Best Dog House Units That’ll Sweep You Off Your Feet in 2023


May I ask how humans protect themselves from abrupt weather patterns and natural hazards?

The answer is pretty simple. We can afford the security of our own houses.

Now, what about our pets? How do we save them from the insane heat of the summer and extreme cold of the winter?

Some dog owners shelter their dogs in their houses. But think about all the hassles one has to endure. You’ll need to be extra careful about your pet’s whereabouts. Keeping it in your house means you need to clean after it. One needs to control his/her dog when guests arrive. It’s a daunting task.

To me, the answer is simpler than keeping my pet friends in my own house. I’d just buy them the best dog house I can afford. When you think about it, nothing will save them from scorching heat or chilling cold better than sanctities of their own.

A well-made and insulated home for dogs is a must when it comes to saving them from drenching rain or the coldest gust of winter.

Now that we know a doghouse is necessary for your furry friend, it is time to find one that best suits your four-legged friend. That’s where this article fills in. I’ll be recommending the top 10 dog houses that are well-balanced when it comes to price and performance.

You’ll find a buying guide as a part of this piece if you want to do your own research. Let’s get to it!

Best Dog Houses – Comparison Table

Best Dog House Candidates 2023 Has to Offer

I compiled a list of some of the best doghouse models to help my readers in finding the ideal dog houses for different size, weight, and breed of dogs. You’ll find a number of dog houses corresponding to different prices and features.

1 of 10: Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban Review

Petmate-Indigo-Dog-HousePetmate brings you a dog house that’s just right for your canine friend. This Igloo shaped dog house will be a perfect fit. It is well built and accurately proportionate.

The first thing this little home offers is the comfort. Your dog will be able to sit, lie down and stand with ease in this dog house. This thing is not too big and not too small either. Being well measured, this house helps your pup warm up the interiors so it can remain comfy during the winter season.

If you are still worried about the dimensions, don’t. I found that this dog house comes in three different sizes to fit dogs of different breeds, sizes, and types as well.

Petmate made this house to stand up tall against bad weather. I can vouch for that rough gusts, rain, and heavy snowfall won’t be much of an issue. This has heavy-duty structural foam that makes it really strong. It even has a raised floor which prevents flooding.

The roof is well ventilated. So, air can easily pass in and out of this little shelter for dogs. People don’t need to worry about stains and odor caused by bacteria. Microban helps fight off all these baddies to keep your friend safe, healthy, and secure.

The floor is well-ventilated too. It comes with small drain channels that periodically take the waste out. As a result, people will worry less about maintenance.

This house is easy to assemble too. You can do it without a tool and in one minute. What more do you need? Petmate Indigo is one of the perfect dog shelters that keep me and my canines happy thanks to extensive features. It is available at a nice price too!

Things I Love about this Product
  • Petmate Indigo comes in three different sizes making it usable in case of dogs of all sizes.
  • You can assemble this wonder in one minute and without any tools for that matter.
  • Microban does a wonderful job at protecting the dogs from water, mold, and bacteria.
  • It comes with “Drain Channels” on the floor to periodically drain the water and waste.
  • The design impresses me. It is durable and is here to stay good through years of time.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • Even the smallest size can prove too big for normal dogs.
  • The vents at the top might not be so well thought out design and may not stay good for long.


2 of 10: PETMATE Barnhome III Dog House Review

PETMATE-290710-Barn-Home-IIIScouring your way through numerous dog house reviews to find a perfect one? One made of wood perhaps? Say goodbye to your old traditional wooden dog houses. Petmate Barnhome 3 is here. The USP of this product is your dog gets a comfortable nap and stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

Now, I must be honest with you guys. This particular dog house might not be one of the most stylish choices out there. But it offers quality, durability, and protection. It is budget-friendly at the same time.

I could assemble it and break it down within the snap of your fingers. This barn shaped dog house has a textured and slanted roof that protects your buddy from rain and snowfall.

I did my fair share of tinkering with this thing. To my pleasure, the manufacturers raised the interiors.

