Best Smelling Dog Shampoo: My Top 7 Recommendations


How much do you love your dog being its companion?

I am sure the answer will be, “A lot!”

But how do you showcase your affection? People often reply, “By providing the best food out there, the comfort I can afford to the best of my abilities.”

What about the hygiene? Do you take care of that fact too?

Do you provide the best smelling dog shampoo for your friend to get all tidied up?

Believe me or not, shampoos can be equally effective on dogs as they are on humans. Some of them even come with conditioner properties. You just need to keep your heads at the right place while selecting one.

That’s where this post on best dog shampoos comes in. In here, I’ll guide you through the selection process and when you need one for your dog. Also, feel free to browse through my own recommendations.

Let us embark on this epic journey!

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo Comparison

Product NameOur RatingPrice
Cloud Star Shampoo4.8/5Check Price
Oatmeal Dog Shampoo4.7/5Check Price
Nootie Pet Shampoo4.7/5Check Price
Isle of Dogs Shampoo4.7/5Check Price
Earthbath Pet Shampoo4.7/5Check Price
Lovely Fresh Dog Shampoo4.7/5Check Price
Fresh 'n Clean Scented Shampoo4.6/5Check Price

How to Know if Your Friend Needs a Bath?

You are running around on the internet searching for the best dog shampoo for odor out there but you don’t know when to give your dogs a bath.

Funny, right? But it’s true!

Sadly, most of us don’t know when to give our canine pals a well-deserved bath. Fear not! In this section, I’ll point out signs when you need to be on your toes and prepare your pooch for a bath.

  • If your doggy gives off strong odor, most likely, he needs a bath with a deodorizing shampoo. An extensive bath is the order of the day. Delaying too much might trigger yeast infection in some cases.
  • Is your furry beast rubbing itself against your carpets or a tree in the backyard? Bathe him. He’s trying to clean himself. It is best that you do it for him. Some dogs even lick their behind in an attempt to do so. You better use a shampoo in this case. Or else, it can trigger itchiness.
  • If you see your mutt scratching its back, most likely, it needs a bath. Scratching means the dog has dirt spread all over the back. It needs cleaning. That’s where you need a good shampoo.
  • If you live in a neighborhood with lots of dogs, chances are, your dog plays with its mates. Be sure to bathe your dog every day. Playing with other dogs means the potential of carrying seeds of infections or flea infestations. Make sure to bathe the fur ball properly to stop the onslaught.

Naturally, you need a good, nutritious, and non-reactive shampoo at this point. But which one? Let me help you by explaining the types of shampoos you can encounter on the market.

Types of Dog Shampoos You Have to Pick From

Buying a shampoo for your dog is not that easy. It’s like sorting through a gazillion options and quite a number of types till you get your hands on the best one. Yes, “A Number of Dog Shampoo Types” is the key term here. So, what are these types? Let us find out!

Cleansing Shampoo is the First Type

The most common type you’ll encounter is the “Cleansing Shampoo” for dogs. There are a lot products available. Even if you don’t wish to buy one, you can always make do with a DIY recipe to substitute for these things.

Medicated Shampoo for Dogs with Different Conditions

The second canine shampoo type is “Medicated Shampoo.” These solutions need to be handled with care. I always consult my vet before buying and applying one.

Common causes for buying these may include fleas, ticks, psoriasis, abrasions, and/or infections. These things are best when made with natural ingredients. I have quite a lot of these on my list towards the latter part of this post.

No Rinse Shampoos

If your dogs are as playful as mine, they’ll get dirty. I mean “Super” dirty. Trust me, you’ll rinse for quite a while and the dirt won’t come off. Fear not! You have the “No Rinse” shampoos in this case. You won’t have to do anything. Just apply them and you are done. They’ll conjure up the lather themselves. You’ll find them in the forms of sprays packed in dispenser cans.

Tried the Dry Shampoos Before?

The next type is dry shampoo. These are suited for special occasions when you don’t have time for a full bathing session with your dogs. These are powders consisting of cornstarch, boric acid, and a blend of talc.

Just spread the powder onto your dog’s coat. These will soak excessive oil out of the coat and leave it with sparkling shine. Be sure to clean these things thoroughly. Or else, they might cause itchiness.

