Best Dog Stroller Choices for Small and Large Dogs in 2023


Often, we don’t associate the word “Strollers” with dogs.

These guys are “Free” creatures. They like to be free to roam. So much so that mine doesn’t even want a collar around his neck let alone the best dog stroller I can find!

But believe it or not, dog strollers (a carriage where you carry your dog like a baby) are there. For desperate times of course. There are times when your pooch might suffer a minor leg injury. For dogs, one bad leg disrupts the bodily balance. They won’t be able to walk properly.

Don’t tell me you won’t take your dog to shopping just because he can’t walk!

You need a stroller my friend, a dog stroller. Choose one that your friend feels comfortable in!

There are a number of dog strollers out there. Some for small dogs, some for the larger ones, and there are some where you can make room for two!

So which one to choose?

With this guide nearby, you can choose the ideal one for your dogs among some of the best brands out there. If you don’t feel like choosing one, do your own research with the help of my buying guide in the latter part of this article!

Best Dog Stroller Recommendations

Dog Strollers are sweet little things. They aid you and your dogs in so many ways that you’d lose count. You’ll easily find one online or at your nearest store.

Okay, I might have made the last one up. There are many (I mean MANY) brands of such strollers and of different kinds. It’s pretty hard to choose the right one. But with me around, you can!

I’ve shortlisted a bunch of (10 in total) products that I think would suit you and your dog in 2023 and beyond. Feel free to choose one from these!

Best Dog Stroller for Small Dogs – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameNo. of WheelsDimensions (inch)Supports Weight
(up to)
Best-Dog-Strollers-for-Small-DogsPet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller330x13x2270 lbs.Check Price
Pet-Gear-Happy-Trails-Pet-StrollerPet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Pet Stroller424x12x2235 lbs.Check Price
OxGord® Pet Stroller313x17x730 lbs.Check Price
Promenade-dog-StrollerPromenade Pet Stroller333.1×20.5×39.860 lbs.Check Price

Best Dog Stroller for Large Dogs – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameNo. of WheelsDimensions (inch)Supports Weight
(up to)
Pet-Gear-Roadster-Pet-Stroller-for-Cats-and-DogsPet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller333x20x21100 lbs.Check Price
Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller432x23x25150 lbs.Check Price
Best-Dog-Strollers-for-Large-DogsDoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller352x30x42110 lbs.Check Price

Double Dog Stroller – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameNo. of WheelsDimensions (inch)Supports Weight
(up to)
Pet-Gear-Double-Pet-StrollerPet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller427x20x2390 lbs.Check Price
OxGord-Pet-Twin-Double-Stroller-cat-dogOxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller438x29x2655 lbs.Check Price
Double-Dog-StrollerBestPet NEW Extra Wide Leopard Skin 3 Wheels Pet Stroller333×14.5×38.530 lbs.Check Price

Dog Strollers for Small Dogs Reviews

1 of 4: Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, with Zipperless Entry Review


I am a dog owner and yes, I love to stroll around with my dog in the park on weekends. I’m sure you do too. So just like me, every jogger and dog lover out there will most certainly be looking for the best dog stroller out there.

And among the choices we have, Pet Gear’s No-Zip NV Pet Stroller is definitely on the checklist. It’s loaded with features that you are bound to find convenient for you and your dog.

Closing the zipper and opening it over and over again ruins your time and your mood as well. That’s why Pet  Gear has made this awesome feature available. It allows you to open and close the stroller. Which means, you can easily reach your friend without the extra hassle.

Comfort is a basic necessity not just for me and for my dog as well. This Pet Stroller has a paw rest included. And just like every curious puppy, your friend might want to peep out and see what’s going on outside too. This is why you get a 3-position canopy with this thing.

That is why a front bar support is included for a bit more ease of access for your dog. And not to mention, there is a front locking wheel which totally makes me feel at ease whether I am out for a long walk or a small jog.

The view for your dog is Panoramic now thanks to the enlarged view window which you get out of the box. The plush bolster pad and air tires not only give you a technical advantage but also helps the stroller become more aesthetically pleasing.

