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Best-Electric-Dog-CollarIntroduction – what are electric dog collars?

There’s a plethora of dog breeds and types, but it’s safe to say that we can cut down the generalization to two – those that behave, and those that don’t. Generally, every dog can be trained to behave properly, regardless of how stubborn they may appear.

If you’re having these kinds of problems, owning an electric dog collar will help you greatly. Namely, these contraptions are variations of a standard dog collar, with a little modification – they’re intended to provide external stimulation to your dog.

Some models are engineered to zap your pet mildly, pointing out that it behaved unproperly in the most direct way possible. Other models vibrate, or even emit specific sounds. All in all, an electric dog collar is a helpful tool which will greatly improve your dog’s training. I’ve compiled a list of top 5 models for your convenience, so feel free to check them out:

Best Electric Dog Collar Comparison Table

NameWhy should you consider it?FeaturesPrice
Dogtra FieldmasterIdeal for larger dogs, exceptional price to value ratio, incredible range, can be used for any kind of dog training, multiple levels and modes, accurate stimulationThree vibration modes, 28 levels of stimulation, LCD display screen, fully waterproof features, glow-in-dark option, battery level indicator on remote controllerCheck Price
Educator E-CollarAvailable in different color and style variations, multiple sizes to choose from, 100 selectable stimulation levels and 60 additional boost levelsExceptionally small receiver design, Li-Polymer batteries, 100 selectable stimulation levels and 60 additional boost levelsCheck Price
Dogtra IQ A plethora of stimulation levels, multiple vibration modes, ideal for smaller dogs due to reduced collar sizeSmall receiver and collar design, 400-yard effective range, three vibrating modes, fully waterproof constructionCheck Price
Pet ResolveGreat of people who own several dogs, allows training in any kind of weather, remarkable range, outstanding featuresEffective range of 0.75 miles, variable and momentary method of stimulation, 10 shock levels, waterproof constructionCheck Price
Garmin Delta XCAllows you to train up to three dogs at the same time, great range, rugged and durable construction, multiple training configurations18 levels of corrective configurations, IPX7 waterproof rating, three training modes, 0.5-mile effective rangeCheck Price

Best Electric Dog Collar Reviews

Dogtra Fieldmaster 1 Dog LCD Training Collar

Dogtra-Fieldmaster-1-Dog-LCD-Training-CollarThe first electric dog collar in this review comes from Dogtra and it’s called Fieldmaster – one of the most reliable brands in this line of work (we’re also reviewing their IQ remote trainer, as you can see below).

Generally, Fieldmaster is a high-tech dog training collar which comes outfitted with premium-quality features, its range is absolutely astonishing, and there are multiple stimulation modes so that you can properly train your dog.

First of all, this collar can be remotely operated from the distance of half a mile. There are 28 levels (27 + the “zero” level) of stimulation, which is pretty awesome – those dogs that require just a little stimulation can be trained on the first several levels, while exceptionally disobedient ones will fall under your authority at higher levels.

The 27 levels should be combined with three modes of operation – the “nick” which resembles “stop-and-go” vibrations, the “constant” mode, as well as non-stimulating vibration mode.

Fieldmaster works on Ni-MH batteries – you’ll get a set with the package, and don’t worry, they’re easily and fully rechargeable.

Both the collar and transmitter are fully waterproof – you can rest assured that you can train your dog in any kind of weather. Last, but not least, there’s a neat LCD display screen which will tell you the stimulation level you’ve chosen, the range, and the remaining battery life.

Unlike their second-best dog training collar (IQ remote trainer), the Fieldmaster is best for big dogs, as the collar is exceptionally wide. Apart from that, the versatile functions might be too much for smaller dogs. Be it as it may, this is one of the best electric dog collar models I’ve come across.

What I Like about this Dog Collar
  • Accurate stimulation.
  • Multiple switchable levels of shocks.
  • Three vibration modes.
  • Fully waterproof features.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • LCD display screen.
  • Ideal for larger dogs.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Collar
  • Not so good for smaller dogs.
  • A bit more expensive than standard electric dog training collars.


Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Educator-E-Collar-Remote-Dog-Training-CollarEducator is a brand that earned their fame with a plethora of electric dog collar models. It's safe to say that these guys are among the most reliable brands on the market, and I'm happy to introduce you to one of their best electric dog collar models so far.

This electric dog training collar comes in several model variations – ranging from plain black, over "lady with 2 skins" and "upland orange", the waterfowl camo, plain yellow, and "Zen".

The most basic package includes a receiver which can extend up to 0.5 miles, but you can choose between 0.5 and 0.75-mile lengths prior to your purchase.

