My Firsthand Orijen Dog Food Reviews – Pricy But Perfect!

What is the thing that worries the most when it comes to your dogs?

For me it’s my little pugs’ eating habits. I used to be constantly weary about what my band of dogs were eating. So much so that I used to stand in front of them while they gulped down, or refused the food.

Just imagine:

A person staring down you and your food constantly. I didn’t bode well with them.

But I am sure you won’t blame me, I was just worried whether my pugs were eating the right food and eating rightly or not. I am sure most of you are too!

But all that changed when I found Orijen Dog Food Reviews online and decided to try that out on my canines.


They eat to their heart’s content. I don’t have to dot around them and monitor every move they make. My inner peace is back and their health with shiny coat too.

So, how did I find Orijen and what are the top dog food formulas this brand has? In this article, I am going to explain it all!

How this Brand of Dog Diet Came About?

Orijen is famous franchise developed by Champion Dog Foods of Canada. These guys started out way back in 1975. In case you don’t know by now, this is a famous brand. In fact, “Champion” has even won awards for its efforts in regions of Western Canada and Alberta.

Similar to Orijen, this company puts out Arcana Dog Foods as well. The meat or protein count, however, is a little low on that variant.

What Orijen Brings to the Table?

Okay, this is the part where I clarify my reasons behind opting for this Dry Dog Food Review article. I chose Orijen for testing and seeing if it fits all the praises it gets. To my delight, I found few points through firsthand experience and by researching user accounts. They solidified my reasons of backing this brand. Let me point them out for you.

  • Orijen goes back to the most basic principle that dogs are evolved form of wolves. So, they need a diet similar to their wild ancestors. You’ll find this brand using ingredients that are grown, captured from, and raised in the wild. The animals, veggies, fruits, fishes, and minerals they use, take minerals from natural sources.
  • Some of the formulas of Orijen are labeled, “Limited Ingredient.” These don’t let allergies foster inside your puppy, adult, and senior canine companions.
  • Besides being limited ingredient recipes, Orijen’s recipes don’t contain deceptive ingredients. You will not find soy, corn, rice, barley, flour etc. inside any of the formulas. Orijen avoids starch in form of potatoes as well. Your dog won’t whine about an upset stomach anymore. The balance of protein, carbs, and fat is just perfect!
  • Although pricey, Orijen surely packs the punch when it comes to flavor. The diverse flavors make the eating routine for your dogs enjoyable! Kibbles are just the right size for puppies to chew on. You can clearly make out all the ingredients at first glance. Odor? There’s hardly any to speak of!
  • Orijen doesn’t have quality issues. Recalls happened in the past, yet they turned it around and are now AAFCO approved brand that contributes to the nutrition and growth of your dog.

Orijen Dog Food – Comparison Table

Orijen Dog Food Reviews – Which One is the Best?

This one is the most celebrated dog food brand across the globe if there ever is one. Every recipe this brand puts out is a wonder of its own. But, if you really want to nitpick, then I suppose you can arrange these formulas from your dog’s most favorite to the least.

Me? I took the easier way out. Here are the 6 Best Orijen Dry Dog Food Formulas that I compiled in a list. These should serve your dog’s needs despite its breed, age, and life-stage.

1. Orijen Adult Dog Food 28.6lb bag

Orijen-Adult-Dog-FoodLet’s face it, Orijen is expensive. I’ll not try to hide that fact one bit. But it has every reason to be costly. For one, Orijen Adult dog food has a high protein count of 38%. With 19% Carbohydrate, it is more than a decent diet for your active dogs.

This recipe is suitable for active dogs and those who are amidst hard training day in day out. One thing good about Orijen is it comes with as many as 7 different protein sources to maintain the diversity.

Orijen boasts superior quality adult dog food as 2/3rd of the produce comes from fresh and refrigerated meat sources or RAW meat that has been flash frozen.

In either case, the manufacturers don’t add preservatives. The rest 1/3rd of the ingredients is Chicken, Turkey, and Fish. Together, these items form a balanced and condensed protein-rich formula. Plus, your dog will have access to 391Kcal of energy in per 100 grams of food.

Orijen Adult Dog Food is hypoallergenic. Your dogs will have no problems in ingesting and digesting this formula. On top of that, the makers have deemed the formula as “Biologically Appropriate.”