My pup is a bit heavy, but as long as he doesn’t cross 70 pounds this stroller will work just fine. The 12-inch air tires give him a nice ride through rough terrains.

  • You won’t have to worry about the conventional zipper malfunctions and breaking up.
  • You have “Front Bar Support” that safeguards your dogs from falling over if there’s a bump ahead.
  • Your dog gets to enjoy the surrounding view through a panoramic window of this product.
  • The “Paw Rest” makes your pooch feel comfortable and lessens the fatigue.
  • The wheels can be inflated and the front ones can be securely locked using the brake mechanism.
  • Dogs of certain breed (i.e: Labrador) might feel uneasy using this thing.


2 of 4: Pet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Pet Stroller Review


Trust me when I say this; pet gear has brought dog strolling to a whole new level with the Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller. How? Well it’s got an elevated paw rest and has all your strolling needs covered with the features you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

When pet gear says No-Zip it means No-Zip. Just open the stroller and gain full access to your dog excluding the hassle. I have been suffering from getting stuck with the zipper before I got my hands on this baby.

This one grants extra comfort to my dog with the elevated paw rest. The front bar also gives him some extra support whenever he wants to look out. These are reasons why I am declaring this as one of the best dog strollers for small dogs.

I do like Pet Gear’s new feature, the “Panaroma View.’’ It allows your doggy a full update of what’s going on outside. This helps him feel less trapped inside the dog stroller and gives his eyes more liberty. Some dog strollers are a bit too heavy for comfort. But not with this one. As it only weighs 13 pounds.

With a dimension of 24 X 12 X 22 inches, this stroller is far more easy to move around and walk with.

Pet Gear keeps its promise by making this stroller easy to use and making the build quality as solid as ever with top quality materials. The materials are water resistant and even has a front shock absorber that ensures better safety for both the owner and the dog.

  • This one from PetGears features a folding system that facilitates easier storage option post use.
  • You can do away with the hassle of zipping and unzipping this thing as it is a “No Zip” product.
  • You have Rear Suspension system that doesn’t let your friend feel a thing strolling on bumpy roads.
  • You have air-tires that negate most of the bumps. These can be easily inflated using a pump machine
  • The bottle holder is shallow and you cannot put heavier bottles in there.


3 of 4: OxGord® Pet Stroller Cat / Dog Easy Walk Folding Travel Carrier Carriage Review

OxGord- Pet-StrollerLeaving my pet at home can become really depressing at times, for both him and me. That’s why I go outside whenever I have the day to myself and I take my dog with me. And I do it with Paws & Pals 3-Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller.

If you are looking for something sturdy, safe, and comfortable; then look no further because this pet stroller offers all these things at a very reasonable price. You can take your pet out in this stroller while you are doing other things. Don’t worry about the safety at all. You don’t have to.

There is a mesh screen with multiple zippers that allow your dog to look outside whenever it wants and keep him protected from flies, dirt, and all other nuisances. Plus, this allows proper air ventilation. As a dog lover I know that when your pet is happy, you are happy too.

Manufacturers have decided to put a little something in the “Design” for the owners too. That’s why a cup holder is included. You can store refreshments and drinks for a quick recharge.

There I also a small compartment below where you can keep snacks and toys for your dog. I keep food for my puppy at times.

All in all, the awesome features and convenient accessories make this a truly multinational product. It didn’t disappoint me as a user and I hope it won’t disappoint you either.

  • This is a lightweight but sturdy piece of furniture for carrying dogs and cats alike.
  • It’s good for large dogs and cats. This thing can carry multiple small-sized pets too!
  • You get cushions to keep your four-legged friends comfortable during the ride outside.
  • I must mention how easy it is to fold and store away when you are not using this thing.
  • The canopy has windows to facilitate proper air ventilation process.
  • Very few dog stroller reviews mention mesh system that separates itself from the frame. Your dogs (and cats) can sneak out through the gap.