Deodorizing Variety of Dog Shampoos

To be honest, these can include any one of the above varieties as well. To be considered for this variety, the shampoo will have to smell well. The only specific use for Best Dog Shampoo including all the qualities of above is to counter strong stink

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo Reviews – What Choices Do You Have

That’s the problem. You have too many choices as there are a number of products. That’s why I came up with a way around things. The following list will give you Top 7 Dog Shampoo Reviews in short. You can pick any of these products and sleep peacefully at night knowing your dogs are in good hands… err… care.

1. Cloud Star’s Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner

Cloud-Star-Buddy-Wash-Original-Lavender-shampooWhile raising your puppy, the bathing experience does matter. I mean who doesn’t love to snuggle with their fluffy wuffy partner when they are all shiny and sparkly clean? This is a two in one conditioning shampoo that guarantees a clean wash and a refreshing experience for your dog.

If your dog has itchy irritated skin then this is the thing for you. Because this baby has Aloe Vera in it that soothes various kinds of skin problems. All the components in this two-in-one wonder are cosmetic-grade.

Not only that, but it has botanical extracts and pure natural conditioners. Sage, rosemary, green tea or chamomile; you name it, it has it all.

Still not convinced? Wait, there’s more!

There is no alcohol in it and you know that means a soothing experience for both you and your pal. The coconut based lavender and mint conditioner is like a cherry on top as it ensures a smooth lather and a charming smell with it.

To ensure the smell stays good, this amazing product also has deodorizing wheat proteins that make it perfect for regular use.

This is a tested product and it has a guaranteed safety seal for humans too. So, if you are concerned with health-related issues, then worry no more! This complete body wash not only has the key features like a guaranteed clean wash, odorless fur, shiny coat and a gentle experience.

What I Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • This is the perfect product if you want your dogs with clean and conditioned furry coats.
  • This shampoo and conditioner combo doesn’t contain alcohol that’d harm your dog friend.
  • The lather this shampoo offers is silky smooth, your pet won’t face irritating eye or skin.
  • In addition to the soothing smell, the shampoo and conditioner product has protein that nourishes the furs.
  • Don’t worry about this product harming you; the ingredients are rated safe for humans too.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • For some of the dog owners, this shampoo can be a bit too smelly for their liking.

2. Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin

Oatmeal-Dog-Shampoo-for-Itchy-SkinA problem for your furry pal is a problem for you too and nothing is more annoying than having itchy skin. What if I tell you that you can get rid of this allergy problem and make your dog smell good at the same time?

Yes! I’m talking about the award winning Oatmeal Dog Shampoo which can also be entitled as the one of the top products on the market. You have to smell it to believe it.

This shampoo will not only make your dog look good but it will also make it feel good as well. That old lost shine on its fur will be back and the coat will be silky smooth.

With the help of this shampoo your doggy will be a superstar of the neighborhood with soft coat and spotless body. That soothing smell is guaranteed to attract too.

Worried about your pup’s eyes, ears, and fur? Think no further! The Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is packed with natural ingredients that will cause no side effects whatsoever.

Remember, this shampoo was to sooth the hotspots of your dog. The Shea butter moisturizes dry skin and nourishes the fur coat from within the body. The skin will not itch any longer as I told you before.

To make sure you have certainty in your mind when you purchase this product, this shampoo gives you a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this lovely little bottle of shampoo, you will be refunded within the time span of 365 days.

What more can a customer possibly want? No itchy allergies, no pungent smell, and no worries all wrapped in one!

What I Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • This thing comes with natural ingredients that pose no threats to your friend’s health at all.
  • The shampoo doesn’t come with awkward pungent smell that you and your dog might hate.
  • Worried about allergies? This thing is all natural. Your dog won’t face any problems whatsoever.
  • This oatmeal shampoo has shea butter that nourishes the skin from within dog’s body.
  • You as a dog owner have money-back guarantee to take advantage of if you are not happy with it.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • I haven’t had problems with it so far.

3. Nootie- Pet Shampoo, 1 Unit 16oz, Japanese Cherry Blossom

Nootie-Pet-ShampooWhile looking through the best smelling dog shampoo reviews it would be a complete bummer to overlook this awesome product at hand. A bit of an eastern touch is good for pets. Specially, the dogs would love it.

The shampoo is a wonderful combination of Japanese cherry blossom fruit (Sakura) and Jasmine. The two combine to create a soothing scent for your beloved pets.

