Zignature Dog Food Reviews for 2023 and Beyond from an Expert Dog Trainer


“Dog Food!” It is the subject we have doubted and will continue to doubt on for the rest of our lives. Dogs are family to us and we nitpick a lot when it comes to choosing the right brand to feed our friends. With Dry Dog Foods, the nitpicking reaches a whole new level!

We try and try harder until we set our minds to a certain dog food brand. Even then we try to find “Brand of all Brands,” “The Dog Food of all the Dog Foods.” That is where Zignature comes in. In this article, I’ll end the “Age Old” quest. My friends and fellow dog owners, I give you, Zignature Dog Food Reviews (short reviews to be exact)!

I’ll review top dry dog diet products from this brand. Also, I’ll explain how to choose the ideal one from the lineup. Just to put the icing on the cake, I’ll give you my reasons for choosing this brand over the others available.

Top Zignature Dry Dog Foods Comparison Table

Zignature Dog Food Reviews:

I’d be advising you to be patient. There are 9 of these in total. I am strictly focusing on “Dry” variants of this product lineup. These are all “Limited Ingredient” items. So, let us get on with the short reviews.

1. Zignature Grain Free Trout Dry Dog Food Review


Those who use Dry Dog Food should know the Grain Free Trout pretty well. It takes the cake when it comes to “Allergy-Free” protein source. That is right! This Grain Free Trout from this brand is perfect for dogs that are allergic to meat protein derived from chicken and beef.

Your furry friend gets Trout and Salmon as freshwater fishes to substitute conventional protein sources. They keep the water quantity in your dog’s body high as well. This thing has about 80% water in it.

Now, we are accustomed to proteins from beef, chicken, and lambs. Yet, people don’t realize that Salmon alone has 280% more protein than any of the others I mentioned in this short review.  Not only the muscles, even the coat of your canine companion shines brighter from the day you start feeding him with this dry food.

Also, the dogs get Omega Fatty Acids that are perfect for the metabolism of their body and the active heart. Did I mention that it contains anti-oxidants too? These antioxidants help your dog to stay fresh. He’ll not get tired and will remain energetic even after hours of training or playing outdoors.

  • You’ll not find any preservatives in the mix of this dry food.
  • The protein your dog gets is high quality and doesn’t come from allergy sources.
  • You have the nutrients and antioxidants to thank for added boost to your dog’s agility.
  • Cures itchy skin over time.
  • I’d not advise you to feed this to your puppy.
  • Some reviewers reported of their dog vomiting after eating this. Check your dog’s breed beforehand.
  • Some people may not like limited ingredient diets for their dogs.

2. Zignature Grain Free Lamb Dry Dog Food Review


This one is another dry food package for the dogs that suffer from allergies due to supplements with grains. This one I can vouch for as I tried it myself after going through numerous Zignature Dog Food Reviews Online and Offline.

The best thing is, you can get this food for your puppies and full-grown adult dogs. Yes, of all breeds. Want an even better news? You can get yourselves “Canned” version of this food too.

This makes the package portable and it doesn’t get spoilt even in extreme conditions. It remains good for a month or two easily. This food is processed with lamb meat and without chicken. You get the best lambs from New Zealand that offer maximum nutrition for your puppies and workaholic adult dogs.

One thing impressed me about this recipe. It is entirely hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any preservative whatsoever. Yet, this remains one of the most nutritious products from Zignature till date. Various reviews from satisfied buyers indicate that this is one recipe that the canines love to the core.

If your pet has a sensitive stomach, this is the best Zignature product that you can buy for the dog. Just give it one or two weeks and you’ll see the difference. Of course, do follow the instructions when feeding.

  • A complete dry dog diet for your puppies to adult dogs and seniors alike.
  • Counters skin troubles and food allergies.
  • The benefit of this diet lies in the silky coat your dog gets along with the super soft fur.
  • Apparently, this diet has an impact on your dog’s mood; it keeps your canine friends happy.
  •  Your dog won’t face digestive troubles after continuous intake of this diet.
  • It is a bit pricy for some dog owners to afford.
  • It is not ideal for all breeds of dogs.

3. Zignature Turkey Dry Dog Food Review


The Turkey formula is quite helpful for dogs that can’t have lamb or beef meat as a part of their diet. According to the analysis done by the professional dog food reviewers, you get 31% crude protein and 18% crude fat. This boosts your dog’s metabolism and allows him to be active all day.

Another specialty this dry dog food product packs is that it comes with many palatable options. Your puppy or adult dog will love the way it looks on a plate.

This dry food pack works well to counter environmental as well as food related allergies. Like other food recipes from this franchise, the calorie-count hovers just over 400. This is pretty good for kibble-style diets.

