Best Heated Dog Beds in 2023 – Guide & Reviews


Are you living in the cold area and looking for a heated dog bed? Then, you are in the right place. As there are various types of dog beds in the market, how can you differentiate them according to the quality to buy the best one for your beloved pet’s comfort? So, to eliminate all your confusions and answer all your questions I have brought you the guide and reviews of the heated dog bed in 2023. Now in this article, I will talk about top 5 heated dog beds available in the market and the factors to take into consideration when buying a best heated dog bed.

Best Heated Dog Bed – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameAvailable SizesPower ConsumptionPrice
Thermo-Snuggly-Sleeper-heated-dog-bedThermo-Snuggly SleeperMedium (20 x 26 x 5.5 inches)
Large (24 x 31 x 6 inches)
6 wattsCheck Price
Lectro-Heated-BedLectro-Soft Outdoor Heated BedSmall (14 X 18 inches)
Medium (19 X 24 inches)
Large (25 X 36 inches)
Small (20 watts)
Medium (40 watts)
Large (60 watts)
Check Price
Self-Warming-SleeperSelf-Warming Lounge SleeperMedium (24 X 30 inches)
Large (32 X 40 inches)
No power requiredCheck Price
Aspen-Self-Warming-BedsAspen Pet Self-Warming Rectangular LoungerSmall (24 X 20 inches)
Medium (30 X 24 inches)
Large (35 X 27 inches)
No power requiredCheck Price
Lectro-Igloo-Style-Heated-Dog-BedLectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Dog BedSmall (11.5 X 18 inches)
Medium (14.5 X 24 inches)
Large (17.5 X 30 inches)
Small (20 watts)
Medium (40 watts)
Large (60 watts)
Check Price

 Top 5 Heated Dog Bed Reviews

1. Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper

Thermo-Snuggly-SleeperThermo-Snuggly Sleeper is one of the best heated dog beds on the market in 2023 for your beloved dog. It comes with some wonderful features such as temperature controlling, plush pillow, removable heater, and cushion etc. Its amazing features make it more user-friendly. Now, let’s have a look at the features and benefits of this product in details.

Features & Benefits

  • At first, the thermos-electric heating system gives you the convenience of controlling the temperature of the bed. As a result, the pet’s body remains warmer than the normal temperature.
  • Also, the surface temperature remains 10-15 degree warmer than the air temperature.
  • The heater is MET listed and it uses only 6 watts.
  • Besides, 5-inch thick bedding provides the dog a great place for taking rest.
  • Especially the Plush pillow gives the best service during the winter to keep the sleeping place of the dog warm removing all the coolness.
  • Moreover, you can easily remove the cushion and the heater from the bed to wash it easily.
  • Lastly, the removable cover of the bed is machine washable.
  • The bed is thermostatically controlled to warm it up to give comfort to the dog.
  • The heater of the bed consumes less power.
  • The heater and the cushion cover are easily removable.
  • The dog bed is washable by removing all the electric elements and cover from it.
  • May look smaller than the actual size after unpacking it due to the packaging.
  • The maximum dimension of this dog bed is 31 inch in large size which is not suitable for the larger dogs.


So, if you want to provide the best comfort to your dog and see it sleep in peace, I suggest you grab this product soon to get the experience of one of the beautiful heated dog beds.


2. Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

Lectro-Soft-Outdoor-Heated-BedLectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed is another wonderful dog bed to keep your pet very comfortable in both outdoor and indoor. This bed is made with orthopedic foam which is super-soft and gives a warm feeling to the animal with extra comfort. Additionally, it has some great features which add extra spice to it. Let’s see the features of this fantastic dog bed.

Features & Benefits

  • Firstly, the thermostatically controlled heater warms the pet’s normal body temperature. The temperature of the bed does not go higher than the dog’s normal body temperature. Therefore, it creates a comfortable place for relaxing with the dog which makes it one of the best heated dog beds.
  • Secondly, the heater is energy efficient. Small, Medium and Large size bed consumes 20,40 and 60 watts respectively.
  • Thirdly, the Orthopedic foam makes the bed super-soft as well as comfortable for the dog.
  • Besides, PVC material used inside it makes it more durable.
  • Easily movable and waterproof. For this reason, you can keep the bed outside of the house and keep it dry also.
  • Also, 5.5 feet long steel wrapped cord keeps it safe.
  • Lastly, it is easily cleanable by wiping it with a damp rag. Additionally, the removable fleece cover is machine washable.
  • Can be placed in doghouses, basements, garages, barns, sheds or any other suitable place outside the house very easily.
  • Uses less power according to the bed’s size to keep it warm.
  • PVC material makes it durable and waterproof.
  • Steel covered cord ensures the safety of the pet.
  • Not suitable for the pets that chew.
  • Also, destructive activity of the pet may decrease the durability of the bed.


At last, I can say that if you want to experience the usage of the best heated dog bed which give a full comfort and safety to your pet and also gives you the flexibility of use, you can certainly choose Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed for your beloved pet without any hesitation.


3. Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper

Self-Warming-Lounge-SleeperSelf-Warming lounge sleeper is one of the best self-warming dog beds in 2023. This dog bed is absolutely a great place for the relaxation and sleeping for the pet. The Self-warming feature of this bed helps you to save the electricity cost very much. Now I am going to show you the features and benefits of this dog bed.