4 of 4: Promenade Pet Stroller Review

Promenade-Pet-StrollerLike me, you probably know that while browsing online, you will go through a lot of dog strollers. And they will talk of a lot of conveniences but will leave you regretting your purchase afterwards. But this one is totally different. The Promenade Pet Stroller gives you what it promises.

Your dog will love the sunshine just like every other dog, just until the sun doesn’t seem too friendly. Many dogs burn their paws while walking in the streets. That’s why this stroller is made with materials that keep the heat under control. Especially when the sun is just too much to bear. The floor of the container is quite comfortable too.

Let’s talk a bit about the construction. We all know that black never goes out of style and this black onyx themed stroller is guaranteed to make you and your dog stand out in a park filled with dog loving people.

Just like the description says, there is a canopy mesh that allows air to pass through. If you think your friend needs more space, do just like I do, just remove the mesh.

Pushing a stroller might become a total drag at times. But not with this smart reach handle. It is ergonomically designed to give you that extra kick while you are pushing the stroller.

Want to keep stuff with you while strolling? There is a zipper enclosed pouch where you can store goodies for your dog or for yourself if you need to.

  • The handle is large enough for people to grip comfortably and push ahead without problems.
  • Promenade Pet Stroller has good and attractive design to attract cats and dogs alike.
  • Your pets can enter through the front or the back end of this product.
  • This time, you get the suspension towards the front end of Promenade Pet Stroller.
  • An enclosed storage space allows do owners to keep toys, snacks, and liquid drinks for canines.
  • I couldn’t really nitpick a single flaw of this product so far.


Dog Strollers for Large Dogs Reviews

1 of 3: Pet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs Review


I couldn’t resist adding a second product of Pet Gear on my list of Best Dog Stroller models’ list. This one is specially made for large doggies who need a big share of love.

First thing that’ll get your attention here is the compartment. It is placed low so your dog can access it himself. Trust me, I know how hard it is to pick up a big heavy dog and put him in the stroller. It’s literally a pain in the back.

One can adjust the height of the stroller. Also, feel free to play around with the handle. It’ll help you find your own comfort zone. The floor is waterproof so you won’t have to worry too much when your big buddy needs to pee.

Thinking about the build quality? Well, Pet Gear has got it covered with swivel wheels. There are shock absorbers in the front as well. You might need to go for a sudden stop. That’s why this stroller is equipped with a rear break for emergencies.

There is a see-through mesh that allows the dog to see outside and stay protected from bugs at the same time. Thus, our canine friend stays protected from diseases inflicted by parasites like fleas or ticks.

A big pooch means a big responsibility. You need to look after him. Pet Gear Dog Stroller makes it easy on you by adding AirRide Tires for stability. Also, It folds easily when not in use. Storing it to some place secure is not a problem at all!

  • The main compartment is placed low for the dog to access it himself. It helps with large breed dogs.
  • You can adjust the height of this thing freely according to your own convenience.
  • This thing comes with a shock absorber at the front and a brake at the rear for safety purposes.
  • The wheels swivel to allow you greater comfort over rough and bumpy roads.
  • The mesh covering on the window allows your dogs to peak outside and keeps the safe from bugs.
  • The stroller can be difficult to operate for tall people.


2 of 3: Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs Review


When you need the best dog stroller for large dogs, Pet Gear doesn’t disappoint. When your senior canine friend needs some care, you can turn to this product without even flinching. Expedition Pet Stroller can house a dog that weighs around 150lbs.

If the weight capacity doesn’t impress you, the attention to detail will. It has the signature protective mesh window of Pet Gear in tow. The window shields our pets from sudden dangers. Also, the “Mesh” casing system gives your pets opportunity to gaze the outside world while you shop, jog, and stroll.

Another good thing about the Mesh is that it is bug proof. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos won’t have a chance of chewing on dogs’ skin. However, the mesh doesn’t stop air circulation. The beast will stay in good shape and in cheerful mood.

Like all the other Pet Gear Strollers, you can adjust the height of the handlebars here. No matter how bulky your canine companion is, this thing can adapt. Also, you can adapt with it.

This thing has a waterproof floor as well. Your dog won’t get soggy and grumpy when it rains. The internal padding will keep your beast warm.