For the confused souls, it comes from “Farm Raised” Turkey. You can get this Turkey in the mid-west part of the USA. So, it doesn’t use foreign recipes and GMOs.

Added bonus is, this product works really well when it comes to improving the digestive system of your furry friend. Experts say that this food is perfect for the health of your dog’s colon.

Worried about the expiration date? This product is at least 6 months away from expiring from when it arrives at your doorsteps.

  • This dog food consists of small kibbles.
  • This dog food has multitude of flavors that your canine friends will love.
  • Especially good for adult and senior dogs.
  • Improves your pet’s agility over time.
  • Ingredients provide your pets with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and essential oils.
  • Price is higher than most dried diets for dogs out there.
  • Because of fiber count in this food, puppies may poop multiple times a day and frequently too.

4. Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food Review


What if your dog can’t have the Turkey, Chicken, Beef, and the Lamb flavored dry dog foods that you bought? Don’t worry. There’s a “Duck Formula Dog Food” too. Most Zignature Dog Food Reviews mention it to be Carrageenan-free. Carrageenan causes intestinal irritation and upset stomach.

It is a moisture-heavy food that allows your dog to chew it well and digest it without any consequences. It has a minimum of 8% crude protein and moderate 24% of crude carbohydrate among other ingredients which makes it a top candidate of being the best on my list today.

As additional ingredients, you get veggies and fruits. These help your dog get some valuable antioxidants that keep him rejuvenated through the day. This means more playing and training, less time slacking around. And no, this doesn’t feature any “Grain-based” ingredient whatsoever.

Another happy bit of news is that it features chickpeas and garden peas. These peas keep it high on fiber. This ingredient is another one responsible for your dog’s agility throughout the day.

The ducks are raised in farms of France. You can rest assured that these things are perfectly and naturally bred to be included in the dog dry food exclusively.

  • These kibbles don’t have soy, corn, starch or any other carbohydrate-rich ingredients.
  • This formula from Zignature is AAFCO approved for quality and nutrition.
  • Doesn’t have low-quality ingredients from foreign countries like the other diets on the market.
  • It comes with high protein count to boost muscle mass of your pet.
  • You won’t find artificial preservatives anywhere in this mixture of dried food.
  • Your canine pets might not feel at ease with this variety of food when it comes to taste.

5. Zignature Zssential Formula Dog Food Review


Zssential is modified form of “Essential” if you guys are frowning the eyebrows. This dry dog diet from Zignature is high on calories. Compared to others on my list, it has a calorie-count of 466. This is a massive boost if you ask me.

Zssential prioritizes protein for your furry companion. This protein rich diet features all the protein elements from the previous Zignature products. That’s right. It features Salmon meal, Lam meal, Turkey Meal, and Duck meal as well. That too from the respective parts of the world each comes from.

You get more than what you pay for. The ingredients’ list expands to veggies, fruits, and natural oils. These things make your dog’s coat shiny. Does your pet friend have itchy skin? Feed him Zssential and within two to three weeks, the itch will slowly fade away.

Unlike the others on my list, this IS NOT a “Limited Ingredient” dog food. However, you’ll like the overall protein distribution. For me, it is perfect and those of you who have picky eaters, feel free to feed your pets with Zssential. You won’t regret it. This is by far my recommendation for the dog owners hands down!

  • Zssential has the highest calorie count out of all varieties of Zignature Dog Foods.
  • Cures the itchy feeling that your four-legged friend might have.
  • Zssential is made of hypoallergenic food items to prevent allergies.
  • The entire recipe is prepared in USA with ingredients from local farmlands.
  • I could cure my Labrador from stool related problems by feeding him this diet.
  • So far, I didn’t find any negative point through my analysis

6. Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food Review


The Kangaroo Formula Kibble from Zignature is unique for some reasons. Obviously, the main ingredient (Kangaroo meat) comes from Australia and this is high on protein. As for supplements, you have egg and chicken too. The blend provides dog owners with a high protein diet to feed their dogs.

Besides Omega-3 fatty acids, it provides your dog with vitamin B12. No, you won’t have saturated or synthetic fat disturbing the functions of your puppy’s heart with this diet. This comes as both canned and kibble variation for dogs.

Vitamin B12 makes this kibble food iron rich. You can count on the veggies and fruits to provide the adult and senior dogs with fiber to keep them active. Also, these are potent with low glycemic carbs that will strengthen the muscles and boost agility.

The dry food allows your canine friend to develop strong bones thanks to the Calcium, Potassium Chloride, Vitamin D, and Niacin. Thanks to these, your adult dog will have the stamina and strength needed for survival. With 10% moisture level, it is not hard to chew around. As a bonus, digestive issues of your canine friend will be cured.

