Top 5 Best Dog Nail Grinder Reviews 2023


Having the best dog nail grinder is not only essential for professionals, it’s important for pet owners too. A dog nail grinder shortens the long nail, give them a shape and smooth the rough edges. If you are not so familiar with the works and benefits of dog nail grinders, then let me tell you some points here.

A nail grinder is a rotary tool powered by the battery or electricity, which quickly shorten the long nail with perfection. It’s a lot easier than nail clips to shorten the toenails of your dog and also lessens the nail filing hazard.

A nail grinder will help you to keep you and your family from many risks. Long dog nails can injure anybody or make marks on your floor/furniture. Even, they could hurt themselves with that unconsciously. So, the best solution is getting a best dog nail grinder to trim the nail time to time with it.

Best Dog Nail Grinders Comparison Table

Before getting started, let’s have a look at the quick overview of the products in the compassion table.

ImageProduct NameDimension(inches)Weight (lbs)Price
Dremel Nail Grooming Tool3.1 x 1.7 x 11.1Check Price
Wahl Professional Nail Grinder10.2 x 2.8 x 5.85.7 ouncesCheck Price
Oster Pet Nail Grinder3.5 x 8.5 x 10.51.9Check Price
CONAIR PRO Dogs Nail Grinder3.3 x 5.9 x 11.51Check Price
Master Grooming Nail Grinder Kits9.8 x 6.3 x 3.50.60Check Price

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Grinder Reviews 

1. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool


Before the other brands are becoming famous, the Dremel was in the monopoly. Many professionals prefer this grinder more than other brands even in the present days. The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is one of the best dog nail grinders available in the market. It gives you fast and smooth performance with two different speeds- 6,500 and 13,000 rpm. It requires only 4.8 volts power to operate. It allows you to grind your dogs nail very gently and quickly. Its light duty performance allows you to cut the nail without making him disturbed or frighten. Because it doesn’t make so much noise while on. Also, it’s very lightweight to carry.  So, both of you and your dog will enjoy the trimming I guess.

You will find it less stressful and safe more than clipping the dog nails. Its power performance and smooth operating make the nail grinding easier with any fussy pets.

And most importantly it doesn’t bother you with wire or cable. You just need to charge it for at least three hours. The rechargeable battery of this best dog nail grinder is removable. So if you think you can purchase one more to use for emergencies. Like when you’re just end of the trimming and the battery runs out. Usually, it never happened with this product even after several years of using. But when it gets old, the battery drains charge quickly. Dremel also sells the battery, grinder bands separately. However, they do offer one year of warranty with the purchase.

  • Very handy nail grinder, easy to use.
  • Works well even on the lowest setting.
  • Charge quickly and hold the charge for a long time.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It feels a bit bigger than expected.
  • Poor instruction manual.


2. Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Nail Grinder Professional Trimming


My next favorite best dog nail grinder is the Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Nail Grinder Professional Trimming. This one not only trim, but it can also shape or make smooth the rough nails of pets. From short to big, round to uneven you can use it for your any size of dog’s nails. The reason behind to place it in the second position is for two reasons. One its design and accessories, two- the dependability of the machine. These attachments allow you to use the particular size of grinder for the specific size of the dog. Means, you don’t need to use a big grinder for your tiny Chihuahua.

Besides, the grinder is completely maintenance free. So you don’t need to give much attention to clean it and all. Its simple design is good for grips and control. However, it has different speed options which allow you to trim nails in slow or fast speed. The rate can grow up to 13,000 RPM.

This best dog nail grinder is suitable for cat, hamster, rabbit, and guinea pigs even for birds. Also, this professional kit provides a large/small sanding drum and three sanding bands, in total six drums and bands. You will get a wrench and smart, durable case to keep all these stuff.

  • Grind nail faster and smoothly.
  • Won’t scare your pet so much.
  • Completely electronic, always ready to go.
  • Good customer service.
  • Expensive product.
  • Gives trouble with the sand paper in some cases.


3. Oster Pet Nail Grinder


Here is another best dog nail grinder that is accessible and safer for your pet. The Oster Pet Nail Grinder may be the only grinder that has automatic spin stop safe nail grinding. You can use the device just like a pen due to its sleek ergonomic design. It's finger grips give you comfort when you are doing the nails. However, it’s little noisy so, your pet might take a bit time to adjust, especially the vibrations. But after 2/3 attempts your pet will be fine with it. It’s a nice looking device, but you may find some mix type of reviews in many places. Some people say they are so happy with it and some complaining about the fuzz. Its light corded and slim model allows you to use it anywhere anytime. But it’s powerful enough to grind your dog nails quickly.

However, it’s little noisy and your pet might take a bit time to adjust, especially the vibrations. But after 2/3 attempts your pet will be fine with it. It’s a nice looking device, but you may find some mix type of reviews in many places. Some people say they are so happy with it and some complaining about the fuzz. Its light corded and slim model allows you to use it anywhere anytime. But it’s powerful enough to grind your dog nails quickly.

Moreover, this best dog nail grinder comes with (two) 60 and (two) 100 grit grooming bands, grinding stone, grooming drum, power supply and a manual with some essential tips. I find those tips really helpful, and hope they could help you too. Especially if it’s your first time with nail grinder then it will help you a lot.

This dog nail grinder is super-fast for grinding. Its variable speed allows you to do safe grindings. And if anything goes wrong, the grinder will be automatically turned off. That means it pays attention to the safety as much you do to your dog.