The material used is lightweight and durable. Plus, it is mold and mildew resistant and yes it is free of infestations from flees and other annoying critters.

This pet house will indeed last a long time and you will be finally free from the headache of replacing rotten wood. Why does this house provide so many attractive features? Well, that’s because its 100% American made.

This dog house is well insulated so, a minimal amount of bedding is needed for ensuring the comfort of your pooch. It's small and light enough to carry around almost anywhere.

Placing it in the basement in winter won’t be much of a hassle. All in all, this can be considered one of the best dog houses for winter or any other problematic weather.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • In addition to having a roof ventilation in place, it comes with a roof guard to keep water out.
  • The ventilation system itself is good to prevent hot air from getting in during Summer season.
  • Don’t forget the “Raised Floor” PetMate BarnHome has to prevent flooding as well.
  • BarnHome III comes with the facility to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is plastic and you can count on it to be mold resistant in the long run.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • Insulation may become a problem as time passes.


3 of 10: Merry Products Wood Pet Home Review

Merry-Products-Wood-Pet-HomeAre you a fan of balconies? Want to give your dog an awesome view from its own house? Well, then this dog house is just the thing for you. And it comes with a staircase as well. Yes, you guessed it, this comes with latticework too. Sounds comfy, doesn’t it? And it looks outright gorgeous too.

This Dog house is well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s made of kiln-dried cedar and is treated with natural stains. So you can expect top-notch quality from the surface. This enhances the durability and makes it look classy at the same time.

I had no worries about assembling it. As It turns out, this dog house comes with an instruction manual to help people with that. It should take about twenty minutes to make it whole and ready for use.

The lower lounge of this pet house has a raised bottom. This will help tour dog stay dry even if the surface it is placed on gets soggy. The structure of the wood is stable and cellular, which means it is quite capable of handling harsh weather.

You should know that this pet house is specially made for small dogs. You really can’t make a full grown husky fit into this thing.

To add something special to this deal, the wood used to craft this dog house is scented. This helps keep the environment decent and pleasantly calm. You might also be glad to know that the lattice and the side steps are removable if you are into a more traditional look.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • I’d say this is made for dog owners with smaller dogs out there.
  • Assembling this product is too easy. It takes anyone only 20 minutes to put it together.
  • This wooden pet home is made with natural Cedarwood that provides insulation as well.
  • You can actually remove the bottom panel and the rooftop for easier maintenance procedure.
  • One can use this thing indoors as well as an outdoor dog house.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • This is a small dog house with the weight capacity of 70lbs. only.
  • You can’t fit large dogs in this dog house.


4 of 10: Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor Review

Petsfit-Dog-HouseI’d be happy to recommend one from Petsfit at this point. It brings you the ultimate home for your pet. This house is made of natural cedar. Manufacturers put on a “Water Based” paint in play here. This means you can repaint the whole thing again whenever you want. It’s safe for your pet.

I feel it is my duty to inform that there is a weight limit on your pet when it comes to using this dog shelter. Dogs over 90 lbs. are not advised for this house.

This pet house has a wine red and white trim that looks rather exquisite. The off-center entrance provides more room for your dog to move around and turn and it has a door flap too.

PetsFit gives it an asphalt roofing which will come in quite handy. You can actually take it off to facilitate cleaning when you need. Assembly is not hard at all. I could prepare it for my furry friend within a matter of minutes.

This house is weatherproof and resistant to pests and any sort of decay. It’s made of Cedar so you will hardly find any wood splints. As wood has a tendency of soaking up water, the feet below it are made of plastic which is ideal for rainy seasons.

Furthermore, this little thing comes with a “Balcony-Style” design. Any dog can climb up and sit there for hours. You’ll have a great time playing with your friend.

The bottom panel is slightly raised. I found it helpful to avoid unwanted moisture and decay.