The receiver is fairly small, weighing only 2.4 ounces, and it's absolutely ideal for dogs that weigh 5 pounds and above. Even though this electric dog collar is engineered to accommodate smaller dogs, it can be used on larger ones as well.

The miniature ergonomic transmitter is so small, that you won't have to worry about discretion at all – you can rest assured that no one will notice you carrying (or using) it, hence no one will judge you for your training methods.

There's a hundred of stimulation levels, and additional sixty boost stimulation levels, so it's safe to say that this is one of the most versatile and best electric dog collar models ever made.

It works on Li-Polymer batteries which are supposed to last for 2 hours on a single charge, but they're rechargeable, so once they run out of juice, just plug them into any battery recharger (doesn't come with the package, though).

Overall, Educator's "Mini Educator" holds a massive value for the cash. It's not overly expensive, and it boasts a superb set of features – reliable, high-performance ones. I highly recommend it to everyone who's facing problems with mischievous, stubborn pets.

What I Like about this Dog Collar
  • Available in different color and style variations.
  • Multiple sizes to choose from.
  • Exceptionally small receiver.
  • Li-Polymer batteries.
  • 100 selectable stimulation levels and 60 additional boost levels.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Collar
  • One charge lasts only 2 hours.


Dogtra IQ Remote Trainer

Dogtra-IQ-Remote-TrainerIf you recall Dogtra's Fieldmaster, I've mentioned that this is the brand that makes some of the best electric dog collar models, and here I'm going to introduce you to another model from their assortment – the IQ remote trainer.

Basically, while Fieldmaster is ideal for larger dogs, Dogtra's IQ Remote Trainer fits smaller dogs quite well. The receiver was intentionally scaled down the size so as to accommodate smaller dogs and their necks, alas, at the cost of range.

Namely, the Fieldmaster boasts 0.5-mile range, and IQ Remote controller works up to 400 yards. Even though 400 yards are more than enough, it's obvious that the Fieldmaster is superior in this sphere of performance. Apart from that, there's a hundred of stimulation levels – this is where IQ remote controller is better (compared to Fieldmaster's 28).

Dogtra's trademark vibration modes are all here - "nick", constant", "non-stimulating" modes remain the same as with the Fieldmaster.

A single charge will supposedly work for two hours tops – this isn't exactly a pro, but it's hardly a con, given that most electric dog collars last about that long.

Both the collar and the receiver are fully waterproof – again, this is a sign of quality, and it's here to tell us that this dog collar is worth the cash.

I liked the price as much as I liked the collar itself – the IQ Remote controller belongs to the "medium expensive" price point category, and it's one of the best mid-level dog training collars you'll ever see.

The only bad thing is that it doesn't actually work on larger dogs. The stimulation levels are pretty mild, and the small receiver might fit, but the dog will certainly be uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, people who own smaller dogs will greatly benefit from IQ remote controller. It's supremely reliable, fast, and excels in performance like no other.

What I Like about this Dog Collar
  • Absolutely ideal for smaller dogs due to reduced collar size.
  • 100 levels of accurate stimulation.
  • Effective range of 400 yards.
  • Three vibration modes.
  • Two hours of single battery charge.
  • Fully waterproof features.
  • LED battery indicator.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Collar
  • Not exactly the best idea if you own a larger dog.


Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote

Pet-Resolve-Dog-Training-Collar-with-RemotePet Resolve's Dog Training Collar is one of the most affordable e-collars in this review. However, that doesn't mean that it comes last in performance – it might just be the opposite. Basically, this is a e-collar set which can be used to train up to three dogs simultaneously, so let's see what are the things that make it so special.

First of all, the remarkable effective range of this electric dog collar is the reason why I dub it as the best electric dog collar for the buck – namely, it features a 0.75-mile range, allowing for plain outdoor training.

Secondly, the variable shock modes and superb vibration levels will allow you to train three dogs simultaneously. However, you'll have to buy additional collars in that situation, as you'll only get one with the package.

There are 10 levels of electric stimulation for you to choose between, including a multitude of momentary and continuous stimulation modes.

The waterproof construction is surely handy for outdoor trainings, as you can rest assured that rain or water puddles won't come in your way.

The only bad thing, however, is that there are many features, so it's safe to assume that this dog training set isn't as easy to use as other models. Anyhow, it still boasts a substantial value for the cash.

What I Like about this Dog Collar
  • Outstanding long-range operation.
  • Ten levels of continuous and momentary shock stimulation.
  • Allows you to train up to three dogs simultaneously.
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Versatile and valuable for the money.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Collar
  • You have to buy additional collars (you’ll get only one).
  • There are a lot of features, so this set isn’t as plain as standard ones.


