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How many of you really care about what you feed your dogs?

I, for one, didn’t pay any attention until recently. Then my French poodle started acting weirdly. Then I figured out I was feeding her wrong.

That’s right. The dogs have their own needs. Those needs vary from dog to dog, breed to breed, and size to size. For example, if you are training your canine friend to be a good hunter, he needs quality protein and a lot of minerals to support the rigorous training daily.

On the other hand, if you want shiny coat and a healthy digestive tract, focusing on amino acids should do the trick.

Whatever you need, the food brand of your choice needs to represent all the qualities and nutrients for it to be the ideal one for your dog.

That is where Pure Balance from Walmart comes into the fray. Yup, Walmart has ventured into dry dog food making and they are doing a great job at that.

In this Pure Balance Dog Food Review, I am picking out Top 5 recipes that I like. I’ll be discussing their highs and lows and my overall reasoning in deeming this brand best for the dogs.

Pure Balance Dog Food – Comparison Table

Top 5 Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews – My Choices

Out of the dozens of recipes and dry dog foods, Pure Balance has impressed me with five recipes that you can feed your dog too. Which are these dog food formulas? How did these recipes fair in my test? Kets find out!

1. Pure Balance Dog Food, Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

Pure-Balance-Dog-Food-Lamb & Brown-Rice-RecipeToday you will find a large number of dog food manufacturers and it is not an easy job to find out the best one from among them. However, from my personal experience, I can easily tell you that Pure Balance is one of the best dog food producers you can find.

Dogs who have tasted their Lamb and Brown Rice recipe, liked it. Every recipe prepared by Pure Balance including this one uses all natural ingredients and so they never have to use any artificial flavors or preservatives.

In short, this dog food recipe is totally safe for your canine friend. In fact, this helps to keep the heart healthy and their vision strong.

The main source of protein in this recipe is lamb meat. And along with it, there are green vegetables, eggs and added minerals and vitamins.

One other key ingredient in this recipe is brown rice. Brown rice is a good source of calories as it is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibers. It takes care of their digestion system and makes sure our dogs never face any constipation. This Pure Balance recipe contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

How is that good? Omega fatty acids keep your dog’s fur coat shiny and their skin healthy. Unlike many brands who offer quantity over quality, Pure Balance mainly focuses on quality.

That is why they didn’t use any filler, corn or soy in their recipe. They make sure that we are able to give our dogs the best that they deserve.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • You have lamb meat to ensure the dogs get proper dose of protein.
  • Green veggies and eggs ensure this recipe is full of nutrients that your dog deserves.
  • Lamb and Rice recipe has a good blend of carbohydrates and dietary fiber as well.
  • You won’t find filler elements like soy or corn in the mix of ingredients for this recipe.
  • This recipe improves on your friend’s heart’s health and the vision quality.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • I am a bit concerned about the authorities using rice as an ingredient in this recipe.

2. Pure Balance Grain Free Formula, Salmon & Pea Recipe, Dog Food

Pure-Balance-Grain-Free-Formula-Salmon & Pea-RecipeThere is no doubt that meat is a great source of protein. But sometimes our dog buddies don’t like meat. Sometimes they prefer fish and there are dogs who like to eat fish only (my one for example).

If you have gone through my Pure Balance Review up until this point, you should have noticed that they always make sure that our dogs are getting the best. The manufacturers prepared the Salmon and Pea recipe for dogs that prefer fish to meat.

This recipe has the following proportions: 23% Protein – 42% Carbs – 35% Fat. The primary protein ingredient is Salmon. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega 3 helps to keep your dog’s skin healthy and free from diseases.

This recipe also uses Salmon meal along with Salmon. Salmon meal is a concentration of the actual fish. And it is found to be 300% more rich in protein than the fish itself.

For fiber and carbohydrates, they have used dried ground peas. They are also a source of protein. In fact, the recipe includes a separate ingredient that is pea protein (peas minus the starch).

There is also tapioca, a carbohydrate extract obtained from the roots of the Cassava Plant. Ingredients like this help to boost the protein in the food. This Grain free formula also contains carrots, flax seed oil, sunflower oil etc. Flax seed is another source of Omega fatty acids.