This dog house is simple but not a tad less in quality. It is one of the best dog houses for sale out there. Apart from the rather flimsy flooring PetsFit Dog House is almost flawless and the construction quality is more than impressive.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • I like the Cedar wood construction PetsFit gives the dog owners. It is elegant and effective.
  • The “Open Roof” design gives the dog owner some much needed maintenance advantage.
  • Rooftop design and the bottom panel prevent water from getting in for the dog house.
  • Putting the dog house together is not time consuming at all!
  • You have three different sizes that make way for all breeds and sizes of dogs out there.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • With the weight limit of 90 lbs, heavier dogs will have problems getting in and out of this thing.


5 of 10: Pet Zone Step 2 Cozy Cottage Dog House Review

Pet-Zone-Step-2-Cozy-Cottage-Dog-HouseOften, we have to suffer because of the material with which dog houses are built. They are usually vulnerable to the weather and decay. Pet zone acknowledges this problem and offered dog owners with a solution.

The Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Dog House is made of double-walled plastic which is durable and sturdy at the same time.

Much to my heart’s relief, I didn’t need any tools to assemble this comfortable little heaven for my dog.

I found the roof detachable. This means I won’t have to struggle when cleaning the interior. The design is pretty classic and it provides not only non-fading colors but UV ray protection as well.

There is also a clearance to stake the dog house to the ground for extra firmness. Keep in mind that the stakes don’t come alongside your purchase.

Like all good quality dog houses, this one can be used both outside and inside of your home. Let your dog stay warm in winter and cool in summer with this well-designed product. Your choice!

Pet Zone Cozy Cottage is very good for small and medium-sized dogs. As long as your friend is not heavier than 75 lbs. you are all good to go.

This baby also has adjustable vents which mean an even more comfortable nap for your pup. The durable construction will last for years so no need to worry about buying a new one too soon. And there you have it! The product is the culmination of comfort and reliability.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • The “Double-Walled” construction helps to keep moisture, mold, and bacteria away from your pet.
  • Although it uses plastic in the making, this dog house is free from any harmful chemicals.
  • I love the “Removable” roof system. It helps me to clean and maintain the dog house better.
  • Cozy Cottage is my dog shelter of choice when it comes to protecting my pet from grasps of winter
  • Thanks to the “Plastic” construction, this doghouse is lightweight and very much portable.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • This dog house has a disadvantage when it comes to weight. It can tip over when facing strong wind.
  • It is good for dogs ranging under the weight limit of 75lbs.


6 of 10: Doggy Den Dog House Review

Doggy-Den-Dog-HouseWhat if you could grab the attention of your neighbors and do it at an affordable price? Pet Squeak brings you a dog house that’s good-looking, easy to assemble, and loaded with features at the same time.

The sleek “Log House Cabin” look is guaranteed to stand out and make your yard even more fabulous.

Let’s talk a bit more about style. This dog house has an “A” shaped roof that is covered with asphalt. This makes this house rain resistant. There are windows for ventilation and even the door is half ventilated.

It means there will be no lack of airflow. I like that the floor is a bit elevated as well. As it turns out, you don’t have to worry about sogginess in moist weather. A “Raised” floor is low-maintenance as well.

Doggy Den House is made of stained white cedar which has an exquisite aroma. This gives it a much more homelike appearance. Worried about toxicity? This wood may not be as durable as structure foam but it is 100% toxin free and safe for any kind of dog.

This cute little home comes in three different sizes too. So no matter what size of dog you have the amount of love will remain the same.

Although Pet Squeak dog house comes unassembled, putting it together can’t get easier. There are simple and easy instructions which will let you complete this within a matter of minutes. The only thing you might need after installing the dog house is a doggy bed. After that, you are all good to go.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • You get a doghouse made of white cedar wood. It is weather and bug resistant for all my money.
  • The wood makes it a durable construction that will stay good for years to come.
  • You have a ventilated roof and raised floor to keep the rain and other indecencies away.
  • The windows are made in such a way that it lets the air in to keep your furry friends well and good.
  • I like the aesthetics of the doghouse. It is traditional and appeals to most dog breeds.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • If the weather is “Extremely” bad, don’t count on the windows to stop rain from coming in.