Plus, this solution and cleaning agents clean up the mess your dog’s coat suffers all throughout the day. Needless to say, the cleaning is thorough. You won’t complain about the service this product provides.

The coat of your furry friend remains clean. You won’t find a speck of dirt there. Also, the fur will be soft after using this thing. No, it doesn’t react with the skin of your canine buddy. Instead, the shampoo goes pretty well with some of skin products out there.

Is your dog using any meds? Flea and Tick meds may be? Well, this shampoo goes well with meds too. Flea and Tick medicines are safe to be used alongside this cleaning agent. Nootie pet shampoo doesn’t react to the solutions or the dry skin after using the medicines.

If you want to take full advantage of the product, I’d suggest you to buy the after bath spray from Nootie. The two products go very well hand-in-hand. The price of this product is within the reach of the commoners as well. A win-win situation for all the parties involved.

What I Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • I like the smell this thing brings with it. The soothing smell calms and cheers your dog up.
  • You can buy this product cheaply compared to other alternatives that are there on the market.
  • Feel free to use this Nootie shampoo with Flea and Tick meds as you like. It won’t react.
  • Hypoallergenic product is safe for the skin health and fur consistency of your dog.
  • It is a natural product like all the other shampoos on my list today.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • There isn’t much to complain about this product except some are saying the smell is like an air freshener.

4. Isle of Dogs Everyday Jasmine & Vanilla Silky Coating Shampoo for Dogs

Isle-of-Dogs-Everyday-Jasmine-&-Vanilla-Silky-Coating-Shampoo-for-DogsAre you a fragrance enthusiast but unfortunately have a smelly dog? Isle of Dogs Everyday Jasmine & Vanilla Silky Coating Shampoo is here to save you.

This shampoo helps your dog get silky smooth hair that is pleasant to touch and even run your fingers through. Your pup will get a more vibrant coat that will be far more resistant to damage. Sounds like too good of a deal, doesn’t it?

This guarantees a beautiful, shiny and fluffy coat of fur as the lather you’ll get while cleaning your dog will be quite thick. Dirt and grime? Not a chance! You might even get rid of a few matts your fluffy pal has. When the coat is too gorgeously beautiful and sparkly clean, how can there be room for filthy pests?

This shampoo not only softens, but detangles as well. Not to mention, the combination of jasmine and vanilla will almost leave your dog smelling divine. It’s just not about the looks and smell, this awesome liquid is packed with panthenol and Aloe leaf juices that help to strengthen the hair.

So at the end of the day you get hair as smooth as silk, coat as shiny as pearls and a fragrance that is totally out of this world without any side effects whatsoever.

Not to mention it has moisturizing ingredients that protects the precious fur from any sort of damage and tear.

What I Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • This dog shampoo is pretty inexpensive compared to most brands on the market.
  • The natural floral juices help to strengthen your dog’s coat and hair more compared to others.
  • Like the other products on my list, this one moisturizes your dog’s skin very well too.
  • This is the best dog shampoo that detangles the hair and softens it after you use it during bathing.
  • This is the best dog shampoo for odor because of Jasmine and vanilla extracts’ sweet scent.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • Few dog owners complained about this shampoo increasing itchiness on their dogs’ skins.

5. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Earthbath-All-Natural-Pet-ShampooDo you enjoy bathing your dog with an all-rounder shampoo? Then this scented treat will really enhance your experience. Yes! I am talking about the Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo. This time it’s got a fruity mango smell.

This guarantees the smell of lovely exotic tropical mangoes and a good clean at the same time. Additionally, it is completely safe from any unwanted toxins

No need to be worried about harmful chemicals, because this shampoo has zero harsh chemicals. Yes, we are talking all natural compounds that not only clean but also help nourish your dog’s skin and help it to heal from various types of ailments.

You should know that Earthbath has always kept their shampoo soap free, as soap might clean well but it deprives your puppy’s skin from natural oils that are essential for its good health.

Instead of stripping your dog from its natural defenses, this shampoo actually helps it to spread the  natural oils and thus promoting its natural immunity system from outward harshness.

Even the ingredients are promising. This product contains aloe vera, natural essences, olive oil, purified water, xanthan gum, melaleuca oil and renewable coconut based cleansers.

At the end of the day. This shampoo leaves a healthy coat, protects from irritable skin, disentangles and smoothens the hair and to top it all off leaves a very charming smell.