Lastly, this dry dog food contains chelated minerals. You did not hear of them? Well, chelated minerals are easier for our dogs to absorb as they are chemically attached to the protein.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • It is a great “Alternate” source of protein for our canine friends with Salmon at the core.
  • Oceanic fishes don’t pose a threat like the GMO animals or veggies do for your dogs.
  • Salmon Meal delivers 300% more protein than other ingredients in other recipes.
  • Peas are ground. So, you won’t have to deal with stool problems for your dog friend over time.
  • Chelated minerals make the food easy to digest for your dogs.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • I didn’t find any fault with this recipe from Pure Balance dog food.

3. Pure Balance Wild & Free Bison, Pea & Venison Recipe Food for Dogs

Pure-Balance-Wild & Free Bison-Pea & Venison-Recipe-FoodYeah, I get it. Pea is a source of carbohydrates. Even so, it is far better than people usually opt for. It is not grainy or malicious to your dog’s stomach. That is why I take great pride in recommending Pure Balance Wild & Free Bison, Pea, and Venison dog food.

If you didn’t notice, there is “Free Bison” as an ingredient as well. “Free” is the significant word here. Bison is the first ingredient and is good source of protein. It is not a GMO product. These bisons roam free in farms and eat from natural sources.

Same thing goes for Venison as well. The Venisons in use for this recipe are brought up in New Zealand where it is best suited for their proper nutrition. These two ingredients are vast sources of protein.

If you are wondering what protein does, it builds up lean-looking muscles. As a result, your dog will have the strength to undergo demanding training regime.

In case you are worried about feeding your friend right, note that the dog food doesn’t have any allergenic food elements. You won’t find traces of soy, corn, barley, and rice in the recipe.

Of course, you have veggies in the mix! Plus, there will be nutrients like Vitamin E and C. The latter allows your canine friends to develop sharp teeth and bones. Vitamin E contributes to thick and lush fur coat.

As far as artificial fillers or colors, and fragrance is concerned, I found none. This recipe is good for the stomach of your pets as well. They’ll be able to digest it quickly.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • Naturally brought up Bison and Venison are the sources of protein in this dry dog food.
  • The food recipe is hypoallergenic that helps your canine friends to have an even growth pattern.
  • Vitamin E and C are helpful in shaping up the skin, bones, and the teeth.
  • The food doesn’t have any artificial produce, flavor, or smell to it.
  • Bison and Venison recipe is perfect for dogs with rigorous training regime.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • The package is small compared to the price I paid for testing the dry dog food.

4. Pure Balance Grain Free Dog Food Chicken & Pea Recipe Food for Dogs

Pure-Balance-Grain-Free-Dog-Food-Chicken & Pea-RecipeOne of the recommendable dog foods prepared by Pure Balance is the Chicken and Pea Recipe. As you can already guess, the key food ingredients in this recipe are chicken meat and peas. Both of the items are rich in high quality protein. It is a recipe prepared for grown up dogs of all breeds.

But you can also feed this to puppies and seniors. This dry dog food recipe contains real chicken pieces and peas. You can actually see them when you open the pack.

There are also carrots, fibers, potatoes. Since all these ingredients are naturally produced. You won’t find any artificial flavors whatsoever. The recipe has its own unique natural taste that dogs love as it feels like homemade food.

This Pure Balance Dog Food recipe does contain any soy, corn wheat or any filler for that matter. This is a grain free dog food. Dogs will find it easy to digest and so they can absorb all the nutrients from it. It is rich in antioxidants and helps to keep your dog’s immune system healthy and strong.

When switching your dog’s old food with this Chicken and Pea formula, don’t do it abruptly. Your four-legged buddy has been eating a type of food for some time, and so if you give them something totally new one day they may not like it.

So in the beginning, add a little portion of this Pure Balance recipe to your dog’s old food. Keep increasing the proportion slowly through the week. Keep doing it until you serve them fully this new dog food.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • This dog food contains actual pieces of chicken that are evident when you open the package.
  • Sweet potatoes are good sources of carbs minus the starch that people typically feed their dogs.
  • Doesn’t contain filler ingredients that may harm your canine friends or little puppies.
  • Switching to this “Chicken Heavy Diet” from any other dog food recipe is as easy as 1… 2… 3…
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • The manufacturers could have used something in there to make the food last longer than it does.

