Fromm Dog Food Reviews and Recalls: Why This Brand is Widely Praised?


Struggling to find the combination of quality and quantity for your dog’s diet?

I believe you need to look around and trust the people who are doing it for a long time.

Besides new dog food brands like Ol’ Roy, most of the dog owners trust a brand like Fromm. This one is over a century-old. The measures they take to ensure quality of their products, is extraordinary.

People speak volumes about the quality of these guys and the freshness. Well, they do have some quips about the price as well. Fromm hits the bullseye in puppy food as well as in manufacturing food for adult dogs. How do they do it? And why do they charge as much as they do? How good are the recipes?

Let’s break everything down in my article on Fromm Dog Food Reviews. I’ll also go through the recall issues this brand had to pull through.

Of course I’ll explain my side of the story about why I chose the products for the list of adult and puppy foods today. Ready? Set? Go!

A Brand That’s Been Present for Ages

Don’t laugh reading the headline. It’s true. Fromm is perhaps the oldest dog food company there is. It took shape back in 1904. Yup, it has been more than 110 years since then.

The manufacturers kept the formulas and recipes as authentic as humanely possible. Our dogs will have the perfect mixture of meat protein, dried eggs, veggies, carbs, fiber, and Wisconsin Cheese.

Fromm plant is based in one state, Wisconsin. The plants the pick and the poultry or red meat they use, are USDA approved. Meaning, they are fresh. The recipes are AAFCO approved as well.

Fromm Puppy Dog Food Reviews

As you now know, Fromm is a reputed brand. Naturally, it has many options when it comes to dogs’ (and cats’) diets out there. When it comes to puppies and adult dogs, it is no different. That is why, to save you from looking through the stack, here’re my recommendations for Fromm Puppy Dog Food choices.

Fromm Puppy Dog Food – Comparison Table

Product NameOur RatingPrice
Fromm Gold Nutritionals 4.8/5Check Price
Fromm Gold Puppy Food4.8/5Check Price
Fromm Puppy Gold Dry Dog Food4.7/5Check Price
Fromm Heartland Grain Free Puppy4.7/5Check Price
Fromm Prairie Gold Grain Free4.6/5Check Price

Fromm Dog Food for Puppies Reviews

1. Fromm Family Foods 33 lb Gold Nutritionals Dog Food (Large Breed Puppy)

Fromm-Family-Foods-33 lb-Gold-Nutritionals-Dog-Food We all know, big boys need more food to keep up with the hassle. Guess what? This is true even for puppies. Well, the ones of large breeds. Fromm Family acknowledges that! That’s why kicking off my list of Fromm Dog Food Reviews (puppy), we have 33lb Gold Nutritionals Dog Food for Large Breed Puppies.

Domesticated ducks, chicken meal, and chickens grant this formula 26% protein that is absolutely necessary for the growth of our four-legged beasts. You even have chicken cartilages that strengthens the bones of your puppy.

With 14% Crude Fat, the food supplies just enough for your puppy to stay healthy. It balances muscle mass perfectly. This diet is perfect if you want some weight management job done for the little guy. If your friend is on regular medicine or is in rehab, this diet is perfect to get him back on track.

3.5% Fiber is ideal to keep the digestive system on track. Too much fiber can ruin the time it takes to digest complex carbohydrates or proteins. A big part of the fiber comes from veggies like Carrots and Alfalfa Meal.

Chicory roots, Manganese, Calcium, Potassium are just some out of the wide range of minerals that your friend gets out of this diet. Thanks to these and the active probiotics, the digestive tracts remain at the top of their game for a long time. Minerals like molybdenum contribute to the wellbeing of skin and teeth as well.

This diet rides strong against skin allergies and inconsistencies in coat fur as well. Thanks to the Omega Fatty Acids, your puppy will grow up with a nice coat cover and without allergies.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • I found the protein count ideal for the large breed puppies with real organs in the food.
  • You have 389 kCal/Cup energy equivalent that gives your puppies enough legs for an entire day.
  • Great recipe if you are aiming weight management for your puppies under medicine.
  • This thing comes with ideal fiber ratio to keep the digestive tracts working for a long time.
  • Gold Nutritionals Puppy Food has a special dose of vitamins for which it is known for.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • Has a few questionable ingredients as part of carbohydrates like barley and brown rice.

