds of dogs. You can easily choose this dog food if your dog does not require to follow a specific food chart or have a health condition.

It is a simple yet sufficient mix of dog food ingredients. It contains beef meal, whole grain brown rice, whole grain millet, sorghum, chicken fat, dehydrated alfalfa meal, flaxseed, oatmeal etc. All these ingredients are naturally occurring and so it does not pose any health risk regarding GMO or even gluten for that matter. In fact, it does not contain any kind of filler material.

If we go into analysis, the package contains 23% protein, 11% fat and 4% crude fiber. Since it doesn’t follow a regime or isn’t made with a particular dog breed or condition in mind, you can use it anytime you like for your dog’s pleasure.

This means, that your dog will be able to enjoy a sufficient meal and will have a healthy digestive system. Most importantly, it will not cause your dog to gain any unnecessary weight as it has a significantly low fat content.

The product provides vitamins and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. And since it has a high carb content, your dog gets all the energy (395 Kcal/cup to be exact) they need for their everyday running and jumping. Another benefit of buying this dog food is that you don’t have to worry about measurements. This Victor Dog Food product has not been found to affect your dog’s health in any bad way.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • Low fat count prevents your dog from being overweight.
  • High on carbohydrates; your dog feels full faster than with other dry dog food products.
  • This formula provides ample vitamins for your dog.
  • GMO-free product; it is important for a dog food that centers around beef.
  • The beef content of this product is top-notch and can be found in the USA.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • Reportedly, few dogs suffered from Diarrhea after eating the product.


6. Victor Dog Food GMO-Free Professional Beef and Pork Meal for Dogs

Victor-Dog-Food-GMO-Free-Professional-Beef-and-Pork-MealAlthough the name says it’s for professional dog owners, anyone who wants to feed their dog something good can and should get it. It is proven to be to great help for lactating females and puppies.

The primary constituent ingredients are beef meal, pork meal, whole grain ground sorghum, chicken meal, chicken fat, whole grain millet, dehydrated alfalfa, dried kelp, flaxseed etc. All these are natural ingredients and so the product is ensured to be free of GMO.

If we go into an analysis of this food, we’ll find 26% Protein and 18% Fat. This allows your skinny dog to build up some muscles. With 3.8% fiber, it is not too good for dogs which require intense training. However, it provides 440 Kcal per Cup.

This thing also contains Omega 3 and 6, which help to keep your dog in good shape. In fact, Omega 3 Fatty Acid keeps the joints in a healthy condition, which is important for all active breeds of dogs. It satisfies their appetite without making them bulky.

There are no filler ingredients like corn, soy or gluten in it. Filler ingredients cause digestion problems and many dogs suffer from constipation. That is, this is a type of dog food that is easily digestible and so your dog can have a happy and active life.

Moreover, these ingredients help to boost their immune system, which ultimately helps to keep your dogs at bay from any kind of disease.

All Victor dog food products are made in the USA, so you are getting something that’s very much local.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • GMO-free product with all natural ingredients.
  • Fat content builds up muscles and provides strength to dog’s muscles.
  • Easy-to-digest food item and supportive to digestive system.
  • Boosts your dog’s immune system over time.
  • Gluten-free product that helps allergy-prone dogs.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • Not too good for dogs that train a lot.


7. Victor Dog Food Select Ocean Blend with Wild Salmon and Brown Rice

Victor-Dog-Food-Select-Ocean-Blend-with-Wild-Salmon-and-Brown-RiceSeafood is not only tasty but also super healthy. We know this quite well as most of us like seafood a lot. But don’t be surprised to know that seafood is also a favorite of your dogs. In simple words, many dogs like fish. The Victor Select Ocean Blend is one of such dog foods that every fish loving dog will enjoy.

Victor dog food reviews elsewhere will tell you, this franchise truly comes into its own when manufacturing food out of aquatic products. My thoughts exactly! Particularly, fish provides the best quality of protein content which beef or chicken can’t provide.

In fact, there are some dogs which have allergies to poultry, meat and gluten. This dog food is for them. It does not contain soy, corn or any kind of filler material.

This Ocean Blend Dog Food keeps your dog happy by keeping their digestive system happy. Other ingredients besides salmon and whole grain brown rice include whole grain millet, oatmeal, chicken fat, alfalfa meal, flaxseed, dried kelp, yeast culture, whole carrots etc.

Let us analyze this food and we’ll find that It has 25% Protein to 12% Fat to 3% Fiber combination. I call it a balanced diet which helps to keep your dog healthy, strong and fit.

Flaxseed, Kelp, and alfalfa are potent sources of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These help your dog get a shiny coat and thick fur. In turn, these keep allergies away. You’ll see a glow in your canine friend’s eyes as though it is enjoying the meal you are feeding him.

