Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews: Top 5 Picks with Buying Guide


Have you ever had your neighbor complaining to you about the canine friend causing a fuss when you are not around? I don’t know about you but I sure have. That is when the idea of a containment unit popped into my head. Taking this idea one step further, I looked up for best wireless dog fence brands.

Wireless dog containment systems are inexpensive, they don’t have to be electronically operated and, you don’t have to worry about constant monitoring of your dogs. Just let the device take care of the pets. In this article, I’m going to share with people the top 5 Wi-Fi containment systems that I used and I’ll also tell you how I chose them. So, let us dive in!

Best Wireless Dog Fences – Comparison Table

Before you get confused with too many of these products, let me recommend you five best wireless dog fence choices that I found useful. These things get the job done when you require them to. Let us have a look at a small comparable chart and go into brief reviews of these products.

ImageProduct NameBattery Charge DurationCovering Area (radius)Price
PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System30 days5 – 90 feetCheck Price
PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence3 weeks (approx.)105 feetCheck Price
Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence4 days1/3 acre to 5 acresCheck Price
Pet-Fender Wireless Dog Fence for Home and Field Usage24 – 25 hours5 – 800 feetCheck Price
FocusPet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System8 – 9 hours0 to 500 metersCheck Price

Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

1. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System


This is a great product of PetSafe that qualifies for “Best Wireless Dog Fence” tag. This wireless pet containment system provides a boundary of about 5 to 90 feet radius, keeping the transmitter unit at the center. With this system, pet owners get a boundary area of about ½ an acre.

One distinguishing feature of this PetSafe product is that it creates a dome-like an effect around the boundary that people choose. The receiver collar is perfect for dogs weighing 8 pounds or more. The collar fits well with necks having 6 to 28-inch sizes.

One can use multiple receiver collars connected with the same transmitter. This best wireless dog fence system uses 5 levels of static correction. Use the level that suits your dogs. It also has a tone only mode that you can use when training the canine.

The whole system can be set up for 1-2 hours. The transmitter is lightweight and portable. I even carry it with me in my RV. It is recommended to set the transmitter at least 1.5 meters above the ground and away from metal objects.

Metal objects, along with the different types of terrain and topography can affect the activity of the transmitter. If a dog steps out of the boundary zone, there will be an alarm along with stimulation for 30 seconds. The stimulation process will stop for 5 minutes and again repeat. That is, if your friend does not return within the boundary.

  • Setting this thing is easy.
  • You can mark the boundaries of the fence with the flags provided.
  • You have the training instructions included with the package.
  • Alarm system warns you if the dog is stepping out of the boundary.
  • It could have been a little sturdier. But at around $200, it is the best bet you have.

2. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence


PetSafe offers you a fail-proof way to keep your canine friends within a designated area. Their Stay “Plus” Play wireless dog fence has been found to be really efficient and useful. It comes with a collar that fits dogs weighing 5 pounds and more.

In fact, the collar fits well with dogs having necks ranging from 6 to 13 inches. The transmitter provides a circular boundary that can be expanded up to a circle having 105 feet radius. The package contains 50 training flags that you can use to set up a visible boundary for the precious dogs.

The transmitter unit comes with a power adaptor. It is advisable to place the transmitter unit well above ground level and away from large metal objects. Metal objects interfere with the transmitter’s activities.

The shape of the border is fixed. People cannot change it to other forms. The receiver is rechargeable and waterproof. The receiver takes 3-5 hours to get fully charged.

It can run up to 3 weeks, or less, depending on the frequency of use. The collar comes with two types of Contact Points – one for short hair and one for long. People can use multiple receivers with a single unit. It has 5 levels of static correction modes. The correction stops after 15 seconds. It also has a tone-only mode that alerts your pet with a beep. You can carry the system even in an RV. It is light and portable.