You have swiveling wheels in front. These plastic wheels help you in navigating uneven roads and pathways swiftly. The makers added an extra layer of security with the rear brakes. These can put the stroller into an instant stop when you want and where you want!

When the product is not in use, it folds up quite nicely. So, you won’t have to worry about it taking up more space than it actually needs.

  • This thing saves some valuable space by folding for all the dog owners out there.
  • Like other Pet Gear products, one can adjust the handlebars and the height of this stroller too!
  • The PetGear product has a protective mesh enclosing that keeps ticks and fleas away.
  • Don’t worry about air circulation. The mesh enclosing supports that very well through holes.
  • It is perfect for large dog breeds that weigh up to 150lbs.
  • I do like the adjustable handle and flexible design. It solves your storage problems.
  • Without proper maintenance, this thing carries the risk to stop functioning over time.


3 of 3: DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller Review

DoggyRide-Novel-Dog-StrollerI don’t know about you but the best dog stroller for me has to be a lightweight one. It is a good thing to have one that weighs less so that you can maneuver the stroller easily.  Aluminum frame makes it lighter than steel. At the same time, the frame is sturdy as well!

If you really want to compare, this model is lighter from the old design by 8 pounds! But the quality remains the same. In fact, the upgraded model features a headrest. It comforts your four-legged friend while he looks at his surroundings.

Then, you have the spokes and hubs that use stainless steel. Using stainless steel instead of aluminum grants much needed strength to the business end of the stroller. No matter how much pressure the wheels get, they should be able to work just fine.

You have removable stripping for front and back side of the stroller. Also, the windows feature rain screens that can be removed when it is bright and sunny.

Just so you don’t get tired from strolling with your canine friend, you have a rear pouch that you can use to carry snacks for you or your dog. Then, there is a water bottle holder for all you thirsty souls.

To make sure you guys can store it conveniently, DoggyRide comes with wheels that you can remove. There’s a “Quick Release” button stacked in somewhere.

  • The aluminum construction really gives DoggyRide an edge over the others in terms of weight.
  • Stainless steel hubs and spokes grant a degree of strength and durability that it needs.
  • You get the “Quick Release” feature for the wheels to facilitate better storage.
  • You have the mesh covering to protect your dog from sunburn and rain screen for rainy season.
  • This thing also comes with a pouch and a water bottle holder to keep food for your dog or you.
  • This dog stroller is a bit bulky according to some dog owners.


Double Dog Strollers Reviews

1 of 3: Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller Review


At this point you might get a bit bored reading my dog stroller reviews seeing this many Pet Gear Products. But trust me, the brand excels at producing double dog strollers as well!

The carriage for this stroller is wider than the regular ones. Thus, it provides room for not one but two dogs at the same time. To keep your furry friends in place, there are internal tethers that can be locked.

Carriage of this stroller is made of 600 Denier cloth. This cloth is durable and doesn’t show signs of wear and tear anytime soon. The carriage also comes with a cover. It protects the dogs from adverse effects of changing weather like sunburn or a drenching rain.

No-Zip Stroller features bolsters instead of zippers. Also, pads are included inside. These will keep the two dogs comfortable while you focus on the important business at hand.

You have “Quick Release” air tires that detach from the carriage. This facilitates easy storage. Inflating the 12-inch tires is a piece of cake. You’ll get an air-pump with the package to help you with that. 12-inch tires are large and they provide your friends smooth rides.

We all get a bit carried away while using a stroller. Sometimes, we push it too far. Sometimes, the road is not that good. In any case, this little product features “Quick Locking” brakes that leap into action as soon as you need them to. In doing so, you’ll prevent a probable accident.

The weight capacity for PetGear No-Zip is impressive. It is 90lbs. You can keep two medium-sized dogs in there if you choose to.

  • The stroller is perfect fit for the medium to large breed dogs out there, two of them.
  • I am a fan of the tires. They are large and inflatable. This provides a smooth ride for dogs.
  • PetGear’s double stroller saves you from unzipping and zipping the carriage back in place.
  • I like the brakes that provide stability and protection during jogging with the canine beasts.
  • You can store this thing at the back of your care if it is big enough to hold the stroller.
  • The stroller is not something you’d call compact. It can’t fit in at the back of a “Small” car.