2. Fromm Family Foods 15 lb Gold Puppy Food

Fromm-Family-Foods-15 lb-Gold-Puppy-FoodSelecting a dog food is tricky. Specially for puppies. These little devils play around all day and they need ample nutrition to support the growth and the playful nature they have. Gold Nutritionals Puppy food from Fromm does just that!

The main ingredient here is duck and chicken meal. Then it comes to chicken. Thanks to these, you get a minimum of 27% Crude Protein in there. This much protein helps to build up muscles. Of course, you have farm-raised poultry as ingredients and not the GMO ones.

I personally think the Carbs are good for a growing dog. This recipe comes with barley, brown rice, potatoes etc. These carbs make your puppy feel full once he has eaten sufficient amount.

As this food is meant for puppies, you will find cartilages inside. Things like Calcium Sulfate enrich the mineral count in your pup’s body. Cartilages play a vital role in strengthening bones and joints along with Calcium.

With 18% Crude Fat, it is just enough to keep your puppy playful and active throughout the day. Of course, you’ll have 3.5% fiber. This food recipe comes with probiotics to help your puppy digest every bit of it. On top of that, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids deliver the necessary boost to your friend’s coat.

416Kcal/Cup is ideal calorie measurement when you realize how much calorie your little devil needs to get through his day without problems.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • The perfect protein percentage for young puppies in my book.
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids groom your puppies for a shinier coat and silky furs.
  • The fiber count is perfect to help you train the puppies for an active life ahead of them.
  • The poultry used in this dog food is grown in native farmlands and not GMOs like other brands.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • I didn’t find any faults with this puppy food formula from Fromm.

3. Fromm Puppy Gold Dry Dog Food, 5-Pound Bag

Fromm-Puppy-Gold-Dry-Dog-FoodThe 5-pound bag of Puppy Gold dry dog food comes from within the country. Yes, it is made in America! You won’t have to worry about any artificial ingredients just to preserve this food for a long time. You get what you pay for and that is 100% real ingredients.

This is a dry dog food and so it focuses heavily on Calorie count. So much so that it delivers 417 Kcal per cup of food. Trust me, the number is vital when you consider how restless a puppy is throughout the day. This 5-pound bag is ideal when you consider the space factor in your house and the price.

27% Crude protein is ideal when you consider it has things like Salmon meal, chicken meal, duck, and dried whole egg. Lamb and cheese are also there to increase the protein count further.

This formula comes in the form of kibbles. Dried kibbles can be hard to chew and swallow but not if you have moisture on the surface. 10% moisture helps the recipe to be chewed well. As a result, puppies won’t get suffocated when swallowing this diet.

Believe me, the interesting bits haven’t finished yet. You get 417 kCal worth of energy from every cup of food you feed your puppy. This is apt for the puppies that are hyperactive and run around all day doing various stuff. In short, this dry dog diet provides your friends with more energy without hampering their daily schedule.

18% crude fat gives our puppies some much needed reserves. Trust me, running and squabbling all day tires them. That is why a healthy percentage of fat is absolutely necessary and provided well by the Fromm Family, even within a 5-pound bag.

Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids enable your puppies to have shiny coat and a healthy skin from the very beginning of their lives.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • Protein and fat ratio of food is ideal for growing puppies that are active throughout the day.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help your puppy attaining a bright coat and lush fur.
  • 417 Kcal per cup is a healthy dose of energy for our puppies that prefer to jump around all day.
  • This 5-pound bag is a cheap alternative as opposed to all the others with hefty price tags.
  • This food is made locally in the USA. You won’t have complaints about the quality standards.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • Reviewers often find this recipe guilty of charging too much money. The quality is awesome but expensive price-tag is something that’s pulling it down the ranks.

4. Fromm Heartland Gold Grain Free Puppy 4lb


Care for some red meat for your puppy? If you fancy some heavyweight protein sources, Your puppy gets its protein from sources like buffalo, pork, and lamb. In addition to catering to puppies, this “Grain-Free” diet fits the bill when it comes to pregnant or nursing dogs as well.

Despite all the Red Meat Sources, the manufacturers keep the protein percentage down to 27%. This is an amazing feat if you ask me. Thanks to the moderate protein percentage, puppies can easily survive on this diet without rejecting it “Head On.”