Few might argue that the price is a bit overboard but still, you get what you pay for so no complaints here.

  • This dried diet uses Kangaroo meat to deliver massive protein boost for dogs of all ages.
  • Kangaroo meat and meal don’t have any saturated fat for you to worry about.
  • This diet is prepared in Australia to ensure the ideal conditions to prepare a high-protein dog food.
  • This brand doesn’t use Yeast; so your pet won’t suffer from yeast infections anymore.
  • Antioxidants provide a natural boost to the agility of our four-legged companions.
  • Peas can be harmful for some dogs.
  • I’d prefer it better if some more tests were run before marketing it to the public.
  • It smelled like grass to me; I feed it to my adult and senior dogs, not to puppies.

7. Zignature Whitefish Formula Dog Food Review


Whitefish formula dry dog diet is a limited ingredient food that works very well for dogs that are allergic to grain food items and even protein from chicken. This product is Ethoxyquin-free. So, it doesn’t cause upset stomach. In case if you are wondering what is “Whitefish?” It is not a particular type of fish.

Rather the product features similar fishes like Cod, Haddock, and many more. The whitefish formula has whitefish meal too. This allows the furry friends to get a healthy dose of protein (61%), Vitamin B6, and B12. It is a bit high on fat (39%) too. But the dogs get a good dosage of marine variant of Omega-3 fatty acids that help them maintaining a good heart.

One thing great about this recipe is that it gradually helps the dog to overcome serious skin issues. Be it itchiness or a thick coat, the symptoms will go away. Peas, Chickpeas, and the pea flour provide your canine friend with carbs that he’ll need to maintain the nimble feet and agility.

I favor Whitefish formula because it helped me cure my Labrador’s stool problems. Now it eats better and if I may, Shi*s better. So, I am a happy Labrador owner at this point.

  • Grain-free formula doesn’t cause upset stomach.
  • You won’t see any fillers in this mix of diet that doesn’t have nutrition value.
  • Whitefish diet has low glycemic fiber that allows your dog to be agile while he’s playing outdoors.
  • Balanced diets for all ages of canines.
  • This diet purposefully avoids starchy ingredients to avoid tiring your pets.
  • The flavor can be tedious for some dogs as whitefish is not one fish but a collection of fishes.

8. Zignature Venison Formula Dog Food Review


Zignature Venison puts the “Meat First” formula to good effect and is made from Venison meat that comes from New Zealand. The meat is well processed and this recipe possesses all the makings of a “High Protein” diet.

You won’t find any soy, corn, chicken or Turkey in the mix of this dry dog food. These ingredients are high on carbohydrates which are bad and can cause your dog to grow a tummy.

Instead, this diet mix comes with high fiber and a balance between Omega-3 fatty acids. You already know what these two things do to your dog. As an added bonus, the pet gets Sunflower oil from the dried dog food. This allows it to grow silky smooth coat on its back. Also, the oil supplies essential nutrition to counter itchy skin and allergenic material it comes across daily.

However, you cannot buy this one for your puppy as Sunflower Oil is strictly for adults and senior dogs. And this is a bit high on the “Price” list if you organize a flow chart from the highest to the lowest.

  • Venison diet from Zignature comes from New Zealand farms.
  • This package doesn’t contain dairy or chicken feed for the dogs.
  • Antioxidant count is pretty high in this diet as well.
  • This diet is available in multiple size packets for your convenience.
  • A standard dry food package lasts for a minimum of six months.
  • This dry food product is not meant for puppies.

9. Zignature Salmon Formula Dog Food Review


The Salmon formula from Zignature exclusively contains Salmon and Salmon meal. This allows you to have protein source without meat and counter all the skin problems you might encounter because of it.

The ingredients are basically fish, fruits, veggies, and legumes. Fruits and veggies as you know, deliver anti-oxidants that keep your dog fresh all day. Plus, we have fish oil in the mix. Fish oil contributes to shiny coat and a sleek look for your dog.

Just when you thought fish protein will not substitute meat, Salmon Formula comes with salmon meal that has fiber and low carbohydrate ratio along with fish food that is a protein-rich diet for any dog whether adult or puppy.

This limited ingredient dry dog food reduces allergies and with continued usage, it develops smooth muscle tone for your dog. Not to forget, the Salmon formula diet is AAFCO approved. You can be sure that it has no negative impacts on your dog’s overall wellbeing.

  • Sunflower oil is essential for Omega-6 Fatty acids that grant your dog soft fur and shiny coat.
  • Flax seed grants your dog fiber that it needs to be active all day.
  • Salmon is a huge source of fish protein without allergenic meat items.
  • Salmon meal provides useful fat that grants your puppy stronger muscles.
  • Some might feel it is pricy compared to other food brands.


