Taste of The Wild Dog Food Review and Recall: An Expert Analysis


Want to know what is the best thing that you can do for your canine friends? Feed them good food. I should say, “Feed them the RIGHT food.” But I guess you are having a tough time selecting the brand and the recipes. Sometimes things don’t “Click” that well.

That is why I need you to go through my Taste of the Wild Dog Food Reviews. TOTW has been a top ranked dry dog food brand that has been manufacturing food for your dogs and cats for a while now. Be it a wholesome diet, protein-centric or a diet for sensitive stomach Taste of the Wild has got your back.

Besides my reviews, let me give you the logics which made me choose this brand. Also, I’ll go through Taste of the Wild Dog Food Recall as well. Let’s set the ball rolling!

The Beginning of It All

This brand isn’t something that just popped up 10 or 20 years ago. The birth of this franchise happened in 1970. That’s waaaay back! So, they have their own legacy to boast about.

The HQ of this franchise resides in Meta, Missouri. Yeah, it is homemade in the US. So, they don’t toy around with the ingredients. What you see is what you get! The ingredients are natural too.

Although the principal stakeholders, Diamond Dog Food Company has had its fair share of recalls, Test of the Wild Dog Food Recall is a rare thing. It happened only once.

It is safe to say, these canine food formulas are perfectly safe for dogs of various ages, life stages, and breeds. In fact, I’d go as far as saying, this is one of the top dog food franchises. On par with brands like Orijen. With the lesser price of course!

Taste of The Wild Dog Food – Comparison 

Top 5 Taste of the Wild Dog Food Reviews – My Perspective

For concerned dog parents like yourselves, it is natural that you’ll nitpick even within TOTW Dog Food and Kibbles. To make sure you get the best of the best within this franchise, here are my top picks with shortened reviews, pros, and cons.

1. Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

Taste-of-the-Wild-Canine-FormulaWhen we discuss Taste of the wild, the Canine Formula takes the top spot for various reasons. One, it’s a balanced diet that has nutritious elements within decent percentages.

For instance, you have ingredients like wild fowl, ocean fish meal, sweet potatoes, and peas. You can expect the dog food to be balanced in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Also, the fowl you see is very much real. They are not bluffing with any of the ingredients.

Plus, you have the fowl roasted for even more protein and a ravishing taste that your dog will love. Just to make it clear, it caters your active and adult dogs that you put to training for a long period. Just look at the calorie count this recipe for active dogs gives you. Taste of the Wild Dog Food Reviewers mentions it to be 375 kcal/cup which is just right for a dog in rigorous training.

Remember I said nutritious elements? Well, it comes packed with 27.8% Protein, 16.7% fat, 3.3% fiber, and last but not the least 43% Carbs. Now I know there’s a hefty percentage of Carbs in there but this is a “Grain Free” food. So, don’t you worry about allergies and your dog pooping excessively.

Besides the ingredients, what makes TOTW Canine Formula a great recipe is the fact that it is AAFCO certified. That means these kibbles won’t cause any issues to your dogs.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • The fact that it is a balanced diet with high protein count is a big plus for your dog’s muscles.
  • Grain-Free diets always are mild on your dog’s stomach and don’t cause any issues whatsoever.
  • 375 Kcal/Cup is just the right dose for your active dog that faces rigorous training every day.
  • The taste is so better that your dogs will never switch these kibbles for anything else.
  • I particularly admire the AAFCO certification that gives me a clear indication of this one’s quality.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • Check the breed of your dog first before feeding him this formula. Not all dog foods from TOTW are made for all dogs.

2. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Puppy (TOTW High Prairie Formula)

Taste-of-the-Wild-Grain-Free-Dry-Dog-Food-for-PuppyPuppies are adorable, right? As much as we love to play and cuddle with them, they need decent nutrition too if you want them to grow into a healthy adult. And there’s no alternative to feeding them a kibble that negates allergies and gives them the proper boost they need in their early years.