For some, 18% fat is too much. Not if you carefully administer the food. Hey, this dry dog food is meant for nursing and pregnant dogs as well. So, I totally get why manufacturers came up with this ratio. Fat is absolutely necessary when a dog is breastfeeding her baby.

If you didn’t pay close attention yet, this dog diet is “Grain-Free.” You won’t find a shred of questionable ingredients that increase Carbohydrate levels beyond “Alarming” situations.

Instead you get chickpeas and pea flour. These are harmless compared to some of the other ingredients of popular brands out there.

You have various ingredients that quicken digestion time. Lentils, various probiotics, and minerals collectively work on that process. Then you have Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids with Salmon oil that lets puppy’s coat shine from an early age.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • It gives puppies, pregnant, and nursing dogs some much needed protein to hang on to.
  • The increase dosage of fat allows your dogs to stay fit even after continuous breastfeeding.
  • The probiotics enhance digestive tracts; your puppy digests these kibbles faster than ever!
  • This dry dog food comes with increased fiber count as well. This increases the muscle tenacity.
  • This is a grain-free diet with not a shred of alarming ingredients that’d harm your dog.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • Some reviewers expressed their concerns on peas being listed as ingredients.
  • 6% fiber is too much for a dry dog food in my opinion.

5. Fromm Prairie Gold Grain Free Large Breed Puppy

Fromm-Prairie-Gold-Grain-Free-Large-Breed-PuppyWe are going to stay on this “Grain-Free” realm for the last of Fromm Dog Food Reviews that I’ll recommend for puppies as well. Large breed puppies can breathe easy with this recipe as protein count of Prairie Gold is mere 26%. Yes, even when the first item is beef. When dried, moisture of beef is gone. You get a reduced protein count as a result.

Then you have pork meal which is also cooked. As usual, people get “Watered Down” protein count. I am not too concerned about Pea as well. It is a gentle form of carbohydrate. It is more a “Plant-based Protein” than a Carb. Overall, carbohydrate percentage for this diet is a bit on the higher side (42%).

As far as dietary fiber is concerned, you have chickpeas or garbanzo beans to thank for that. In addition to fibers, these things supply carbs and proteins at a good ratio.

Then you have lentils. These are vitamin-rich plants that grow in water. In addition to Vitamin B, these provide your cheerful puppy with “Plant-based Protein” as well.

Considering how the manufacturers have used pork lever, it is safe to say that this ingredient brings “Fat” into the play. The “Fat” percentage is 6%. To many, including me, the fat count is a bit too much. But considering how balanced the other ingredients are, I am going to let this slide this time.

How can I forget “Salmon Oil?” Ingredients like Salmon Oil and flaxseed provide much needed Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids contribute by granting your puppies a shiny coat.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • The protein percentage is modest at 26% despite the first item being a source of red meat.
  • I believe, lentils are great sources of plant protein and vitamin B that boosts bones and teeth.
  • This formula contains egg protein that grants it highest biological value than any other substance.
  • This recipe is AAFCO certified for purity and nutrition like all the others on my list today.
  • Salmon oil and flaxseed provide omega-3 fatty acid that’s responsible for a shiny coat of furs.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • The carb percentage is more than enough to have me worried about my dog’s stomach condition.
  • Fat percentage of 6% is a tad bit too much for my liking as well.

Fromm Dog Food Reviews – Adult Dogs

Now that we’re done with selecting food for the puppies, let’s turn our focuses to the adult dogs who need heavier doses of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber. Let’s look at a shortlist of prominent adult dry dog foods.

Fromm Adult Dog Food – Comparison Table

Product NameOur RatingPrice
Fromm Gold Nutritionals4.8/5Check Price
Fromm Game Bird Recipe4.7/5Check Price
Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food4.7/5Check Price
Fromm Beef Frittata Veg4.7/5Check Price
Fromm Tunalini Dog Food4.6/5Check Price

Fromm Dog Food for Adult Dogs Reviews

1. Fromm Family Foods 33 lb Gold Nutritionals Dog Food (Adult)

Fromm-Family-Foods-33 lb Gold-Nutritionals-Dog-Food (Adult)If you don’t know Fromm, it is a dog food brand that doesn’t settle for anything less than quality. This goes for the puppies as well as for the adult dogs in your care. The Nutritionals Adult Gold Dog Food echoes this philosophy as well. This is not “Protein-Heavy” dog food like other Fromm dog food reviews claim so to speak. I’d call it balanced.