2 of 3: OxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller Cat/Dog Foldable 4-Wheel Travel Carrier Carriage Review


OxGord brings you everything you could ask from a double dog stroller. It is comfortable with ample room inside to hold two of your dear canine or feline friends. It is lightweight to save you the fatigue from carrying it. Also, the foldable design makes for easy storing opportunities.

You have numerous pockets to store items during your trip. For example, there’s a water bottle holder near the handle. It is for your own hydration. There is an undercarriage. It helps people to keep snacks and liquids for your canine and feline friends.

The makers included large windows with mesh covers. These give your four-legged devils to peak outside for a look around. These mesh covers also keep dust and insects away. The canopy protects your pets from exposure to sunrays. The large windows also facilitate good ventilation.

Worried about the security of your doggies? Don’t be! As it happens, this is one of the most secure strollers that you’ll find on the market. For example, you have seat belts to guard your precious pets. These even come with seat belts and guards to help your dogs remain into a secure position.

To ensure another layer of security, you have brakes that leap into the action quickly. These are pretty easy to handle and lock the wheels in place. The stroller will be stable and it’ll not move till you release the brakes.

The safety of this product is no joke! In fact, it is GB14748 Stroller Safety standard certified.

  • The stroller is lightweight and can be maneuvered easily around any type of road you can think of.
  • There are options for you to store water and food in pockets and a designated undercarriage space.
  • OxGord is safe. You have seat belts, a seat belt guard, and competent rakes to safeguard the dogs.
  • The space in the main carriage is sufficient for two dogs; it has a canopy for sunburn protection.
  • OxGord features mesh windows that keep pests away and improve visibility and breathability.
  • Many do stroller reviews mention that this product is hard to roll anywhere other than the pavement.


3 of 3: BestPet NEW Extra Wide Leopard Skin 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller With RainCover


I am glad to end my best dog stroller list on a high. This thing can open up and be folded back in as little time as 5 seconds.

You can open this up pretty easily. It has two entry ways for your pooches. One at the front and the other at the back. The business end of the stroller is covered with mesh windows. These give your dogs a view of their surroundings. Also, the mesh will facilitate breathability. Your pooches will remain safe from annoying pests and the diseases they bring with them.

Manufacturers put in Nylon instead of regulation plastic at the joints. This makes the stroller sturdier than most available on the market. Nylon makes it flexible. Also, the stroller is smooth and has no rough edges whatsoever. Not to mention, nylon is water resistant unlike most of the materials of strollers.

Besides nylon being water resistant, there’s a rain cover on offer. This is free. Thanks to this cover, your four-legged friends can stay dry and warm when the rain is pouring down non-stop.

Opening and closing the compartments are easy. This thing uses fiber zippers and not those plastic or metal zippers. The fiber zippers aren’t susceptible to rust or any types of breakage.

The Extra Wide stroller comes with multiple pockets and a storage basket to store water bottles. You can keep treats, toys and other items that your pooch loves when going out.

  • This is a spacious stroller with large carriage and multiple pockets to hold food, drinks, and toys.
  • Nylon joints allow this stroller to be flexible and durable at the same time.
  • You have a rain cover that keeps this thing dry when the rain is pouring down without bounds.
  • There are two entry points in this stroller. Your dog can enter through the front or back.
  • One can easily assemble this thing following an easy-to-understand manual.
  • It is not really a thing for larger pets due to the weight limit it has.
  • Storing it after folding can be problematic; it doesn’t flatten enough.


How’d You Buy a Dog Stroller All by Yourselves?

I take it your eyes are glittering after seeing all these strollers for dogs (large or small)? But what if none of these fit the bill for you? In that case, you need to find one yourselves. While I cannot narrow down the models of your choice, I can certainly help you to choose the best dog stroller based on a few factors.

Let me go through them very briefly!