Let me introduce you to Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food for Puppy. You guys know it better as Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula. It is a grain-free dog diet with sufficient protein and fiber contents for your puppies.

The primary ingredient you’ll find here is “Roasted Bison Meat.” Smells protein, right? You are damn right! Roasted Bison Meat is one of the classiest sources protein. With minimum 32% protein, you can expect this to be balanced with 18% fat. This percentage of fat is necessary for your puppy to thrive in.

The calorie count the food supplies would be 364 Kcal/Cup. With the high-calorie intake, our furry friend will grow up to be an active, healthy, and playful adult for sure. Although Sweet Potatoes act as the first source of Carbs. So, these are relatively low. Low carbs and minimum of 3% crude fiber give your puppies some much-needed agility.

Plus, you have a great cocktail of veggies and fruits mixed in the recipe as well. This makes the taste of this recipe thousand times better than the others. Our little friends will love the taste of it.

The fact that this is “Grain-Free” means your puppies will have no difficulties whatsoever to digest it. The added antioxidants have a part to play as well. They add nice sheen and shine to the coat and keep allergens at bay.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • This recipe is basically in “Kibble” form and is easy to chew.
  • There are no grains in this as well; your dogs won’t have any problems digesting it.
  • Carbs are low and don’t make your dogs full without eating much of the food.
  • Calcium and Potassium hardens the bones and make sure the puppy grows as expected.
  • The food is all natural and doesn’t use any of the preservatives whatsoever.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • A bit pricy in my opinion though quality is far better than cheap dog foods.
  • Be careful with feeding peas to your puppies. Some breeds can’t take it.

3. Taste of the Wild, Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula

Taste-of-the-Wild-Appalachian-Valley-Small-Breed-Canine-FormulaFrom a puppy, let me take you to feeding dogs of small breeds. Very often, we run into problems finding the “Right” food for our little devils. You might not realize it but breeds like a Pug need extra care when it comes to food. They have small mouths and cannot chew large bits. So, they need kibbles as well.

At this point of my Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review, I present you the Appalachian Small Breed Canine Formula that has Venison as the first protein source. What makes Venison interesting is the fact that small dogs digest the meat easier than any other protein source.

You have probiotic fiber at work with Appalachian Valley of the TOTW franchise. These probiotics make digestion easy for your dogs. As a result, you get to see a happy dog that poops alright. And no, there won’t be any adverse reactions due to this formula.

The thing I like about this dog food recipe is that this brings in Amino Acids from the egg, duck, ocean fish meal, venison etc. These amino acids make the fur coat better for your dogs. They stay cheerful and fluffy with even hair on the coat.

With 32% protein and 18% fat, this food does supply some much-needed boost to the muscles and bones as well. As a result, your dogs will remain supremely active throughout the day.

I’d say this dog food has a flavor of the wild in it. Dogs are naturally wild animals. So, you’ll notice them liking this recipe very much.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • The amino acids from various sources allow your dog to get coat with even fur distribution.
  • The Venison comes from New Zealand and brings the flavor of wild roasted meat to the equation.
  • Ocean meal, duck, and eggs are sources of fatty acids that develop shiny coat for your small breed.
  • Probiotics and Probiotic fiber contribute to the digestion process of your dogs.
  • Overall taste of the food is too good for the smaller breeds.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • Keyword: Small Breeds. This food is NOT SUITABLE for larger dogs of any kind.

4. Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream - Smoked Salmon

Taste-of-The-Wild-Pacific-Stream-Smoked-SalmonMy dear dog parents, at this point of my review, let us look into the widely popular TOTW Pacific Stream Canine Formula that contains Smoked Salmon. Last I checked, it is a top-notch protein source. Minus the backlashes of course.

The kibble has sweet potatoes as Carbohydrate source that easily assimilates itself quickly into your pet’s body. So, don’t worry about indigestion or any tummy troubles.