  • The collars are rechargeable.
  • Boundary response is improved compared to previous models.
  • You can overlap the transmitters.
  • Good product for the money.
  • Wireless collar size can be adjusted.
  • You can set a circular parameter only.
  • Radius is a bit limited compared to others.

3. Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio & IN- Ground Cord Electric Wi-Fi Transmitter


Friendly Pet Products have introduced a state of the art wireless dog fence that will make both you and the canine happy. This wireless dog fence uses in-ground transmitter cords instead of radio waves.

This offers a great advantage. The cordless dog fence transmitters work in a definite perimeter shape, mostly circular. And most of them require flat/semi flat regions to work properly. However, with this best wireless dog fence, you can create a boundary area of any shape you see fit.

The cord extending from the transmitter needs to be placed over the area people want to set the boundary. Options are unlimited. This wireless dog fence comes with a cord that can cover an area of about 1/3 of an acre.

People can add a bit extra and increase the coverage zone up to 5 acres using a 4000 feet long cord. They can place the cord in any way. One great thing about this is that I could even create separate boundaries for three of my dogs. The cable can be used to create two or more loops for pets so that they will stay within their definitive areas.

In fact, you can even separate gardening areas, to make sure the pets stay away from them. It is tested to be useful for pets that are hard to train. This Friendly Pet Product works with a Wi-Fi transmitter that connects to the receiver collar. The receiver is waterproof.

  • Dog owners can create complex boundary shapes with this product.
  • With the extension cord, you can increase the boundary up to 5 acres.
  • Comes with waterproof receivers.
  • You can even create two separate boundaries for a bunch of dogs.
  • Wi-Fi signal can be weak at times.

4. Pet-Fender Wireless Dog Fence for Home and Field Usage


This is one of the best wireless dog fences for a reason. This wireless fence allows people to set a safety boundary ranging from 5 feet to 800 feet (approximately). Dog owners can let their dog roam around freely within the range of the wireless fence.

The transmitter unit is equipped with a rechargeable high-capacity built-in battery. This improved battery can work for 24-25 hours. That is the unit runs on both Ac and DC power source. The benefit this thing provides is that owners can use it outdoors, say when you went on a picnic or vacation. The transmitter will flicker a red light when the battery charge goes low. It takes 4 hours to recharge fully.

This wireless dog fence is very easy to set up. Just press the power button on the transmitter for 4 seconds to power it on. Do the same to turn it off. The transmitter will show digits for setting the perimeter. I could adjust it by pressing + and –.

This fence works in a circular shape, and it can’t be changed to other forms. The receiver is assured to be waterproof, and it has a rechargeable battery. The receiver unit is suitable for dogs from 8-120 pounds. The strap is adjustable.

Keep in mind not to fit it tightly around the dog’s neck. Make sure it is loosely but properly fitted around the neck. If needed, feel free to purchase additional receivers. They will work perfectly with the same transmitter unit.

  • Comes with a durable and rechargeable battery.
  • Adjusting the parameter for the fence is too easy.
  • The battery works for a full day (24-25 hours).
  • You have the option of running it on AC power too.
  • People can set the boundary around 800 feet max.
  • You cannot change the shape of the fence from circular to rectangular or any other.

5. FocusPet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System


The FocusPet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System is very useful for keeping pets within a set perimeter, without you needing to chase them. The package contains two receiver units, which anyone can use simultaneously. As a matter of fact, people can use an unlimited number of receivers with the same transmitter.

However, you will need to buy the extra ones. The transmitter is rechargeable. FocusPet comes with dual charger. Using that, people can charge two receivers or the transmitter and a receiver at the same time. The charging ports are kept in cover.

Be sure to remove the rubber blob on both the transmitter and the receiver before charging them. Mount the transmitter at least 1.5 meters above ground level and away from metal wall/objects. Metal objects interfere with the transmitters’ coverage.

With this fence, dog trainers or owners can set a perimeter from 0 to 500 meters. This boundary will work for both the receivers. Dog owners can adjust the coverage zone by pressing the + and – buttons on the transmitter. If a dog goes near or crosses the set boundary, an alarm and static shock will make sure it comes back into the safety zone.