Earthbath focuses on your pet’s health and well-being over all things. So when you buy this affordable product from the market, rest assured that it is indeed safe.

What I Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • Like the majority of shampoos on my list, this one focuses on natural ingredients out there.
  • It is made of hypoallergenic ingredients. It doesn’t cause allergies to your dog at all.
  • This soap-free shampoo doesn’t suck oil and other essentials from beneath the skin.
  • The EarthBath shampoo actually boosts immune system of your beloved four-legged companion.
  • The “Medic” quality of this product also helps your four-legged beast in healing from various skin conditions.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • A handful of users have reported about hair falling from the coat of their dogs.

6. Lovely Fresh Natural Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal & Almond Oil Moisturizes Skin

Lovely-Fresh-Natural-Dog-ShampooWell we all  love our dogs and “Lovely Fresh” shares the same sentiment. This company has been producing grooming products for dogs with the utmost care and compassion. So if you want to show your dog that you care, this shampoo will be one of the best choices you have ever made.

This baby was manufactured to clean your canine buddy and keep him healthy at the same time without any possibilities of dissatisfaction.

There is no need to buy a conditioner for your beloved dog with this shampoo at hand. Because this here is a two in one deal! Which means your dog will be all fresh and clean even faster with much less hassle. Annoyed with that iffy dog smell that just refuses to go away? Then this product will take care of all your worries.

Because this not only cleans well but at the end of the bath leaves a clean and fresh smell. Your dog will be a treat for the eyes and for the nose as well.

This is a high quality natural dog shampoo and it focuses on making the washing experience better for both the man and the animal. The complete health of the coat is taken care of by this shampoo.

As its natural ingredients help nourish the skin and the fur as well. This has never failed in moisturizing the skin and making the coat shine. The vitamins and enzymes of the formula also help to repair damaged coats and dry skin.

This shampoo is not only effective, but it is also soap and alcohol free. So no risks involved in cleaning your dog. Whether the fur is long or small, this product is guaranteed to satisfy!

What I Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • This shampoo is a 2-in-1 product. It works very well as a conditioner besides shampooing.
  • It is a shampoo with natural ingredients like the rest of the products on my list today.
  • The ingredients help to moisturize the damaged skin as well as in taking care of the coat itself.
  • The smell is perfectly for the best dog shampoo for odor management candidate.
  • You can create nice lather easily. Also, it is quick to rinse off from your dog’s skin than others.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • Confirm with your vet before using this shampoo on your dogs for better results.
  • For some users, odor removal is a problem this shampoo can’t tackle.

7. Fresh ’n Clean Scented Shampoo, Classic Fresh Scent

Fresh ’n-Clean-Scented-ShampooAt this point of my list on best smelling dog shampoo, I am happy to tell you that the following product might be your best bet. Not only that but this baby here keeps your pup smelling fresh for a long… long… time.

This sweet-smelling shampoo is packed with anti-static agents. This means that the coat will remain manageable just the way we all like it. This Lambert Kay product has really outdone itself by really wowing its customers with the results.

Plus, it works for cats as well (Excluding the Persian ones).

This shampoo gives you a pleasant cleaning experience and cleans all the dirt and grime away from your pal. The smell lasts for two weeks, so there is really no need to worry much about a smelly pooch running around in your house.

The plant based cleaning agents leave a fragrance that not only clings, but stays. This scent is something that the manufacturers claim to be their “Signature Scent’’.

You might be thinking, “Okay, a nice scent is always appreciated but what are the ingredients?’’ You will be pleased to know that this cleanser has vitamin E that cleans the skin thoroughly and moisturizes the fur too.

Not just that, but it strengthens and repairs the coat. Your pet’s sensitive skin will be at ease with the added Aloe Vera that cures itchiness and discomfort.

Whether you need 16 ounces or 32, Fresh ‘n Clean has got your back with this product than never fails to satisfy. So, If you are a lover of floral scents and adore hugging your furry friend at the same time, this cosmetic miracle is the thing for you.

What I Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • This one of a kind product works its magic on cats just as well as for the dogs you use it on.
  • It has Aloe Vera. If your dog has a sensitive skin, you can rest easy. This product won’t harm him.
  • The product comes with a floral scent to deodorize your dog friend after bathing.
  • You get to work with anti-static agents. These agents keep the coat of your doggy manageable.
  • Vitamin E is in the shampoo which moisturizes the skin of your dog really well to keep it healthy.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Shampoo
  • The smell can be too aggressive for some dog owners.