The reason for me to call it a “Balanced Dog Food” is the fact that Protein percentage is well below 25. In fact, your dog gets 24% protein. 16% fat is just enough to keep the canine up on his toes. Then you have the fiber count of 3.5% which rounds up a perfect dog food formula for adults.

This thing gives them enough legs to stay fit and go through intense training. The “Fat” percentage is 16%. While many of you will frown at the count, it serves quite well actually. The fat count doesn’t allow your dogs to feel “Full” without eating that much of food.

This thing comes with 408 kCal/Cup. This is a decent count when you consider your dog is an adult. It needs a balanced calorie count to stay up tight and active. Not like the puppies as they need more calories to keep up with the playful nature.

Although you’ll find some preservatives in there, Gold Nutritionals is boosted with AAFCO ratings. These kibbles are perfect for any breed and size of dogs. With a 10% moisture, the dogs will find it easy to chew on as well.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • This thing has a perfect ratio of all the necessary ingredients.
  • Protein is not too high or too low making it an ideal diet for adult dogs.
  • The kibbles fit all mouth sizes of all the breeds and ages of dogs there are.
  • 408 Kcal per Cup is ideal for any adult dog in training and regular exercising.
  • This recipe is certified by AAFCO and safe for consumption.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • The food should come in larger packages for convenience.

2. Fromm Four Star Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Game Bird Recipe, 4-Pound Bag

Fromm-Four-Star-Grain-Free-Dry-Dog-FoodWhen it comes to adults, they need more protein than puppies. Keeping that in mind, Fromm gives you this Dry Dog Food for adults that utilizes Game Birds in the formula. You have duck, turkey, quail, and pheasant in the formula. Multiple protein sources increase the effectiveness of the recipe.

These sources of protein are wild-caught. They are handled accordingly. Thus, the flavor remains intact and provides your adult dog a feeling of being in the wild himself. 29% crude protein is enough to keep his juices flowing.

This is “Grain-Free,” so, you’ll not find shady ingredients like barley, soy, corn, and brown rice here. I’d just like to point out that this recipe is high on antioxidants as well. This is thanks to the added blueberries. These things also add on the flavor of Four Star Grain Free Dry Dog Food.

Among other ingredients, you have Yucca Schidigera. This one is special. This extract contributes to good health by nullifying the odor your dog’s stool produce. It’s an ingredient we are lucky to have in this dog diet for sure.

Not only that, our furry friends will enjoy chicken cartilage. The Cartilage contributes to bone health of your beloved puppies. 17% fat and 3.5% fiber gives the four-legged beasts a well-rounded diet.

Fromm Four Star Adult Dog Food comes with Chicory roots. These things don’t let worms take hold of our dogs’ stomachs. Also, you have Taurine. This ingredient keeps heart and eyes in top shape. Taurine is ideal for dogs under rigorous training regimen.

On top of all these things, the diet is AAFCO approved. You know what you are buying and the quality your dog’s going to get out of this formula.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • This AAFCO Approved adult dry dog food is great according to dog food experts all over the USA.
  • The protein percentage stands at a tolerable range for adult canines with lucrative ingredients.
  • Yucca Schidigera reduces your dog’s stool’s odor. Some even said it eradicates the odor altogether.
  • Ingredients like Chicory roots reduce the worm infestation in the intestines of our pet friends.
  • This is a Grain-Free Dog Food; you won’t find anything suspicious in terms of carbs at all!
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • Reviewers mentioned this dog food to be a bit pricier than the rest.

3. Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food Small Breed (5 lb)

Fromm-Gold-Adult-Dog-Food-Small-BreedThis adult dog food is tailored to the small breed adults. The 5lb package grants you convenience. Those who complain that this item is too pricy can now buy it in small amounts.

This is majorly similar to all the other “Gold” dog food recipes from Fromm. It has almost similar protein count as the other recipes of this lineup. Just how much similar? Well, the Protein, Fat, and Fiber counts are 26%, 17%, and 3.5% respectively. If anything that’s different, it is the Omega-3 and 6 acids.

The fact that Omega-3 fatty acid percentage is hovering around 0.5% and Omega-6 fatty acid percentage is 2.6%, tells you that it is a balanced diet for your dogs.

The ingredients for protein are familiar consisting of duck, duck meal, chicken, turkey, and salmon meal. You get Wisconsin Cheese that contributes to increasing the fat count.