Garmin Delta XC Bundle - dog training device

Garmin-Delta-XC-Bundle-dog-training-deviceThe last dog training collar in my review comes from Garmin. Namely, the Detla XC bundle includes a neat receiver and a handy remote controller, both of which are exceptionally easy to use.

The contact points are both changeable and replaceable, so you can easily customize your dog training experience, but there are also 18 stimulation levels to further boost it.

The effective range is quite great, but there are certain models that fare better in this particular field of experience (Pet Resolve's dog training collar, for example, features an effective range of 0.75 miles, whereas this model features only 0.5 miles).

There are three correction configurations which allow you to train up to three dogs at the same time. This feature is exceptionally great for people who own more than own dog. Lastly, the rugged construction of this electric dog collar was rated IPX7 for waterproof qualities. All in all, this is one of the best electric dog collar models on the market.

What I Like about this Dog Collar
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Durable, rugged design.
  • Allows you to train more than one dog.
  • Half-a-mile effective range.
  • 18 stimulation levels.
  • Replaceable and changeable contact points.
What I Don’t Like about this Dog Collar
  • No major flaws.


How to use an electric dog collar?

A dog collar should be placed on your dog's neck, just like any other dog collar. Literally, every model comes with a remote controller which should be used to control how your dog's reactions will be met with.

Depending on the model, you'll be able to choose between various modes, or simply use the only one – emitting electric current. Either way, all you have to do is read the manual and instructions for complete details and use your dog collar remote during the training.

For example, Dogtra's Fieldmaster features three modes of operation – the "nick", the "constant", and the "non-stimulating vibration" mode. Each one should be used in combination with others for maximum effects.

Basically, your dog may react positively or negatively on the collar – it's quite easy to see why, given that no living being likes the idea of being controlled and "threatened" with electrocution, but that's not exactly how this thing works.

Namely, an electric dog training collar is a "corrective" tool – it's not supposed to make your dog abide your orders and commands, rather it should be used to teach your dog the rights and wrongs in the most efficient way possible.

Buying guide – things to consider

Generally, dog training collars are quite plain, as they serve a single purpose – they're meant to help you train your dog. However, there are certain things that pull the line between good and bad electric dog collars.

First of all, let's discuss the price. You should be aware of the fact that most electric dog collars aren't cheap. Namely, a standard, plain model usually costs a buck or two above $100, but there are models that are well above $200. More expensive models come with more reliable motors, additional features, and are generally faster, but even the cheapest models will get you where you want to be.

Apart from the price, there are multiple standard designs. Each electric dog collar features a "collar" and a "remote controller" which should be used to control the desired effects, but some are plain, thus easy to use while others require you to read the manual and instructions a bit more thoroughly than you intended.

The "range" is also very important factor you should definitely consider. Some dog collars work within a small range, and these models are ideal for people who intend to train their dogs in their yards or within the home. Others, long-range remote controllers are particularly handy for people who want to train their dogs outdoors – in the parks, forests, during camping trips, hikes, and such.

Some electric dog collars are "waterproof", and this quality is exceptionally important – as you know, water and electricity don't mix quite well, and there are plenty of opportunities where these two could combine, given the opportunity – if it rains, for example, or if your dog is prone to playing in puddles of water, and such.

For as long as you take all of these aspects into consideration, you'll be sure to get one of the best electric dog collar models for the buck.

How Safe Are Electric Dog Training Collars?

Even though most animal-loving people consider these contraptions to be cruel, they're, in fact, good for your dog by a long shot. Imagine that your dog is not responding to your orders, and imagine that you can't do anything in case it gets in a fight with another dog, or even worse – with a full pack. Your dog will undoubtedly get hurt, and that could've been avoided with proper training.

On the other hand, most disobedient dogs have a tendency of running away from home. There's no telling what could happen to your pet outside the safety of your home/yard - it could be abducted, ran over, or worse. Again, a dog-training collar helps prevent these situations.

It's true that electric dog training collars emit electricity – but the levels of such currents are nowhere near dangerous, let alone lethal. Electro-shocks emitted by these collars are "kinder" than beatings, and it's safe to assume that some dogs just can't be taught how to behave unless some form of physical stimulation takes place.

In the end, let us conclude that the use of electric dog training collars is safe, and even encouraged by most "dog whisperers".


A good dog training collar isn't so hard to find – it shouldn't cost a fortune, and it should come equipped with neat, easy-to-use features, such as a waterproof build, multiple training configurations, and, most importantly, it shouldn't be too strong. After all, training your dog shouldn't be confused with abuse – you have to understand, and your dog needs to understand that the shock therapy is what's best for it.

That's the reason why I've made the review of the best electric dog collar models in hope you'll like what you see - I wish you all the luck with your training meanwhile!

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