How to Buy A Dog Shampoo?

Ooh… I have done it now! I’ve put you at a hard spot. Choosing the best smelling dog shampoo from a list is one thing. But to research for one from scratch is a different ball game. I understand that. Since I put the riddle up, I’ll help you to solve it. Here are my tips on how you should pick the ideal shampoo for your naughty pet.

Consider the Age of Your Pet

Normally, buying shampoo for a dog won’t be a problem. But, if you have more than one and of different ages, be careful in selecting the right product.

Why, you ask? Well… canines of different ages have different types of skins. For example, puppies have more sensitive skin than an adult four-legged pal of yours. Even within adult dogs, different breeds have varying skin types. The skin type depends on environment as well.

In short, puppies are sensitive, so you need gentler shampoos to interact with their skins. Adult dogs can tolerate harsh elements. Yet, some adults might have allergies and health conditions. Thus, always be careful to avoid shampoos with ingredients that your dogs can’t adapt to due to age.

Well… Is His Skin Any Good?

This is the basic thing I’d ask you to check before you actually buy any product. Call it “Ground Zero” if you like. If you are feeling shaky and unsure about how to proceed, ask a Vet. If the skin is alright, just about any “Good” brand will do the trick.

If you see your mutt scratching the coat, feeling uneasiness, and dried skin patches with red marks; be sure to use products that are gentle on the skin. There are specialized products available for sensitive skins, rashes, and dry skin.

My advice to you would be to go for gentle shampoos that have vitamin E, Almond, Aloe Vera, and other natural ingredients.

A word of warning: If you see the condition of your pal worsening even after using these products, DO CONSULT a vet to take further preventive measures.

Flea or Tick Problems? Choose the Product Accordingly

The Best Smelling Dog Shampoo can do very little when your pal is suffering from pesky fleas and annoying ticks. These parasites can trigger itchiness, red spots on skin, anemia, dermatitis, and other complex skin conditions.

I’d advise using a shampoo that effectively counters these pests. In fact, you’ll find one or two in my list too!

If the problem is more severe than you think it to be, use some meds. Feel free to use topical medicines, tablets, and flea killing sprays to get rid of the problem. Just make sure that the shampoo you use, should clean the dead fleas and ticks effectively.

Does Your Dog Have Fur Problems?

If so, simply the best dog shampoo for odor won’t do the trick. There are some dogs who have fur that loses color as they get dirty and time passes.

For them, you’ll need specialized shampoos that restore color. The “Whitening Shampoos” can be good examples. While selecting them, go for natural ingredients.

Then you have guys that have long fur coat. The problem with lengthy fur is that it entangles. For fuzzy fur and unmanageable hairs, you can go for a separate conditioner too. If you don’t want to end up spending 10 – 30 bucks more, go for a shampoo that has conditioning properties.

[Hint: Check my list for recommendations]

Hair fall Problem? Go Natural

Many of us dog owners don’t blink when we see fancy ingredients on best smelling dog shampoo reviews. What we don’t realize is that many of these can actually harm our beloved friend.

Hair fall is a curse on us humans. It is an even greater curse for dogs. When dogs shed hairs, the tiny particles at the end of hairs travel through the air. These things can trigger allergies. That’s bad news!

If your dog sheds too many hairs, it can leave the skin exposed. The way to counter this is by using a shampoo with natural ingredients.

A brand that focuses on oils and moisturizing agents can help hairs to stay good for long period of time. As a result, hair shedding will reduce. The coat will be rejuvenated as well.

Wrapping It Up

When studying best smelling dog shampoo reviews, some of you might argue that smell isn’t everything. And I DO agree. You must learn to look beyond the smell to judge the quality.

That’s where these recommendations of mine stand out. They are equally good when the benefits of ingredients, therapeutic measures, and of course… deodorization. The best part is, you won’t have to do any of the legwork. I did it for you!

Besides this, you can do your own research. Just to be safe. I listed the parameters to look for in a product. Also, This peach of a guide should help you determining when your friend badly needs a bath.

What more could you ask for from an article? It is less of an article and more of a guide. Do share this with your friends and family. Let me know how things turn out with YOUR dog in the comments!

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