Best Pet Camera: 6 Must-Have Dog Cameras for Animal Lovers

I must admit that advancements in technology have gone to a whole new level. Thanks to smart tech gadgets, you can now keep an eye on your loved ones even when you are not around. What’s more amazing is that these smart devices allow you to monitor the well-being of your pets as well!

Whether you want to calm an anxious dog or check in on the welfare of a sickly cat, investing in the best pet camera is a must for any fervent animal lover. These cameras have been designed to provide multiple functions besides recording the activities of your furry loved ones. They can toss a treat, snap a picture and even allow you to chat with your pet in case things get out of hand.

Without much further ado, here are the top 6 pet cameras that you can use to charm your pet when you are far away.

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Top 6 Pet Camera Reviews

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Furbo-Dog-CameraThe Furbo Dog Camera comes with dozens of features that are designed to give you an easy time watching over your pet remotely. It is smartphone-compatible, meaning that you can control the cam seamlessly using an app installed on your phone. Unlike most pet cameras on the market, the Furbo dog camera can be controlled by two different people at any particular time. Bearing this in mind, you can always ask for a helping hand from another family member if you are busy.

In addition, this cam features a treat dispenser that can hold up to 100 pieces of your pet’s favorite tidbits. Furthermore, the cam allows you to record your own voice for treat-calling purposes. This lets you easily play a game of fetch or reward your dog while you are away.

This Furbo camera uses dog recognition technology to establish what your pet is doing at any particular time. The device will send you alerts or capture selfies when your dog is jumping, running or simply playing. The best part is that you can record all these exciting sessions using its crisp built-in 1080p camera with 160-degree wide-angle view.

Setting up the device is very easy. All you have to do is to plug the machine into a power outlet, download the Furbo dog camera app and establish a connection to your home Wi-Fi. In view of these features, it isn’t surprising that this gadget is regarded as the best dog camera available today.

My Impression

I particularly found this camera to be super-intelligent as it can distinguish between barks and strange sounds. The device can also differentiate between a dog, a person and an object. Using these highly advanced features, you can easily tell if your dog is distressed or simply having fun. Furthermore, the 2-way chat allows you to talk to your dog via the app from wherever you are in case more reassurances are required. Another impressive feature that I liked is the night vision that allows you to check on your dog in the wee hours, from the comfort of your bed.

  • Sleek, stylish aesthetics
  • Automatically turns on privacy mode when you are within range
  • Distinguishes between dogs and people for extra security
  • Can be used to train your dog via yellow-blue light interactions
  • High-quality camera
  • Very easy to set up
  • The dispenser tends to jam when treats not recommended by the manufacturer are used

Petcube Play Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

Petcube-Play-Pet-CameraYou are probably familiar with a number of pet videos that have gone viral on YouTube. Petcube is widely renowned as the gadget behind most of these videos. It features a 1080P camera that captures quality videos and photos in HD. In addition, the cam has a night vision option that you can use to monitor your furry friend in dark environments.

The main selling point of this cam is that it comes with an interactive laser toy that is sure to keep your pet occupied for hours on end. You can control the toy using a compatible smartphone app or set it to auto-play to ensure your pet gets enough exercise and mental stimulation.

The Petcube camera also features a two-way audio functionality that allows you to talk and listen to your pet from a remote location. This feature comes in handy, especially if you need to calm your pet.

Another benefit of this pet cam is that it allows for free cloud-based storage. You can access the last 4 hours of video activity from your smartphone at no charge. However, for 10 to 30-day video history, you have to subscribe to Petcube cloud storage services.

My Impression

I’ve come across several pet cameras before, but none of them is as impressive as the Petcube Play Pet Camera. The camera looks simple from afar, but it is equipped with highly advanced features that will surely grab your attention. What I liked about this pet camera is that it is very easy to set up and use. Furthermore, it is exceptionally portable and you can place it anywhere in your house without taking much space. The app is extremely reliable and it does not pose connection problems. The fact that you can store all your videos using Petcube’s cloud storage service positions this camera in a class above the rest.

  • Unique interactive laser toy that is very responsive
  • Compact design for easy placement
  • Easy to set up
  • High-quality camera
  • Plenty of social sharing provisions
  • The app is easy to use and extremely reliable
  • Does not have a treat dispenser
  • Requires a lot of data, which might be expensive

PetChatz HD

PetChatz-HDThe PetChatz HD is more of a video phone than just a traditional pet camera. It comes with a “Paw Call” button that allows your pet to notify you via SMS or IM that it’s time to make a video call back home. Using this feature, you can interact with your pet visually and have a fruitful conversation from wherever you are.

Additionally, this device comes with a sound detector and motion sensor that automatically starts recording videos in case of any strange noises or movements in the home when you are not around. You can use these features to monitor your pet and ensure they are not up to any mischief.

The PetChatz HD also comes with an innovative dispenser that you can activate at anytime using your smartphone to treat or reward your pet. The cam also features an aromatherapy mechanism that releases special scents to sooth or calm an anxious pet.