The formula doesn’t have fillers. Veggies and fruits give it another dimension. All the items are natural and home-grown. You get what you pay for. Nutrients, Protein, Carbs are all there in the recipe.

The authorities labeled everything clean so that people get a clear idea about what they are buying.

Things I Liked about This Orijen Dog Food
  • This is one of the most balanced dog diets I’ve seen over the years with Carbs and Proteins.
  • You won’t find any shady ingredients including soy, corn, barley, and other grains in this food.
  • Your dog’s stool will clear up when you feed this diet to him/her as part of a routine.
  • The ingredients are all home-made and well used to create the Orijen Food Formula.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Orijen Dog Food
  • Orijen is a pricy dog food brand. Even for adult dogs.
  • The formula has veggies, fruits, and “Pea.” Pea might cause an upset stomach for some canines.

2. Orijen Regional Red Dog- 5lb


As you know, the philosophy of Orijen is that dogs should have more or less the same diet as their ancestors. I mean the wolves. Keeping that in mind, the Regional Red formula comes with top tier red meats mixed in.

Regardless of breed and age, your dogs should find Regional Red perfect for their health. This thing contains 90% Red Meat and Ocean Wildfish. That is a healthy dose of superior protein if you ask me.

Wondering just how much the protein percentage is? Well, it is 42.2%. Keeping up with it is the fat percentage (20%). The carbohydrate percentage is 22% only. It is very low when you compare this to most of the other brands.

Besides that, your canine friend gets natural grasses. These help them to deal with digestion problems. Fruits and veggies are also there to supply antioxidants that boost agility and immunity for your dogs.

If you don’t know, Regional Red comes with juniper Berries too. Dog’s tend to graze every now and then. The berries calm the urge for them. Then come the probiotics that keep the digestive tracts up and running.

This formula also has Chicken fat and Salmon Meal. Both of the ingredients are good for Omega-3 fatty acids. They shine up your friend’s coats. Add Glucosamine to the mix and you’ve got a “Bone Protector” for your furry friends.

Things I Liked about This Orijen Dog Food
  • You have multiple sources of high-quality protein including fishes in the meal.
  • You won’t find any hormones or even antibiotics pushed in the formula.
  • This diet has low percentage of carbohydrates that are harmless to your pet’s overall health.
  • It is a diet that energizes and boosts vitality for canines that are facing rigorous training regime.
  • Probiotic bacteria do a great job in keeping digestive tracts up and running.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Orijen Dog Food
  • Some reviewers mentioned that the quality of the coat hasn’t improved since they fed this diet.

3. ORIJEN Freeze Dried Tundra Dog Food

ORIJEN-Freeze-Dried-Tundra-Dog-FoodAt this point on my list for Orijen dog food review, I’m focusing on Tundra Dog Food that’s dried in freezer. The WholePray notion of Orijen paid off with this diet. This one carries high protein ratio with numerous meat sources. With that you have “Naturally Dried Cartilage” to complete the foundation.

The meat sources include goat, Bison, and Venison from the ranch. You also have duck that roams free. Steel head trout and Quail are also among the ingredients. These protein sources are well-balanced and beneficial for the muscle construction of your dog.

The key term in this formula is “Freeze Dried.” Yup, all the ingredients are properly mixed and dried in the freezer. Before you ask, no preservatives are added.

Thanks to all these ingredients and freezing process, your dog gets all the nutrition it deserves untainted. For example, Mutton gives him/her vitamins alongside protein, Bison is largely a protein source. Venison, on the other hand, is known for amino acids that shine the coats.

The fact that the recipe uses frozen resources, makes it good for EPA and DHA that boost the nerve network and immune system of our beloved pets.

Just to let you know, this is a “Junk-Free” and “Grain-Free” diet. Carb percentage for Freeze Dried Tundra Dog Food is low as well thanks to Orijen being potato-less and low glycemic diet. So, as a whole, it doesn’t pose any health risks for our furry beasts.

Things I Liked about This Orijen Dog Food
  • This formula is effective for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • Orijen Tundra Dog Food is high on nutrients with all the diverse sources the authorities use.
  • The ingredients are frozen and dried. So, these arrive “Fresh” and “Pure” to your doorstep.
  • If your dog has allergies, Tundra will be the perfect recipe for the poor thing.
  • The kibbles are small and fit the mouth of your beloved dogs.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Orijen Dog Food
  • I’ve seen a few pet owners complaining about the flavor of this dry dog diet.

4. Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food 28.6 lb. Bag

Orijen 6 Fish-Grain-Free-Formula-Dry-Dog-FoodYour dog’s don’t like meat? No problem! Here’s where Orijen excels with a “Fish-heavy” diet. Meet Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula! The Dry Dog Food contains 80% fish and 20% veggies and fruits.

As I am saying repeatedly, majority of this diet is fish. Six to be exact. Six fishes used in this diet are: Salmon, Walleye, Herring, Flounder, Whitefish, and Pike. These are all found in the wild. Combine them with fish meal, poultry, and eggs. The ingredient pallet is versatile to say the least.

These ingredients supply protein and animal fat. But if your dog requires less protein than this, feel free to look into Orijen Regional Red or Adult Dry Dog Food that I suggested earlier.

This dry dog food is great for dog’s teeth and bones. Also, for dogs that are training, it energizes them. Among other things, you’ll see a definite improvement in your dog’s skin. Flaky skin problem? Kiss them good bye. Also, this diet will cure any kind of ear infections your dog may have.

Vitamins? Minerals? Of course, dog’s will have their share too! The fresh ingredients and ocean fishes are fantastic sources of Vitamin D3, B12, Vitamin A, DHA, and EPA.

These things do wonders to dog’s skin, nerve system, and the immune system. Your dog is anxious and runs around a lot? Feeding this diet will help.

Kelp, Licorice Root, and Dandelion supply your dogs with much needed minerals and fatty acids.

Things I Liked about This Orijen Dog Food
  • It is a fish-heavy dog food with a flavor that your pet will be salivating for.
  • A healthy mix of vitamins and minerals provide canines with diverse health benefits.
  • This protein heavy diet is ideal if people want to increase the muscle mass of their dogs.
  • This diet does a wonderful job in countering skin problems of our fur-balls as well.
  • The 6-Fish diet works well if your dogs have allergies too!
Things I Didn’t Like About this Orijen Dog Food
  • No particular drawbacks to be found!

5. Orijen Puppy Formula

Orijen-Puppy-FormulaWith this dog diet from Origen, you can be sure that your puppies are receiving just the right nutrition they are supposed to. The diet is protein heavy. Protein is just what a puppy needs in the growing months of its life.

The protein percentage in this formula is 85%. But don’t be startled! Your puppy needs the protein it gets from cage-free chicken and turkey for growing and improving muscle tone. Add to that 15% of fruit and veggies, and you have a champion diet plan for your puppies.

Chicken liver, whole eggs, and fishes provide vitamins that are necessary for the puppies to thrive on. The manufacturers have used “Low Ash” chicken that grants calcium as well as fish ingredients that account for a healthy dose of phosphorus.

It is a “Limited Ingredient” dog food with the lowest amount of carbs possible. That means the total number of ingredients in this recipe is less than seven. Also, you will not find items like soy, corn, flour, and starch. This essentially makes this formula “Grain Free” and healthy for your pups.

I didn’t forget about probiotics or bacteria that puts digestive tracts on steroids. This formula is high on glucosamine too. It facilitates the growth of bone joints and results in accelerated growth of your little devils.

All the ingredients of Orijen Puppy formula are fresh. The people responsible for this formula collect each ingredient from the nearest farm or lake. The time needed to process these items is short too. So, at the end, you get fresh and high-quality diet for your beloved friend.

Things I Liked about This Orijen Dog Food
  • This is the perfect protein dose to improve muscles of your puppies at a young age.
  • Teeth and bones remain healthy for puppies that continue this formula for a considerable time.
  • You’ll notice improvements in pup’s skin and fur once you turn this recipe into a routine dose.
  • I quite liked the packaging of this item; really solid and airtight packaging increases the shelf life.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Orijen Dog Food
  • Few puppies may not like the recipe and that can cause them diarrhea.

6. Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Orijen-Original-Dry-Dog-FoodWant a “Limited Dry Dog Food” for adult dogs? Your prayers have been answered by Orijen! Original Dry Dog Food keeps the protein and Carbohydrates balanced with this formula. What’s inside the wrapped package? Well, it is Deboned chicken for starters.

You also get the Deboned Turkey as a part of the diet. Along with Yellow-Tail Flounder, these ingredients make up for the protein source any dog needs for stronger muscles and agility.