This dog food does not cause any unwanted weight gain. It is one of the few dog food products that you can feed your dog throughout all the stages of their life.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • Applicable for dogs of all breeds and stages of life without any side effects.
  • A potent meal that you can feed your dogs with balanced percentage of protein, fat, fatty acids, and fiber.
  • Helps your dog attain a shiny coat and thick fur.
  • Solves your friend’s allergy problems over few weeks’ feeding routine.
  • Dogs enjoy the flavor of this formula very much.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • I didn’t find faults with this formula till now.


8. Victor Dog Food Super Premium Grain free ultra pro 42 formula

Victor-Dog-Food-Super-Premium-Grain-free-ultra-pro-42-formulaJust like the product’s name, this Victor dog food is indeed of a super-premium quality. This dog food has high protein with significantly low fat content. This is essential for active dogs, both grown up and puppies.

This one grain free and so the dogs very little effort to eat and digest the food. At this point you know this already but I just mentioned this fact to get the formalities out of the way.

By extension, it becomes easy to absorb all the constituent nutrients from the food. This Ultra Pro 42 Formula dog food primarily contains chicken meal, beef meal, chicken fat, peas, sweet potato, menhaden fish meal, pork meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal, dried egg product, yeast culture, flax seed.

81% of the protein in this product comes from meat, fish and poultry. That is to say, this Super Premium dog food has a dense nutrient content necessary for all growing active dogs. But it has more to it. Along with the natural ingredients, certain scientifically advanced ingredients are added to it.

These advanced ingredients help to keep the dog’s digestive system and immune system healthy and strong. It does not contain any filler like corn, soy or gluten. As a result, your dog gets to enjoy a sufficient meal but with less food intake.

Victor dog food products always make sure that the energy requirements of the dogs are fulfilled. And a happy dog means a happy you.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • Dogs will find it easy to absorb the nutrients from this formula.
  • A potent source of protein for your dogs.
  • Improves the digestive system of your dog over time.
  • You can use this to give your dog some muscle or calorie boost.
  • Suitable for dogs of all stages whether puppy, adult, or senior.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • Not for dogs that are allergic to meat or chicken meal.

Recalls for Victor Dog Foods

So far, I’ve not come across any analysis from any top quality pet websites that claim these foods were recalled at some point in the past. I have dozens of friends who feed these foods to their furry beasts, they are all happy and have been using this brand for years. It is I who is late for the party it seems!

What is the Point of Victor Grain Free Dog Food Reviews?

At this point, you might be asking, do I have anything to gain by referring you these items or products? Well, I have a few. Firstly, these things don’t have any recalls till now. So, I am confident that I am referring my readers few products that are top class in quality and these bring results. Victor Dog Foods have some positives as well.

Limitless Options to Pick and Choose From

The options you get in this franchise are immense. You have seafood-based diet, protein-heavy ones, and of course, you get to choose between different ingredients when it comes to animal protein. People can avoid ingredients that cause allergy or skin irritation.

Gluten and Grain-Free MEANS Gluten and Grain-Free

One thing that impressed me about these guys is that they don’t manufacture soy or corn-based dog foods at all. I mean NOT AT ALL! They are small at stature. They’ve been like this so far since their birth. I mean, if they wished, they could profit from shady foods. They didn’t. So, when I say this is a collection of Victor Grain-Free Dog Food Reviews, I mean it!

You Have Something for Dogs of All Stages

I have six dogs at my house. You could call me a dog fanatic if you’d like to. I don’t mind. I found something for each one of them here. Case and point, brands like this one or Zignature have products for dogs of all breeds and ages. Whether it is my 3-week-old puppy or an adult or my Labrador senior, there is a Gluten and Grain-free, easy-to-digest product for every one of them.

Price is Reasonable Compared to Other Dog Food Brands

Victor works with diverse ingredients. The prices you see are mainly because of those ingredients alone. Everything is supplied from within the US and that is why the price is on a reasonable scale. If you want further assistance regarding price, you can look into low-range or mid-range products from this line. These foods are pretty much consumable for dogs of all breeds and ages (with one or two exceptions). With different sources of protein, fat, carbs, and calories, the price will vary. But the benefits? Not so much.

Before I End It…

That’s it for today, my friend! Before I say “Adieu,” I must thank you all for bearing me this far. I’ve always been blatant and “In the Face” kind of a guy. I hold no reservations in saying, these reviews are every bit true as they sound. Victor has been true to your dog’s health from the very beginning.

It is one of the few brands that put health first and price second. You’ll find a number of Victor Dog Food Reviews that bear testimony to their good service. I am very happy with these products and I dare say, you won’t be sorry after buying them either.

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