If your dog or cat loves watching the TV, then this camera from PetChatz is exactly what you need. The camera allows for fast video streaming from DOGTV, keeping your pets entertained throughout the day.

My Impression

The PetChatz HD is not an ordinary camera. It is more versatile and interactive than any other pet camera I have come across. Designed by pet experts for animal lovers, this camera comes with a wide range of features optimized for optimum interactions and entertainment throughout the day. Its pet-safe design with no corners or cables to chew makes this unit extremely safe and durable. Furthermore, it can be mounted securely to the wall for maximum pet safety. The only downside is that this camera requires plenty of training sessions for your pet to grasp all the concepts involved. However, this is not a major issue considering the fact that pets such as dogs are fast learners.

  • The camera has to be mounted on the wall making it extremely secure
  • Robust sound system for quality interactions
  • Low-light HD camera captures crisp videos and images
  • Pet-safe design for enhanced protection and durability
  • Easy setup and simple user interface
  • The app is exceptionally stable and reliable
  • Requires a lot of training sessions, especially for older pets
  • The camera is comparatively expensive than its competitors

Petcube Bites Pet Camera

Petcube-Bites-Pet-CameraThe Petcube Bites is yet another reliable pet cam designed for dogs and cats. It comes with a unique dispenser that can fling up to 5 treats at a time. What’s more amazing is that you can schedule the dispensing unit to automatically fling treats to your pet at varying times of the day as desired.

Like most cams from Petcube, this device features a 1080P HD lens with night vision capability. It can capture high-quality videos and images of your pet even in low-light environments. Furthermore, the pet cam allows you to stream video recordings from the camera straight into your smartphone.

Additionally, this pet cam comes with a two-way audio functionality that allows you to hear and speak directly to your pet even if you are far away from home. You can calm your scared dog or cat and equally warn them to stop if they are up to no good.

The Petcube Bites camera also feature a sound and motion detector that automatically sends a notification to your phone via the app in case of any strange noises or unexplained movements within your residence. Besides monitoring your pet, you can use this feature to enhance your home’s security.

My Impression

The Petcube Bites is a sleek, easy-to-use pet camera. It comes with desirable features that are not only unique, but also highly efficient. What I liked about this pet cam is its ability to fling up to 5 treats at once to varying distances. From my previous experience, very few pet-centric cameras have this capability. Furthermore, the gadget comes in an outstanding design with versatile placement options. You can mount it on the wall or place the device on top of the table depending on your preferences. It is therefore not surprising that Petcube Bites has won several awards, including the Edison Award (2018) for innovation.

  • Variety of placement options for enhanced versatility
  • Very easy setup
  • Optional cloud-based video recording
  • HD camera captures high-quality videos in dark environments
  • High capacity treat storage container
  • Ability to dispense up to 5 treats at once is ideal for multi-pet households
  • Requires a strong internet connection for optimum performance
  • Might take some time for your pet to get used to the cam

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Pawbo-Life-Wi-Fi-Pet-CameraThe Pawbo Pet Camera needs no introduction, as it is one of the most popular cams available in the market today. Despite its diminutive size, this camera comes with tons of exciting features tailored for pet owners.

Firstly, it has a 130-degree wide-angle lens plus a 4x digital room that allows you to capture crisp 720p HD videos seamlessly. You can stream these videos in real-time using a compatible smartphone. Moreover, the pet cam supports two-way audio interactions, allowing you to hear and talk to your pet wherever you are.

Another interesting feature is the built-in treat dispenser that lets you to play or reward your pet with their favorite snack even when you are far away. You can easily use this feature close to problem areas to distract your pet from causing damage to your furniture or curtains.

Unlike most pet cams that only allow one account per app, Pawbo is absolutely different. The app allows for up to eight users at any particular time. You can request other family members to watch over your pets if you are tied up somewhere else.

My Impression

What I liked about the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is that it is sleek, compact and very easy to use. Its lightweight design makes it extremely portable, offering more placement options. The camera’s capability is beyond reproach as suggested by the highly advanced features it has to offer. Besides capturing high-quality videos and images, this pet cam allows for instant social sharing to platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Furthermore, you can connect up to 8 users to the app at the same time for added fun and excitement. Above all, this pet camera from Pawbo is affordable and readily available in the market.

  • Supports multiple users simultaneously
  • The camera can zoom 4X for up-close views and images
  • Comes with a treat dispenser despite its compact design
  • Can connect through multiple networks including 3G, 4G, and LTE
  • Supports older android and iOS versions
  • Comes in a sleek, stylish design suitable for tabletops or flat surfaces
  • Does not have night vision mode
  • The pet camera is limited in terms of the number of treats it can hold at a time

Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi-Treat-CamThe Petzi Treat Cam offers a totally different perspective both in terms of operation and functionality. The cam is simple and it does not revolve around laser technology like most of the pet-centric devices mentioned above. However, this gadget remains popular due to its simplicity, durability and efficiency.

The cam features a high-quality audio system that allows you to interact with your pet from wherever you are, effortlessly. You can use this system to calm your furry friends or even issue a warning in case they become mischievous. Nevertheless, this cam does not come with a microphone, meaning that you won’t be able to hear your pet purr or bark.