Features & Benefits

  • First, Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper does not need any additional power supply to create warm space for the dog to sleep on. The two-layer self-warming material and the metalized insulation captures the heat from the dog’s body and radiates it back to the source.
  • Second, the poly/cotton made surface and soft micro-fleece inside the bed creates a super-soft place for sleeping your companion.
  • Additionally, the sides and the bottom of the bed are made from recycled plastic bottles. Therefore, you can see, this product is eco-friendly also.
  • Besides, the sides work as a great pillow for the dog to have a soothing place for relaxing with security.
  • Also, the non-fabric layer at the bottom of the bed makes it stable.
  • Moreover, it is available in three sizes with fantastic color combinations.
  • You can clean the bed with a gentle flow of cold water easily.
  • No electricity requires for heating.
  • The fill of the bed made with recycled bottles is eco-friendly.
  • Ensures safety of the pet by its side.
  • Also greatly stable for its bottom layer.
  • Not great for large dogs.
  • Can be damaged because of the destructive activity of the dog.


If you want a dog bed that requires no additional power supply in order to create a great warm place for your pet’s sleeping, self-warming dog beds will be the best choice for you surely. And of course, I recommend this Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper as this is one of the best heated Self-Warming dog beds.


4. Aspen Pet Self-Warming Rectangular Lounger

Aspen-Pet-Self-Warming-BedsAre you looking for a great sleeping lounger for your companion in a low budget? Presenting you, Aspen Pet Self-Warming Rectangular Lounger which can provide your dog a great warm sleeping place for your dog at a relatively low cost than the other self-warming dog beds in the market. Now, I am discussing the features of the self-warming dog bed briefly.

Features & Benefits

  • Firstly, manufacturers of these self-warming dog beds have used the “space blanket” technology to keep warm while the dog is sleeping or relaxing on the bed.
  • It has Mylar material inside it which reflects the pet’s body heat to its body and providing it a heavenly place for ideal relaxation. As a result, it does not need any electricity.
  • Next, the surface of the bed is made with high-quality faux-lambskin and corduroy material which provides a super-soft sleeping environment to the dog.
  • Finally, the bed is easily washable. I recommend line-drying to prevent the shrinking.
  • Self-Warming dog beds which require no additional power for heating.
  • Also, ensures safety and fully free of hassle.
  • Excellent bed for your dog in a relatively low budget.
  • Dogs larger than 35’’ may not fit well in the bed.
  • The cover of the bed can’t be removed for washing.


Finally, I suggest you choose self-warming dog beds if you want to give your dog full comfort without increasing your cost. In that case, the product mentioned above will be the best choice surely.


5. Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Dog Bed

Lectro-Soft-Igloo-Style-Heated-Dog-BedThis dog bed is quite different from the other best heated dog beds in 2023 that I have described above. Manufacturers have specially designed this wonderful dog beds for pet igloos. For that reason, we considered this as one of the best dog beds in the market and included it in our list. Now, let’s see the features and benefits of the Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Dog Bed.

Features & Benefits

  • Its inner orthopedic foam gives the dog a soft place to stay on and helps it to relax inside the house with peace and comfort.
  • Besides, this orthopedic foam retains the heat also. As a result, it consumes less electricity and minimizes the cost of the electricity
  • Also, it has automatic temperature control capability with a pre-set inner thermostat. It monitors the surface temperature of the bed. The comfort of the bed gives your dog the experience of the best heated dog beds in the market.
  • Additionally, the surface of the bed dissipates the extra heat to the air when the pet is not using the bed.
  • Also, the temperature never exceeds the body temperature of the dog which is around 102° Hence, it creates a comfortable place for the dog to sleep or relaxing.
  • Moreover, the soft PVC exterior keeps the dog dry when it is staying inside its house as it can resist the water. For this reason, you can place this bed outside the house even in a harsh weather resisting the rain water and moisture and provide a great place for resting to the pet.
  • You can clean the bed regularly and the free fleece cover of the bed is washable with washing machine.
  • Dome shaped PVC exterior saves the pet from harsh weather.
  • Water resistance capability keeps the dog dry.
  • Also, consumes less electricity.
  • Steel covered cord ensures the safety.
  • Not suitable for destructive dogs.
  • Also chewing tendency of the dog might damage the bed.


Overall, Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Dog Bed has a great usage in the harsh weather for its dome-shaped design. You can easily place it outside during that time. Now, if you are looking for best bed from the list of the best heated dog beds for your pet, I recommend you to buy this product.


How to Buy the Best Heated Dog Bed?

There are different types of heated dog beds with various features are available on the market. It might seem challenging to you to choose the best heated dog bed for your dog. But this time you don't have to worry. I have some tips for you. Now, I will discuss what factors you should consider before buying a comfortable bed for your dog. Let’s have a look.

Dog’s Napping Style

Your dog’s sleeping style is a vital factor which type of bed you should choose for it. They might have various styles such as stretching out, curling like a ball or some dogs prefers to be in a dog house. You have to choose the flatbed or couch or dome shaped bed or other types according to that.

Type of Heating Element

There are two types of heating elements used in the dog beds namely electric powered and self-warming. If the dog has the tendency of destructive works and chewing, then self-warming dog beds are recommended for it considering its safety.


You must select the bed for your pet in which it will fit well and relax with comfort.


You must consider the quality of the heating materials of the bed watchfully to ensure the durability of the bed and the safety of the pet too. Actually, this is the most important factor for choosing the heated dog bed from the market.


If you like to go on trips and take your companion with you then you should choose those beds which are easily portable. Bolster and flat pad beds are easily movable as well as they have self-warming features.

The Final Words

In this article, I have discussed the features and benefits of the heated dog beds in 2023. I have also mentioned the pros and cons of the individual products. At last, I have also suggested you some factors that you should consider before buying a heated dog bed. Hope, this article will help you to make a good choice to buy best heated dog beds from the market.

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