One thing that sets this dried diet apart from the rest is the fact that it doesn’t feature any grains. No, you won’t get shady ingredients like corn, soy, barley, and even starch (potato). These ingredients can trigger stomach upsets. Not having these increases the nutritional value of the formula.

Whole eggs, Yellow Peas, Pinto Beans, and other ingredients provide the missing carbs that you are worried about. The ratio is relatively low. So, do not worry about Carbs overpowering the protein, fat, and fiber percentage that this food has.

This thing has 15% fruits and veggies in there. Veggies like Carrot, Parsnips, and Zucchini supply you with minerals and vitamins. If you want fruits for your dogs, you’ve got red apples, pears, cranberries, blueberries, and others to contend with. These fruits bring some much needed antioxidants to the table.

Want some added minerals? The manufacturers have added extra Zinc Chelate per 100 grams along with the normal ones the dogs get. It acts like a boost.

Things I Liked about This Orijen Dog Food
  • The kibbles of this recipe fit the bite size of any dog of any breed; they are dime-sized.
  • Good option at your disposal if you are a picky eater at your house.
  • The formula is “Limited Ingredient” so less chance of causing allergies to your dog.
  • It has a healthy mix of fruits and veggies that supply various vitamins and minerals.
  • Chelated minerals are added just to make sure the food recipe is not short on minerals.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Orijen Dog Food
  • It has a kind of “Fishy” smell to it that few dogs may refuse to sniff and eat.

Orijen Dog Food Recall History

Don’t get me wrong, Orijen is a fabulous dog food brand. But as with any reputed brand, this one too has its own share of misfortunes, however, few and far between they are. Let us look at the unfortunate recall histories this brand has suffered over the years.

  • Orijen made the first recall back in 2003. It was a partial recall. The authorities had a problem with beef cattle that they resolved quickly.
  • The second instance of recall happened when some of the bone shards in Orijen dry dog foods were exposed to radiation. This “Full” recall happened in Australia in 2008.
  • The third and last recall thus far for Champion (Parent Company of Orijen Dog Foods) happened in 2011. It wasn’t for Orijen but for Arcana, another brand of dog diet owned by Champion. The recall was dealt with very quickly by the manufacturers.

How to Choose the Right Orijen Canine Food from the Mix?

I get it! You know Orijen is the brand to seek out when you need quality. You know this is the brand that has the reputed dog food formulas. But even within this brand, there are so many that you’ll feel lost.

It is important to be able to discern which formula suits your puppy/adult canine friend/senior. Let me teach you some tricks of the trade!

What If My Dog Needs a Protein Boost?

Look at the Protein percentage of your dog’s diet. If you want a protein-rich diet for your dog in training, go for Regional Red or Tundra recipes. While high protein numbers are great, it is something your friend may not need. If the canine requires lower protein quantities, the new “Origin Adult Formula” is a great option.

My Dog is Allergic to Meat… Help!

Some dogs are allergic to red meat. Others are allergic to meat in general. Don’t worry! You can still feed your friend a healthy diet. There’s always an option to go for ocean fish-based diet that they have. It is called 6-Fish Grain Free formula. It is pure, natural, and fish protein that works a lot better than meat. Minus the side effects of course!

I Have Puppies, Now What?

If you have puppies in the house, Orijen has Puppy formula that includes cartilages, liver, and other dried organs to provide them with protein. This is essential for the growth of puppy’s tendons. Also, it is a limited ingredient formula. So, protein and carbohydrate balance is always intact. Plus, your dog won’t develop allergy problems from the start.

My Dog Doesn’t Like the Odor of the Foods I Feed It

In that case, you should move to a Orijen dog diet that has the least odor in the list. The “Freeze Dried Tundra” recipe comes with fresh frozen ingredients that have next to no odor. Add to that the nutritional value they bring to the table. The flavor is a bit cheesy but I guess we all have to draw the line somewhere, right?

Parting Words

Well, that’s all folks! To your delight and mine, the humongous guide discussing Orijen Dog Food Reviews has finally ended. I believe, through this article, you now know a little bit more about Orijen than you did yesterday.

These are certainly the top-shelf dog food formulas that are out there these days. Availing the suitable one from a huge arsenal is no biggie if you know how to sort them out. Just look at the guide!

Pricy, you say? I think ensuring good health and a happy-go-lucky dog is worth you shedding some bucks.

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