HD video recording is also not available. However, the 720p wide-angle camera that comes with this gadget allows you to view and capture top quality photos. Additionally, the cam supports night vision mode, allowing you to see what your pets are up to even in darkly-lit environments.

As the name suggests, the Petzi cam features a treat dispenser that you can to feed your pets with their favorite snacks as a reward or just to calm them down.

My Impression

Judging from the features that this cam has to offer, I can easily tell that it is intended for budget-conscious pet owners. The gadget cannot record HD videos neither does it allow for two-way interactions. Nevertheless, it allows you to view your pets with utter clarity and precision even in low-light environments. Furthermore, you can issue instructions to your pets to calm them down from a remote location. What’s more amazing is that it comes with a treat dispenser that makes up for its limited features. In a nutshell, this camera is exceptionally affordable, making it a good bargain for pet owners who are just starting out.

  • Simplistic design that makes it easy to use
  • Comes with a treat dispenser
  • Supports night vision mode for clearer vision in dark environments
  • The wide-angled camera offers better views
  • Exceptionally affordable
  • One-way voice streaming
  • Does not record videos
  • No automatic pet selfies

Points to consider when buying a pet camera

Choosing the best pet camera is not as easy it might seem to be. Like any other investment, you must carry out thorough research before settling on any particular device. I have compiled a few points that you should consider before making that final purchase decision. Hopefully, these considerations will give you an easy time when shopping for that pet camera you have always been looking for.

Here are some of the features you should look out for:

Resolution and viewing angle

The essence of buying a pet camera is to monitor the activities of your furry friends from a remote location. For this reason, the device ought to offer a suitable viewing angle for better vision. Most pet cameras offer a wide-angle view ranging from 110 degrees to 130 degrees. The resolution should also be top-notch, especially if you intend to record videos and capture images of your pets. This ranges from 720p to 1080p depending on the manufacturer.

Treat Dispenser

A treat dispenser is also another special feature that you should consider when buying a pet cam. It allows you to treat your cat or dog with their favorite treats just to calm them down or reward them for being obedient. Most modern pet cams come with treat dispensers for optimum functionality and extra convenience.

Night Vision

If you want to see what your pet is up to during the night, then invest in a cam that supports night vision mode. Even when the lighting is very low, you should be able to monitor your pet without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Two-Way Audio System

An interactive pet cam should come with a two-way audio system that allows you to hear and talk to your pet remotely. This feature comes in handy, especially when dealing with anxious or scared pets that require your assurances. You can talk to your pets to calm them or issue a warning in case they become mischievous.

Remote Access

Find out if your pet camera will require Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G connectivity to avoid disappointments. In addition, you should be able to access the device effortlessly through a downloadable app on your smartphone.

Sound and Motion Detection

Pet cameras are often than just interactive devices for monitoring your furry friends. They act as security gadgets that notify you in case something is wrong back at home. A good pet cam should come with a sound and motion detector that notifies you via SMS or IM in case of strange noises or suspicious activities in your home.

Memory storage

Videos and images often take up a lot of memory space. For this reason, you will need a pet cam that comes with a large storage capacity. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the paid-up cloud storage option offered by various manufacturers.

Pet safety

Pets are curious animals. They tend to chew at cables and knock over objects in a bid to satisfy their curiosity. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if your cat or dog tries to break the cam in a bid to save you from your entrapment. Bearing this in mind, you should purchase a pet-safe camera that does not have any chewable wires or sharp corners that may harm your adorable furry companion.

Top benefits of using a pet camera

Pet cameras offer numerous benefits. Some of the top advantages of using this gadget include:

Reduces anxiety

Pets are social animals that enjoy the companionship of humans. Leaving them unattended to will always cause them to become anxious and disillusioned. However, by using a pet camera, you can interact with your furry friends, offer a reward and even play catch to reduce anxiety and eliminate stress.

Enhances engagement

Pet cams not only allow you to monitor your pet, but also facilitate enhanced engagement between you and your adorable furry friend. You can talk directly to your pets via video call and even issue a warning in case their involved in any wrongdoing.

Improves productivity at work

You might not know this, but investing in a pet cam improves your productivity at work. You no longer have to worry about the wellbeing of your pet back at home giving you more time to concentrate on your work.

Provides more free time

Although pets are good companions, having some quiet time for yourself is essential for your peace of mind and general wellbeing. Buy installing a pet camera you can spend the weekend away without worrying about the safety of your cat or dog back at home.

Final Verdict

To be honest, choosing one particular pet cam over the others is not always easy. You have to contend with the fact that most of them offer exactly the same features. However, in my case, the choice was easy. After much fact-finding, I settled on the Furbo Dog Camera as the perfect choice for a pet cam.

The device comes with tons of exciting features that will keep you and your pet pre-occupied throughout the day. Although it is considered the best dog camera, you can use this cam with cats as well. No other camera matches the functionality of this gadget. It is therefore not surprising that it is regarded as the best pet camera available on the market today.

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