5. Pure Balance SUPERFOOD Blend Trout & Lentils Recipe

Pure-Balance-SUPERFOOD-Blend-Trout & Lentils-RecipeWondering why Manufacturers call this recipe a “Superfood?” That’s because, this thing comes with all the necessary ingredients for nutritional needs of your dogs. Minus the harmful ones, of course.

Until now, I concentrated on “Meat-based” protein in my Pure Balance Dog Food Review (Except the Salmon fish variant). But all that changes with this product. Pure Balance SUPERFOOD comes with Trout and Lentils as main ingredients.

For a change, these are seafood. You won’t have to worry about the produce being GMO-based or containing any kind of harmful byproduct. Fish protein in form of “Real Trout” is a big boost. This seafood eliminates the possibility of artificial protein source.

Besides the protein, you get natural fiber. While helping your canine friends toning their muscles, the fiber makes them absorb the food quicker too.

All the recipes of this Pure Balance brand have either peas or rice as Carb sources. While too much of these things can be bad,

As far as lentils are concerned, your dogs will have healthy doses of molybdenum and phosphorus. Count on lentils to deliver them with dietary fibers (probiotics and prebiotics). Also, these are great sources of Vitamin B6 and Zinc which contribute to better health of the bones.

Moreover, you’ll have the added advantage of having Fatty and Amino Acids. These things boost the coat of your dogs while helping them to digest the food faster.

While we are on the topic of boosting the coat of your dogs, the recipe is famous for Chia Seeds. These things shine up your friend’s skin even further.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • This dry dog food is a balanced diet in the truest of senses.
  • The Ocean trout delivers much needed protein for lean muscles for your dogs.
  • The diet helps your canine friends to be agile and fit for the long run.
  • Lentils deliver the crucial Vitamin B6 and Molybdenum for dog’s body.
  • Vitamin C in this diet strengthens the teeth and bones of your beloved furry friend.
  • Fiber, Prebiotics, and Probiotics help your dog to maintain a healthy digestive system.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Dog Food
  • This recipe is “Too Perfect” for me to nitpick.

Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls

This is one brand that I am proud to recommend. Walmart is a reputed company with top notch products. Pure Balance Dog Food is no exception. Till this date, there have been no records of Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls anywhere. That is right! You can provide this one brand our dog without being weary about too many things.

Why Am I So Vocal about Pure Balance Dog Foods? – The Advantages

There are so many advantages of owning a natural food item such as this. The fact is, it has got ingredients that speed up metabolism and improve on the overall health condition of your four-legged friends. Want to know all the advantages you could get in detail? Let us explore them.

  • The first thing great about these dog foods in my article is that they don’t have soy, corn, and rice. These elements are red flags when it comes to your dog’s health. Many four-leggers suffer allergies due to “Grainy” ingredients like those in their foods. Pure Balance avoids that.
  • Need a protein heavy diet for an active dog? You got it in the shape of this franchise. Dozens of Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews speak about how meticulous the manufacturers are in case of protein sources. The manufacturers only pick naturally nurtured and Farm-grown animals to ensure your buddy gets the best of the best when it comes to protein dosage for his training. Moreover, there is Carbohydrate sources like peas and sweet potatoes that go well with the protein as well.
  • You’ll notice oceanic fishes in a few recipes on my list. While Pure Balance is great in providing meat protein, some dogs may develop allergies and health conditions eating too much chicken, Bison, and Venison. The brand switches things up with things like lentils, salmon, and salmon meal. Your dog gets the protein and carbs minus the side effects.
  • Another advantage is that Pure Balance uses natural oil extracts in their recipes. People have noticed that extracts from Sunflower oil Jo-Jo-Ba, Amino Acids, Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids are used in these formulas. As a result, the dogs enjoy healthy digestive tracts along with a shiny skin.
  • The dry dog food recipes I listed here are affordable. You can buy a package cheaply compared to other dog food brands out there.

Final Words

This is one dog food brand that I am proud to recommend to my readers. If you’ve been paying attention to my Pure Balance Dog Food Review article, the recipes are very much dog-friendly. Manufacturers crafted them from human-grade ingredients. There are no dangers to your pet’s health at all.

When it comes to recalls, this brand is as clean as a wiped slate. Combined with all the nutrients and “Grain-Free” diets, it is easily one of the most affordable yet quality dog food out there. Switching to the diet is easy as well. It’s my number one suggestion when it comes to a dog diet without side effects.

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