Don’t worry about the “Mouth Size” of your companion. These kibbles are small in size. These will fit into the mouth nicely.

This diet doesn’t come with questionable sources of carbohydrates. That includes wheat. You can be 100 percent sure that your valued pet will remain safe from allergies.

Then you have alfalfa into the mix. This little ingredient supplies our friends with Calcium. You all know what that means, right? Let me translate it for you: It means strong bones and connective tissues.

Then you have the familiar ingredient that’s chicory root. This reduces the risks of unpleasant stomach. Mainly it brings down the Worm Count. I do like that Fromm has put in Taurine too. Besides all the known ingredients, Taurine works to strengthen the eyes and heart condition of our canine friends.

Before you frown your eyes, all these ingredients come from trusted sources. The sources are USDA approved. Each of the ingredients are fresh when they are delivered. Each batch uses new ingredients, so there isn’t any risk of the produce getting damaged.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • This dog food recipe has ingredients certified by USDA. They are fresh and full of nutritional value.
  • 416 Kcal per cup is a nice calorie count for the adult dogs that go through training regimens.
  • Chicory root dismisses any chance of your friend having an upset stomach and worm attach.
  • This dry dog diet doesn’t cause allergies; you won’t find ingredients like wheat anywhere.
  • The 5lb pack can be a huge lifesaver. It doesn’t cause you nearly as much money as others.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • Few of the reviewers reportedly mentioned their dogs having “Gas” problems after eating this food.

4. Fromm FourStar Dog Food Beef Frittata Veg (4 lb)

Fromm-FourStar-Dog-Food-Beef-Frittata-VegWanna go veg for a change? Now you can feed your adult dogs a veg diet too! Thanks to Fromm FourStar, you can now feed adult dog friends a “Grain-Free” and “Vegetable Heavy” diet.

This thing comes with familiar ingredients like beef, pork meat, pork lever, Salmon Oil, and Flaxseed. Thanks to pea protein and dried whole eggs, the protein count further increases to 30%. It is a quite healthy dose if you ask me.

What drew me into this recipe are the veggies. You have ingredients like Lettuce, Alfalfa Sprouts, Carrots, Chicory root, Yucca Shidigera extract and blueberries. Alfalfa sprouts supply calcium to harden the bones. You know what Yucca does, right? It neutralizes stool odor and increases GI Tract efficiency.

Blueberry sweetens the food for an easier intake. Carrots and Lettuce are sources of vitamins. Beef lever works to strengthen the cartilage tissues inside the dog’s body.

Sodium Selenite and Folic Acid contributes to a healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid percentage of 0.5 and 2.5% respectively. The adult beauties will remain that way thanks to the ingredients. No allergies, no uneven coat, and not even a spec of fleas or ticks.

All these ingredients give your adult dog friend 408 Kcal worth of energy per cup. That’s not a bad deal at all if you ask me. In fact, I like the margin with the crude fat percentage of 18%.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • It is a “Veg” diet as well as being grain free. What more can you want from Fromm?
  • Feeding this diet keeps your dogs out of the realm of allergies and hygienic issues.
  • Your canine friend will have shinier coat once you switch his/her diet to this recipe from older ones.
  • Switching to this “Veg-Centric” recipe is quite easy. Do it in small doses. Your dog won’t feel the difference.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • This dog food isn’t the ideal one for large-breed dogs.
  • It is not probably human-grade dog food like the others.

5. Fromm Four-Star Salmon Tunalini Dog Food

Fromm-Four-Star-Salmon-Tunalini-Dog-FoodAs we move on to the final product on our list of Fromm Dog Food Reviews, This FourStar recipe is dedicated to Ocean Fish Protein with Salmon and Tuna as main ingredients. Honestly, these are the best sources of protein. Why? Let us discuss the issue further.

Our canine friends might have allergy issues with red meat, poultry or any other protein sources. But seafood like ocean fishes hardly cause allergy to any animal, let alone dogs. That is why Salmon, Tuna and Salmon meal are perfectly safe for our four-legged beasts out there.

It even has potatoes and peas in the formula. Now, peas and potatoes are pretty safe carbohydrate sources. Moreover, peas are plant-based protein sources. So, that is another win in my book.