Of course, this formula is “Grain-Free” like others. This further eliminates the possibility of having an upset stomach. Grains often take away the nutrition value of your dog’s diet. Being “Grain Free” means this food will provide all the Carbs without being harsh on your dog’s health.

Good thing this TOTW Dog Food meets AAFCO guidelines for adult dogs. The protein is just above 27% from a “Dry Matter” perspective. 16.7% fat makes it a healthy option for dogs that run around all day.

People will complain about the Carbohydrate percentage being too high I know. But hey! 43.3% Carbs, for an active dog, is standard. Plus, don’t forget, you don’t have soy, corn or any grainy elements that may trigger allergies or food poisoning. So, you are all good.

On top of that, you get 3.3% fiber. So, who’s complaining? Fiber is good for the dexterity of the muscles. Then, you have the canola oil and other ingredients that bring Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids into play. These elements provide a shiny coat to your darling dog and make it an eye candy!

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • This Grain-Free diet allows your dog’s stomach to remain calm.
  • Canola oil gives you some much needed fatty acids to boost the look of beloved dog’s coat.
  • Decent amount of fiber boosts the activity of dog’s muscular tissues.
  • Salmon is a hassle-free source of protein that doesn’t overwhelm the balance of the food.
  • Comes with Beta Carotene that makes your dog full and energetic to run through the day.
  • Natural probiotics speed up the digestion process.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • Few dogs might not like the authentic smell of a fish for that matter.

5. Taste of the Wild High Prairie (Bison & Venison) Formula

Taste-of-the-Wild-High-Prairie-(Bison&Venison)We are right at the end of my Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review. Let me give you a dog food for your adorable puppies. I know, I know. I already did that. But many of you might not like the conventional “Grain-Free” formula for your puppies. For the picky eaters, here’s TOTW High Prairie Bison and Venison Formula.

This is essentially a “Grain-Free” formula too with a twist. Since the first two ingredients are Buffalo and Lamb, you can expect quality protein in the diet.

Despite having two sources, the protein content remains balanced at 28%. As far as the fat is concerned, it sits pretty at 18%. If you ask me, this much fat is necessary for your dog to be healthy and strong.

Do you know, "TOTW Bison and Venison Formula" comes with Chicory roots. This special thing allows your puppies to digest the formula quicker than any other recipe. As a result, you won’t see them lying around too much after eating their tummies full.

Did I forget about Chelated Minerals? These contribute to the digestive health too. Puppies need special care as far as the intestines are concerned. These minerals fill up that gap. Also, you have Omega-3 fatty acids. Now I am not gonna tell you what Omega-3 fatty acids do for a millionth time. You already know.

Puppies aren’t fond of chewing one thing for too long. Just to cater this issue, these kibbles break down easily inside your furry friend’s mouth. So, don’t worry about him throwing up.

Lastly, this formula is manufactured in the US like all the others in TOTW product lineup. Don’t worry about awkward taste and poor quality assurance either. The manufacturers are indeed very strict.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • The Chicory roots help your dogs to digest this food properly.
  • The kibbles are easy to chew and take in. Your puppies will never feel overwhelmed.
  • This thing is manufactured in the US. There aren’t threats of this harming your dogs physically.
  • Calcium and Manganese contribute to the wellbeing of your puppy’s teeth as well.
  • Chelated minerals ensure your puppies have a fast “Grow up” time.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • The only thing that can bother anyone is the price tag that this product has. It is a bit on the higher side.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Recall Incidents

TOTW is one of the few brands which has rarely seen a recall for a long time. As expected, the manufacturers keep a tight lid in form of quality assurance. They make sure not a speck of doubt remains in the quality of the food you are giving to your dogs.

However, Taste of the Wild DID GET CALLED OFF from the market as part of a recall. It happened in May 2012.

There was a “Current Class Action Settlement” issued for Taste of the Wild along with few other dog food brands. That is what prompted for the “Recall.”

Why Did I Choose Taste of the Wild out of Everything Else?