7 of 10: Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House Review

Precision-Pet-Outback-Log-Exterior-Dog-HouseIf you want to keep a dog house outdoors, the first thing you need to look for is durability. Precision pet offers you just that. Worried about expenses? Even though outdoor dog houses are expensive, this one surprisingly offers a lot without emptying your pockets.

The easy instructions allow you to install this product within a matter of thirty minutes. Plus, it includes a few accessories that you might feel the need to while assembling it.

I’m not saying you need extra accessories for this Doghouse but there is indeed room for more add-ons. The precision liner can be purchased and installed with this dog house and offer your dog a more comfortable winter.

We enjoy privacy for ourselves, so why not for our dogs as well? The off-center door of Precision Pet offers us just that. This also provides more room to turn around and move as well. No need to worry about the size of it either. Like all standard dog houses, this one comes in three different sizes.

The makers didn’t forget the basic qualities that make any product good. The roof is slanted to prevent rainwater from getting in and ruining the mood of your dog. There are plastic feet below which keep the dog house raised and away from annoying critters.

Overall, I’d say that Outback log exterior dog house has a strong construction to make it stand the test of time.

This dog house offers comfort, style, and durability all at once. Keep it clean and make sure your dog doesn’t start to chew the cedar. All in all, this might just be one of the best dog houses ever.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • Precision Pet doghouse has plastic feet to keep the floor raised and prevent water clogging.
  • Asphalt roofing is already good for keeping the water and impurities out. It is slanted too!
  • It has a door that’s at a secluded side. Our pets can get in and snuggle up against bad weather.
  • Wooden construction and weather resistant coating further help your pet with protection.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • The finishing on this product could have been better.


8 of 10: Suncast DH350 Dog House Review

Suncast-Large-Deluxe-Dog-HouseAre you on a tight budget but still you want to give your furry friend a good home? Then look no further! Suncast DH350 is the best dog house for people with a limited budget. This one is a rather cheap solution to fulfill your needs of comfort, and durability at the same time.

One can actually brand this one the most finance-friendly large dog houses on the market. What makes this one is such a big bang for the buck? For the price, this crafty old house is packed with features. There are ample air vents to keep the air flowing when necessary.

Say goodbye to rot, rust, and dents as this one is made of durable resin. It is as easy to clean too. With the removable roof, you will be able to reach every nook and cranny of the house. Assembling it isn’t a hassle either. You can make this dog house look the part within a matter of minutes.

The floor is crowned and it catches liquids to keep your dog warm and dry. This baby can also be staked to the ground to avoid unwanted movement.

Hold on, there is more! It has a vinyl door for insulation that also keeps the pests away. To make the deal even sweeter you can personalize it with the name of your dog to enhance the homely feeling.

Suncast DH350 can go head to head with much more expensive counterparts in the market and it can even win a few rounds. The DH350 is totally worth looking into for those who want to make the maximum utility of their cash.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • The air vents allow this doghouse be perfectly breathable and suitable during hot conditions.
  • This is cheap yet it performs quite well as far as a being a safe dog house for your pet is concerned.
  • The floor of this thing sucks up liquids to help with maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
  • The vinyl door keeps annoying pests away from your precious canine friend.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • You’d need additional mounting pieces if you want to stake this one to the ground.
  • It takes some time to be properly assembled unlike other models part of my dog house reviews.


9 of 10: Petego Umbra Portable Pet House and Containment System Review

Petego-Umbra-Portable-Pet-HouseThis pet house brings a whole new edge on portability and containment. Heard of the Portego Dog Bag? Well, this is a new step in its evolution. This dog house functions with an umbrella mechanism. It can be used as a car containment system too.

Is this actually a dog house? Or is it an outdoor life tent? Take your pick!

This thing is super effective and handy when you consider portability. A messenger style bag comes with it for an easy carrying experience. Its window is fully clawing proof and it also has a front porch so it will mimic the feel like a human home.

The best thing about Petego Umbrella Portable is that it is super light and you can carry it almost anywhere. It is a complete package in itself so you don’t have to think about losing parts and getting into trouble while reassembling it the next time.