If you are wondering about any Recalls that Zignature faced in all these years, it didn’t. No, sir! I did my own research on that and I didn’t find any recall history whatsoever on this brand on the FDA Website of America.

How to Choose the Ideal Zignature Dog Food Package?

At this point, I take it you got the basic thing right and chose to go for this brand over the others available for purchase. But how would you choose the ideal ingredient for your puppy, adult dog, and seniors? How to choose the best dry dog food formula within this brand? Well, I judged Zignature’s formulas on certain parameters until I settled on one.

Choose the Package that Has Low Carbohydrate Count

Zignature has many formulas. Obviously, the ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates differ from one formula to another. Be sure to choose a product that you feel has low amount of carbohydrates. You can go for glycemic carbs too. The formulas that have these carbs, don’t put a strain on your dog’s skin or digestive tracts.

Consider Your Dog’s Age Before Giving Him the Diet

Although we are talking about one of the top brands in the world, you still need to get a clear idea about your dog’s age and boundaries regarding what he can or cannot have in his diet. Depending to these facts, the ideal signature formula might differ for a puppy and an adult dog.

The useful thing is, these recipes often are “Limited Ingredient Diets.” So, owners know which to pick and why. You won’t have to scour through a lot of ingredients to find the perfect match.

Look for the Ingredients’ Origins

Naturally, the makers assembled ingredients from all corners of the world. For example, you have Turkey from America, Kangaroo and Kangaroo meal from Australia, Chicken, Salmon, Venison from New Zealand, and minor ingredients too. These are all protein sources.

To select the top Zignature Dry Diet candidate for your furry friends, make sure to find out what ingredients bode well with their bodies. You need to find out if your pets are allergic to any of the above ingredients. If they are, simply cross that formula off the list.

Fortunately, Zignature products come with the flexibility needed. You can switch between formulas without any long term drawbacks.

Choose the Right Formula to Counter Right Conditions

This is what we don’t usually do. How many of you go through the detailed instruction manual or the brochure that these companies hand out to you owners? Very small percentage of people I presume.

But it is important to follow the principle when you are dealing with a large lineup of dry adult canine and puppy food. You’ll notice few formulas are good for countering specific types of problems.

For example, if your dog has skin troubles, there are some products that work exceedingly well. Others, not so much. Select the product that helps your four-legged friend counter itchy skin and get a lush coat of fur in return.

Why Am I So Hell-bent on Recommending you Zignature?

You must be asking this question, right? I don’t blame you! Now, to answer your question: This brand has doled out some of the best formulas for dry and canned dog foods out there. Plus, it has a plethora of positives which prompted me to write these Zignature Dog Food Reviews as a part of this post. Let me just list them as bullet points as I draw this article to a close.

  • Zignature is a “Limited Ingredient” formula. This helps the four-legged dynamos to have holistic nutrition without turning to potentially harmful ingredients. Limited Items also keep skin and digestive health preserved.
  • This brand is by far the closest that I came to having an actual “Raw Diet” for my dogs.
  • The “Protein First” approach from this brand impressed me. It provides “True” animal protein which a carnivorous animal like dog needs. This approach gives these products natural taste pallets as well. Your friend won’t complain, ever!
  • “Protein Rich” foods are generally hard to digest. But Zignature packs in various fatty acids, glycemic carbs, natural oil etc. I call these “Sidekicks.” These “Sidekick” ingredients make the protein easy to absorb.
  • Did I mention Zignature doesn’t feature on the blacklist of FDA? This brand is AAFCO approved. Also, it doesn’t have any recalls so far. So, this brand I trust with my eyes closed.
  • Then there is the fact of tapping into unusual and effective sources for meat protein. Most food brands use chicken, bison, duck, and fish as means for protein. This one does all that and goes beyond with sources like Kangaroo for example. It not only sooths the dogs in terms of taste, it fulfills the protein void without the extra supplements.
  • Lastly, I preferred Zignature over all the others because of its adaptability. Most of the “Canned” and dry formulas will suit doggies of all ages.

Final Thoughts Before I Finish Up

Don’t worry, I won’t drag it any further! This piece of Zignature Dog Food Reviews has already been lengthier than it should be. To my defense, I covered all the bases and points I wanted to address in this article. One thing is for sure, all these products I reviewed here are top class and bring results in terms of boosting your pet’s metabolism, agility, stamina, and strength. You just need to do some fine tuning and find out your friend’s best response to one from the list. With the reputation and the performance of their backs, these won’t disappoint you one bit!

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