Does this question need an answer for real? I mean, it is one of the top-charted dry dog foods and kibbles around after all. But I didn’t care for the reviews and reputation. There are some definite reasons for which I opted for this brand. Let us have a look at my reasons for choosing this one.

This Brand Keeps It Natural

Whether you believe it or not, it is true. Taste of the Wild is manufactured right here in the US. And, these guys keep it to natural ingredients ONLY. So, you won’t find any preservatives or chemicals added into the mix.

I’ve been a dog trainer for six years now. I’ve seen many cases where dogs get sick from eating foods with chemicals. Also, the preservatives make your puppies or adult dogs poop badly. Most of the nutrition gets swept away in the process.

But not with TOTW. These natural ingredients like veggies, fruits, ocean fish, and others bring in their own sets of flavors and nutrition value. That too, in a balanced way.

You Won’t Find Meat That’s Masked

The critical thing with most of the dry dog foods and kibbles is to discern the quality of ingredients as I told you in the previous point I made. Such is the case for meats too. Well, most of the times.

A significant portion of the dog food brands often resorts to shady tactics. That includes putting in “Meat-Like” substances or meat from sources other than the ingredients mentioned in the package. Obviously, the nutrition value dwindles as a result.

But not Taste of the Wild dry dog food.

This brand goes through multiple QA checks and guaranteed analyses to ensure that the meat comes from the exact source that they proclaim it is from. You don’t need to fear any side effects affecting your dog.

The Food is Not Colored or Full with Fillers

I chose Taste of the Wild only after checking the texture and the color. You know, some dog foods start to give off color and stench after just a few days. I went haywire on TOTW as I wanted to test these things thoroughly. To my surprise, TOTW packages stayed great for the entirety of the “Expiration” timeline.

Plus, the dog food doesn’t have additives in it. You won’t find colors coming off even if you rub the kibbles. TOTW is a “Human-Grade” dog food. It doesn’t give off awkward flavors when tasted. This won’t cause tummy problems for your pets. I was relieved since I have a dog that has a gravely sensitive stomach.

I Found the “Fat to Protein” Ratio Quite Handy

The Golden Rule of Thumb for any dog diet is that you need to have just the “Right” protein to fat ratio. Of course, many of the companies turn a blind eye to this fact. Again, I found TOTW Dog Food sincere in this regard too.

This franchise has the pride to keep when it comes to producing balanced diets. All the recipes I tested and chose today to have a golden ratio of protein vs. fat. The protein is just over 20 and the fat is over 15%

While we are discussing fat, I just want to put the word forward that Taste of the Wild doesn’t play around with fat as well. You get what you pay for. That is, 100% authentic fat from the mentioned sources only. I didn’t find any type of generic fat that’s put in there other than what we already should get.

Carbohydrate Ratio Is Impressive

One area where most of the dog foods fail is the Carbohydrate quality in them. Amazingly, Taste of the Wild didn’t falter a single time in these five packages. The Carbohydrate ratio is ideal for the appropriate dog breed and puppy. Not to mention, it doesn’t come with soy, corn, barley, and other grains.

Instead, you get sweet potatoes, peas, chicory roots etc. These ingredients provide Carbs that are good for the body. Get this! Your pet will have Pre- and Probiotics too. Just to speed up the digestion process.

These carbs are not fillers. I specifically Chose TOTW for avoiding items that make your dogs full. These guys will really eat a complete meal and remain active with these recipes.

Let’s Finish It on a High

After my short Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review for 5 recipes, it is clear that TOTW is no pushover when it comes to balancing nutrients, flavor, kibble size, and ingredients.

So much so, that I had to look down the microscope to fault each one. Although recalls are normal in case of dog foods, too much of it can ruin the quality.

Even then, TOTW stands out as one of the fewest brands that faced only one "Call Up" from the court. That too, five years ago. I would very much recommend these food types for your adult dogs and puppies. However, do check the “Breed Type,” “Age,” and “Life Stage” of your furry friends. TOTW has specific food types addressing all the specifics.

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