Not only that, you have Anchovy meal, Anchovy, and cheese. A bit of poultry in the shape of chicken meal is also there. That is why the Crude Protein percentage is hanging about 28%. The fat percentage is modest at just 16% (this is lower than few of the recipes).

You have Zucchini, Tomato Pomace, eggplant, dried egg etc. These are some A-grade veggies with vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, these veggies are picked from Mediterranean gardens. You can be absolutely worry-free about the quality they provide.

Olive oil, Parsley, Celery etc. serve as vital sources of minerals and vitamins. Although you’ll find Sorbic acid as preservative, it is not at all harmful to the dogs’ bodies in any way shape or form.

Things I Liked about This Dog Food
  • The veggies in this formula come from Mediterranean gardens and they are fresh.
  • Ocean fishes are the sources of protein. Fish protein doesn’t cause allergies to dogs in any way.
  • Dried egg is a reliable source of fat in this dry dog food along with others.
  • 16% fat balances protein-carb-fat ratio perfectly unlike other brands and products on the market.
  • Dietary fiber and minerals keep your friend’s intestines in top shape.
Things I Didn’t Like About This Dog Food
  • Similar complaint as with other Fromm recipes, this too is pricy.

Fromm Dog Food Recalls

Fortunately for us, Fromm is a “Clean” brand. The dry dog food section is specially free of any recall stains. Yet, the Canned Dog Food section from Fromm has suffered a recall. It was fairly recent. In March, 2017, Fromm recalled its 12oz. cans. The cause was the elevated Vitamin D which could harm dogs. It was a voluntary recall.

How I Came Across These Dog Food Recipes

Believe me, scouring through dog food advisory and Fromm’s own website wasn’t easy. I looked through a number of recipes till I found the ideal ones for puppies and adult friends of ours. Let me disclose the process I followed to choose the candidates on this shortlist.

  • In case of puppies, I looked into the daily eating habits of my puppies and others. I advise you to closely follow the diet that your vet prescribes. I noticed a moderate amount of protein and fat is necessary to keep my pups going and growing. Hence I chose Gold Nutritionals and normal Gold lineup of foods.
  • Puppies can’t digest everything they eat. First of all, they need small kibbles. Then they need easy-to-chew foods. So, the obvious choice was puppy recipes that were high in dietary fibers. Probiotics and Pre-biotics in sufficient quantities prove great aide to your puppy when digesting the food.
  • I understand you guys don’t have similar puppies. Neither do I. That is why I don’t recommend feeding an universal puppy food to every breed. I went ahead and chose separate recipes for large and small breed of puppies.
  • Obviously, puppies won’t fare to well against grains. That’s why I chose a few “Grain-Free” recipes as recommendations as well.
  • You might notice that there’s Heartland Gold Grain-Free dog food amidst other Fromm dog Food Reviews. Now this is a bonus in a way. People might frown at the crude fat percentage, but you can feed it to a pregnant “Adult” dog and puppies at the same time. So, no complaints!
  • For adults, I considered their activity level. Based on that, you have heavy protein doses like red meat. The protein count suffices for all the jumping and running around they do all day.
  • Adult dogs can also be severely allergic to grains. My advice would be to dismiss any Fromm diet with grains. Do pick separate recipes for large and small breed of canines.
  • Speaking of allergies, Pork meat or red meat can trigger skin or dietary conditions as well. That’s why I kept an Oceanic Fish diet as well. It is protein based. Yet, the protein doesn’t react harshly to any dog’s body at all! Happy feeding!
  • People might question the high carbohydrate percentage on certain adult canine diets. Hey, these carbohydrate sources are protein sources as well. They are not grainy. Don’t worry about them causing upset stomach or a stinky stool.
  • I considered the need of vitamins, minerals, and dietary aids for adults too! That is why I picked dry dog food with Mediterranean veggies, chicory roots, and other probiotics.
  • Have quips about the price? You can always choose the smallest package option provided.

Parting Words of Wisdom

I believe my Fromm Dog Food Reviews reflect the quality that’s evident in their product line from ancient times (pun intended). Unlike other popular brands like Merrick, Fromm didn’t go through forceful recalls. The only instance when the “Canned” foods were recalled, it was voluntary.

Besides ensuring quality recipes, Fromm gives you options. You can purchase a product in different packages. This will surely solve the most common complaint people have against them. Fromm is pricy. Well, not if you purchase in smaller packages.

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