Since the transmitter is rechargeable, you can take it along on vacations. The receivers are waterproof. The package comes with 8 metal contact probes of different sizes. They fit the dogs’ needs. Plus, the receiver strap is good for dogs having necks from 6 inches to 26 inches. Remember not to fit the collar too tight. Always leave some room.

  • You can use as many receivers as you want with the transmitter.
  • You can charge two things at once with the “Dual Port” charger this thing has.
  • The receivers are waterproof.
  • The receiver strap is a great aspect to have in this package.
  • The parameter limit is a bit low compared to other products.

Wireless Dog Fence Buyer’s Guide

I own tow Pugs and three Labradors at home. So, I am akin to how dogs are and what type of restraint the need when you are not around. It goes without saying that I chose these products based on my experience with them. But then again, there were few factors that I considered before selecting these things for my dogs and in turn, referring them to my readers. As I don’t like secrets, I’ll disclose the Top Wireless Dog Fence Buying Tips for my readers.

Wi-Fi Dog Fences give you a Better Leash

Dog fences or the top pet containment systems come in two variations. People often confuse themselves between the Wi-Fi containment modules and “Wired” systems. For me, Wi-fi works the best.

For instance, I can create boundaries of all shapes using the wired pet containment systems. I do have flexibility, so that is a plus. But managing the wires can be tough. Also, the dog collars might not fit all dogs.

The Wi-Fi system limits the fence to a circular shape. It is like an invisible wall. You have a few receivers (you can buy extras if the package permits it) that you need to put in the major positions.  Once dogs step out of the invisible boundary, the collar sends out an electric stimulation to get them back in. It doesn’t come with wires. So, you can take it anywhere you like. Managing it is easy.

Also, these things are pretty cheap when you take the price tag into account. People can extend the range of these things pairing multiple transmitters and receivers together.

Does the Pet Containment System offer Lightning Protection?

This aspect is critical. As you are dealing with wired dog fences and the Wi-Fi ones, they draw power from your house’s electricity. The Wi-Fi variant draws its power from a transmitter, and the transmitter can run using AC current or on batteries.

However, it is also true that these things generate electric fields that are vulnerable to power surges. If the surge gets too high, the dog fence people spent money on might be rendered useless. Buy one that has a way to neutralize sudden power surges.

Look at the Quality of Transmitter the Fence Uses

A transmitter is a device that powers your boundary receivers or flags. It is important that you check the quality of this device beforehand. Test the transmitter for accuracy and performance. Installing should be easy as well. Many of these wireless pet containing systems are easy to handle and maintain.

It should be able to provide you the power you need to operate the receivers and dog collars at a distance. Be sure to inspect the range on the manual and actual range of a transmitter.

Pay Attention to the Battery

The Best Wireless Dog Fence I chose for this piece mostly come with batteries that perform well. By “Performing” I mean staying operational for 20 – 25 hours at a stretch. The batteries are usually rechargeable. One perk of this is that people can take the package anywhere they want. For a traveler, each of these containment devices is perfect!

Something About the Dog Collars

People will come across different types of collars that go well with the best wireless dog fences around. You can choose from the ones that make noises and the ones that send out a static charge. Either one is good. The choice depends on the comfort level of the dog owner and the canine itself.

As in this case, I chose a wide variety of wireless fences with dog collars that suit different dog breeds. These things also have a limit when it comes to weight. There is a highest and lowest weight for the collars. I also kept the option of “Static Charge” collars and the “Noisemaker” ones. People can choose whichever they want for their pets.

Final Words

As this article draws to a close, the dog owners have a pretty good idea about the wireless dog fence brands at this point. Whether you are measuring these containment devices based on battery life, performance, price or coverage, these are the best ones around. Buy one of these and you’ve made a secured investment in a proven product.

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