First of All: See Your Dog’s Size

It’d be a bummer if you buy a dog stroller and it ends up being too small. Your dog(s) won’t fit in snugly. Several accidents might take place. That’s why, it is imperative to check on the size of your four-legged beasts.

Depending on how big your dog is, you can determine the stroller’s size as well. The factor becomes even more important if you have two dogs. If it fits you and your dogs are of the right size, you can even buy double strollers to keep two in one place.

What Purpose will the Stroller Serve?

No matter how bland it seems from the outset, it IS important. Normally, a mid-range stroller fits the bill for me. I take my dogs for a walk or on frequent tours outside. I have to look into basic safety features (more on this later) as well as the comfort.

However, if you are a frequent “Brunch” person and go on hiking, mountain trailing, and other adventures, I suggest you look into fancy genres. The “High-End” strollers will offer better comfort and exclusive security to your dogs. Case and point: Your lifestyle pretty much determines the stroller type.

Take the Build Quality Into Consideration

Don’t be misguided! Just because I am listing this at number three, it’s not less important than the other two factors. In fact, the first thing to look into after honing in on your dog’s size.

People should consider a lightweight but sturdy stroller for their canines. Sturdy material like alloys and aluminum come at a price. So, budget IS a factor. Usually, fancy strollers end up to be great with nylon carriage, a number of pockets, and a nice canopy.

However, if you don’t have the bucks for it, make sure to mix and match. Try strollers with a bit heavier materials and inflatable tires. This combo will ensure you have a durable stroller. It won’t lag behind when you push while jogging or running.

Where Would You Use the Stroller?

Don’t expect your stroller to be the same level of efficient on every type of terrain. In fact, different strollers have different types of tires. These tires suit different types of terrain.

Before you buy one for your dog, make sure to consider roads in your neighborhood. Depending on the road type, you can go for fixed tires or inflatable ones. Fixed tires might not work well on some roads. But they are cheaper compared to inflatable variants. The latter tires roll faster but they can suffer frequent punctures when rolling on the road.

Consider where you want to use the stroller and what options you have in terms of tires. Then press the “Buy” button.

Will Your Pets be Comfortable in It?

When we set out to buy a car, we check for the seats, quality of the AC, and the space inside. We do this to measure our comfort level while riding it. Why not do this when buying dog stroller for small dogs, the large ones, and double dog strollers? I mean, a stroller is no less than a car to them, right?

When you are about to buy a stroller, make sure to check for cushions in the main carriage. The seat should be cushioned for your furry friends. There should be enough room for two if you are going for double strollers. Don’t forget to check the weight limit for the dog strollers for large dogs.

When you are done, check for the “Paw Rest.” Your pet friends should be able to keep their paws in a comfortable position while traveling. It should be “Eat, Travel, Love” for them. Yes, snacks are part of the comfort meter too!

How Safe is the Stroller?

This is the question one should ask himself/herself when heading out to buy such a product or shopping online. As much as comfort is important to you and your pets, safety should be too.

Consider all possible hazards your pet might face. Take into account the tires slipping and even the tripping of the stroller. In these cases, you need strong but flexible seat belts. These should keep your dogs in place without hampering the posture.

Then there’s the issue of breathability. Most products block the harmful rays of the sun with the help of the canopy. This is all well and good. But look for windows on the canopy. These will give your friends a peak of the outside world. A mesh cover on the windows is helpful. It helps the air to pass uninterrupted.

At the same time, a mesh cover keeps your pets safe from insect and disease invasions.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

We all love a dog that runs around the house, enjoys its time in the park, and is a shopaholic just like us! Yet, in some cases, we can’t help but carry him in a stroller. Sometimes, injuries are such that you can’t really leave them at home and go outside.

In such cases, buying the best dog stroller is your only option to keep him nearby. There are a number of brands that keep your dogs comfortable, in a pleasant mood, and occupied while you go about your daily business. You just need to pick the right one!

My recommendations and a buying guide at the end should be enough to help you find a great product. You also might be interested in having a look into on our relevant articles like dog jogging strollersoft dog crate or wooden dog crate and the very popular dog kennels.

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