  • Easy to control.
  • Firstly grind toenails of both dogs and pets.
  • Comes with an easy carrying case.
  • Nice colour and design.
  • Little weighty than other nail grinders.
  • The vibrations/ noise may disturb a bit your pet.


4. CONAIR PRO Dogs Nail Grinder


Here is another professional dog nail grinder which is safe and sturdy both. The CONAIR PRO Dogs Nail Grinder is specially designed for all size of dogs. This one is very lightweight, compact in design and comes with protective adjustable over.

Moreover, it can go with almost all kind of vibration intolerance dogs who technically gives you a hard time while grinding their toenails. I'm not saying it’s completely silent when it’s grinding hard nails but still it works well on them. This device runs with direct power plug in. Those who're finding battery operated grinders are uncomfortable; they'll like it for sure.

The grinder has no speed setting option. That means it works with only one speed to grind the toenails. But it’s totally cool with even shaping the hardest nail of your dog. So single speed setting is more than enough here.

Moreover, this best dog nail grinder has a protective cap on the Sanders. It’s for you and your dog’s safety. But if you need you can remove it. Also, it minimizes the mess of dust that creates from grinding.

The brand name may not be as popular as like Dremel and Wahl, but they have good reputation in the market for their quality performance. You will surely like the device if you are ok with operating large sized appliances.

  • Don’t produce too much heat while working.
  • Grinds nail very smoothly.
  • Long power cord.
  • Fits with another brand of same sized grinder’s replacement.
  • Don’t offer different size of attachments.
  • Bit noisy sometimes.


5. Master Grooming Tools 10-Piece Pet Nail Grinder Kits


Last but not the least my next best choice for efficiently grinding dog’s nail is Master Grooming Tools 10-Piece Pet Nail Grinder Kits. Its gorgeous blue color and modern sleek design made it quite impressive. It works faster and smoothly. This grinder offers 18000 RPM powerful motors which can run from low to high. That means it can provide you the maximum speed while grinding the nails. This nail grinder has some necessary attachments like fast change collect, finger grooves with rubber, and some sure-grip pads for better control. These will help you to do the safe grinding.

This one is not so cheap yet expensive device to use, but I can assure you, it’s worth the price. This device lasts very long time and works with pro finishing. However, you're going to have a grinding drum, three 50 grit medium size sanding bands, three 100 grit fine sanding bands and an AC adapter with it. Also, it includes one felt polisher and a grinding stone.

This professional grade nail grinder comes with a hanging hook. So, you can clamp it onto any table for easy storage and accessibility.

  • The power cord is long enough to operate from in different directions.
  • Allows polished finishing when you are done with the grinder.
  • Noise free operation.
  • Powerful motor delivers 18000 RMS.
  • The motor is bit low torque to work on low speed.
  • The higher speed creates noises.


How to Choose the Best Dog Nail Grinder

Finding the best dog nail grinder could be little tricky. There're so many options available out there, and all are claiming of their super workability.  However, to make your selection easier here is some tips for you.

  • Some nail grinders are for particularly for one size dogs. So, before having a dog nail grinder, check that if its fit properly for your dog.
  • Don’t pick a nail grinder which is so much cumbersome and awkward in size. Check the weight and dimension carefully before buying a grinder.
  • Choose the grinder which offers multiple speed settings.
  • If you choose battery rechargeable nail grinder, then make sure it lasts longer so that you can grind your dog's nails smoothly.
  • It’s an absolute recommendation that a nail grinder should be silent or noise-free. Otherwise, your pet may not allow you to do the grinding comfortably.
  • Check the accessorize too. If it comes with all the necessary accessories like clip, protection cap, etc.
  • If you are going to have an electric grinder check the motor power and power cord length, the longer is better. Max 13000 RMS is enough for nail grinding.
  • Not all expensive things are the best for use. So, research well before investing on an expensive grinder.

How to Grind Your Dog’s nails

If the nail grinding is the first time for your dog, then you have to accustom the nail grinder first with your dog. It will help you a lot while grinding your dog's nail. Because many pets feel uncomfortable or scary with the nail grooming session. You can apply the rewarding method to get him used to the nail grinder. Just follow the below steps to grind your dog's nail successfully.

  • Call your pet to your regular grooming place with a calm voice.
  • Show him the treats that you already arranged for him. Lie them down aside you.
  • Now show him the nail grinder for few seconds and act to touch his nail with it. Now turn on the grinder to the lowest setting and praising him just the way when he did something good, and you praise him.
  • Give him a treat and try to keep him calm when the grinder is still on.
  • Start to trim the nail and take a break when the first two nail in done. Give him a treat and repeat the process, as long as he cooperates.
  • Don’t continue the process if your dog feels complete scare or irritate by the grinder. Don’t force him to tolerate the grinding for a long time. It'll make your dog aggressive though. If he's losing his patients quickly, you need to go for the short session. Repeat the process few hours later or even a day later to complete.
  • Some dogs are completely allergenic of using nail grinders. If yours so, you should switch into nail clipper or a professional pet groomer.

Final Verdict

When you become an owner of a pet, you should be alert of taking care of all of his needs. Along with the healthy food and vaccination, grinding your dog's nails is also important to assure his good health. A quality nail grinder is essential for grinding your dog nails. I believe this article will help you to buy the best dog nail grinder for your dog. You can buy any one of them from my top list according to your needs and budget.

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