Ventilation is also provided as the “Claw Proof” mesh window is installed. It is actually a “See Through” design too. This means your dog gets to peep out whenever it wants to. If you are looking for a modern, portable, and simple solution to house your dog, then this one is just perfect for you.

Where can you use it? It can be assembled indoors and outdoors. Feel free to use it in the back of your car like I said earlier. You can pop it up within a second just like an umbrella and put it back in at the same speed. No need to worry about moisture as this modern dog house comes with a rain cover.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • Petego Umbra is basically a travel crate that operates like an umbrella for ease of use.
  • This is a lightweight doghouse that is portable as well. We have versatility by our side.
  • Naughty canines won’t be able to claw their way out because of the “Claw Proof” mesh system.
  • You can assemble and reassemble it whenever you want and without any external parts.
  • One can use this thing indoors or outdoors depending on his/her preference.
  • Not a good option for naughty dogs that try to claw their way through.


10 of 10: Pet Squeak  Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame Review

Arf-Frame-Dog-HouseIf wooden dark frames are your thing then this dog house will be a valuable addition to your yard. Yes, I am talking about stained white cedar that will make your pooch feel comfy and look fantastic at the same time. It has three sides that are solid. This means extra protection from the violent weather with the bliss of privacy.

The material is pretty exquisite as cedar is mold resistant and keeps away pests. The build quality of this little home is pretty solid as well. Thinking if this house just the right size for my dog? Have no fear because this dog house comes in four different sizes.

The house is rather lightweight considering how durable and sturdy it is. Like all well-built dog houses, this one is very easy to assemble as well. This one on my list of “Best Dog House” contenders is especially good for large dogs as it is spacious and well designed.

The Arf frame dog house is basically contained. Except the opening in the front. One can use it as an opening door. The wooden peak roof keeps your dog safe from the rain. The innards of the roof are sheet lined for extra protection from leaks.

There are caster-like feet that raise the doghouse a bit high for effective insulation. This makes cleaning this product easier as well.

The dog house does not come with a door, so you just might want to attach a heave mat in front of the house for protection in rough seasons. The material is non-toxic so you can rest at ease even if your dog has a habit of chewing things.

Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • The roof has a sheet line. It protects the wooden doghouse from dampness and rotting.
  • The lightweight material ensures portability and durability at the same time.
  • The assembly and maintenance process are easy as pie for any dog owner out there.
  • This is one of the best dog houses for large dogs and the small ones as well.
  • Arf frame is resistant to pests as well as any abrupt weather patterns the dogs might face.
Things I Don’t Love about this Product
  • This dog house is a little low on the insulation thingy at the walls. They don’t perform too well.


How Did I Come Across These Dog Houses?

I understand if you want to look into dog houses further and do your own bit of research before buying one. In that case, the following “Buying Guide” will help you. I designed this guide with factors that I found helpful in narrowing down these models. Follow them to the letter and you’ll find your own.

First, Check the Material It is Made of

In case of dog houses, construction is important. The material a doghouse is made of can make or break a deal. For starters, different materials convey different types of benefits.

For example, doghouses made of wood are appealing to look at. One more thing about wood is that you have a natural insulation system. No other material grants you that.

However, when buying a wooden doghouse, make sure the bottom panel is raised. This allows the owners and dogs protection against sogginess and abrupt weather.

If you want to go for a waterproof product, try plastic-made ones. They don’t rot or bloat when in contact with water. Also, assembling plastic dog houses is easy. These things have big parts that you can join together without any tools.

If you have some money to spare, try metal dog houses out there. But let me remind you, doghouses made of metal are heavy. They take up considerable space. Also, metal comes with poor insulation. So, you’ll need to buy your own insulation panels. As it happens, metal houses are prone to rusting as well.

Ideal Dog House Should be Quick to Assemble

It goes without saying that the best dog house models should be easy to get around. One should be able to assemble them quickly. Some of us aren’t that adept at handling different tools. For the laymen, there should be clear instruction manuals included.

I would advise my readers to learn to put screws in the holes, line the appropriate parts together, and join them. Alternatively, you can purchase a dog house that comes with pre-drilled holes. This way, you won’t have to drill holes. It lessens the risks.

It Should Look Nice

People rarely take this fact into consideration. Yet, it is important. The dog house you buy should look the part. It should look appealing. Only then, you will be able to entice your canine friend to live in it.

If you’ve set your eyes on outdoor dog houses, a compact yet good-looking doghouse is all the more necessary. After all, your neighbors will peak once in a while.

I’ll advise you to buy one that goes perfectly with the interiors or the exterior of your house. You don’t want to buy a product that looks outrageous compared to the overall setting.

The Best Dog House Always is Durable

Remember I spoke of material as the first buying factor in this guide? As it turns out, choosing the right material when buying doghouse influences the durability as well. If you buy a sturdy doghouse, it will serve you for years to come.

These are products you buy once in five to ten years. Invest in a robust product once to make sure you don’t have to buy another one in six months’ time.

Many dog house reviews will tell you to go for plastic ones. I advise you to buy wooden houses. Often, these are properly insulated, robust, weatherproof, and attractive as well. All of these things translate to “Durability.”

How Many Dogs You Want to House?

Dog owners tackle this issue in different ways. Some of the dog owners buy a large dog house for multiple small breed dogs. Then there are people who buy separate dog houses for their puppies.

The decision rests on you when it comes to housing multiple dogs. You can put two small dogs in a moderate-size dog house. For heavier ones, go for best dog houses for large dogs. Always check the space outdoors before you buy one or more dog sheds.

A Dog House Should Be Easy to Clean

The thing that bugs us the most about a dog house is maintenance. It goes without saying. The ideal product should be easy to clean and maintain.

How so?

Well, look for products that are quick and easy to assemble. You can take them apart just as quickly and clean them. Doghouse models with a detachable roof are viable options. You can take the roof apart and clean the inside part. Slanted roofs are great when it comes to waterproofing the product.

When it comes to the bottom panel, make sure it is raised. Raised bottom panels don’t let moisture stick around. The liquid falls to the ground. You won’t have much to clean.

Other Features That Come Handy

Besides looking out for these biggies, one should pay attention to tiny but important features as well. Let me list a few that’ll help people fine tune their purchase.

  • Buy a doghouse with designated space inside for your furry friend to play. If possible, buy a model with “Balcony” design. Get some add-ons that pair up with the house to entertain your dog. The four-legged beast will remain in a good mood and you’ll be happy as well.
  • Make sure to check the bed inside the model of your choice. It should be comfortable and warm. Many dog houses don’t come with a comfortable bed for your friends. This hampers the sleep which in turn puts a dent on the mood of your canine buddy.
  • I’d advise you to buy a product that is water resistant and rustproof. For that, check the walls of your canine’s living space. Reinforced walls don’t let water or rust in. Make sure the roof is slanted and the floor is raised. Staking the doghouse to the ground would be easier that way.
  • Check the ventilation system of the model you choose. Without proper ventilation, it will get a bit stiff inside. Air will not circulate properly. As a result, it can suffocate poor dogs. Make sure the dog house has well-positioned doors and windows. Small air vents help too.
  • I’d certainly check if my doghouse has quality doors or not. Well-made and well-positioned doors allow dogs to enter and exit the doghouse easily. Doors also prevent water, dust, and cold breeze from getting inside the house. Quality doors guard against vile creatures and foreign objects if you have the doghouse outside your home.
  • People do attach devices like fans for summer and heating pads for winter in doghouses. If you plan on installing electric add-ons, get a cable box. This keeps the cables organized and your dogs free of any health risks. Best dog house units often have one with them.

Let’s Wrap This Up

I must admit, studying a guide this long is tiresome. Sometimes, it gets boring too. I don’t blame you as I packed in everything I could in this gigantic piece. I had my reasons. I didn’t want to leave anything out. I don’t believe I did.

I touched on everything from the best dog house models to factors that’ll help you do your own research. If you can’t make up your mind, you can always buy one from my list. These dog houses won’t disappoint you in terms of price and quality.

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