Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews: Recalls, Buying Guide and Updates for 2023

Rachael Ray Dog Food ReviewsWouldn’t it be nice if one morning you got up and found out that all your dog’s allergies, digestive, and skin problems disappeared like magic? Just like they do in the movies! Whoosh!  your dog running amuck inside the house and you are as happy as you can get!

I had to go through great lengths to cure my dogs from allergies and digestive issues. I changed the whole diet plan. When choosing any dog food (dried or canned), I am a bit skeptical. Before I chose today’s brand, I did some checking of my own. I read dozens of Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews online and checked with neighbors before I “Zeroed in” on this product.

I particularly liked the Nutrish and the “Grain Free” lineup of products this brand offers. Now, after three months of using these pallets, here is my own review of Rachael Ray Dog Diet.

Rachael Ray Dog Food – Comparison Table

Which Top Rachael Ray Dog Food Choices I’ll Be Discussing?

Rachael Ray” is a famous brand of food that works on providing nutrition to your dogs on so many levels. Naturally, like others, it has a wide number of varieties in terms of grain-free, nutritious, and limited ingredient food choices. Let me elaborate on 6 of the Top Dry Dog Foods within the brand.

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

Rachael-Ray-Nutrish-Natural-Dry-Dog-FoodRachael Ray Nutrish is one of the leading dog food brand names in the market now. They produce a wide range of dog food products and the Natural Dry Dog Food is one of them.

This is a mix of all the necessary food elements that help to keep your dog strong and healthy. The best thing I liked about this variety of Rachael Ray product is that it contains only naturally occurring ingredients. No, not a single drop of artificial flavors or additives are present in the name of food preservation.

In fact, it does not even contain any fillers, gluten or poultry by-product meat. It has natural probiotic elements that keep your dog’s digestive system healthy. Plus, it has vitamins, minerals, and L-Carnitine, an amino acid that helps in maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism.

You will find this in multiple Rachael Ray Dog Food Review posts that this product contains all the natural ingredients. Real turkey raised in the US farms and real venison from New Zealand are two of its key natural ingredients.

I quite like Turkey and Venison. The turkey is lean and easily digestible. It helps to build and maintain muscle mass. And the venison is rich in iron and protein that keeps furry friends’ appetite satisfied and their energy levels high.

Along with the meat components, this dog food contains brown rice, peas, cranberries, carrots, dried plain beet pulp, whole flaxseed. The carbs are easy to digest and low in fat but high in fiber.

And the fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants, Vitamin C and potassium. Slowly make the transition to this wholesome food product with your dog’s old diet and let them enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • Anti-oxidants keep your dog healthy and in mood for rigorous training regime.
  • This product is “Easy to Digest” compared to few of the others available for purchase.
  • Pushing this dog food along with others in your dog’s diet gives him/her a wholesome nutrition.
  • The ingredients are authentic and come from naturally facilitated animals or plants.
  • Regular intake of this food product builds up your dog’s muscles while keeping him full for longer.
  • Doesn’t cause your dog’s allergies.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • Dog owners may not like few ingredients of this recipe. They can always alternate.


2. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Super Premium Dog Food

Rachael-Ray-Nutrish-Dish-Super-Premium-Dog-FoodRachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food products are a great choice for every dog owners and their dogs. All the products are inspired from Rachael’s own kitchen. The Dish Super Premium dog food is no different. It is full of naturally occurring ingredients and so it poses no risk of side-effects.

This dog food primarily contains beef and chicken meat from the farms in the USA. Along with them, there are carrots, peas, potatoes, brown rice, dried apples, flaxseed and more. This is a dry dog food and so you can actually see all these ingredients.

The outlook of Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish is also helpful for the dog. Because when they would find the visual presentation appealing they would happily finish their meal every time.

So what is the benefit of all these natural ingredients? First of all, they are free from all sorts of artificial preservatives and flavor. The ingredients have their own taste and flavors which make the whole thing more appetizing for your canine friend.

The dog food does not contain any filler elements like soy, corn or wheat. And it also does not have any poultry by-product meal. The meats help your dog build muscle mass and keep them strong. The fruits and vegetables are full of minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers.

They are all easy to digest and our furry beasts can absorb all the nutrients from the food. From every bowl we serve them, they will gain the energy and strength needed to maintain a healthy and disease free life. A fair deal for me!

Things I Liked about This Food
  • The layout of the food is appealing to your furry friends; they will feel compelled to eat.
  • This Racheal Ray food pallet comes from natural and organic ingredients balancing taste and nutrition.
  • You won’t find soy or corn or any other ingredients that raise a red flag as far as nutrition is concerned.
  • Veggies in the mix keep your dog active by supplying him/her with minerals.
  • The food pallet comes at a price that most owners will feel at ease with.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • Your adorable furry friends will have a hard time chewing roasted chicken pieces as they are hard.


3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Dry Dog Food, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

Rachael-Ray-Nutrish-Just-6-Natural-Dry-Dog-FoodIf you have gone through any of the Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews, you should know that they are very strict about maintaining food quality. Their main aim is to make sure your dog is getting all the nutrition and stamina they need.

The Just 6 Natural Dry Food prepared by the Rachael Ray Nutrish brand contains a mixture of 6 natural main ingredients. It is a balanced source of nutrients that I prefer for my own Labradors. I guarantee you, your dog WILL like the taste and feel of this thing regardless of the breed.

These ingredients are: Lamb meal, Brown rice, Ground rice, Beet pulp, Chicken fat and Chicken meal. The lamb meal comes from New Zealand and Australia. This high quality meat is easy to digest and so your dog can readily absorb all the amino acids, protein and vitamins from it.

These things help to keep the organs fit. Plus, lamb meal is a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which keep the joints healthy.

Chicken fat and chicken meal help in muscle growth and maintaining weight gain. Chicken fat, in particular, is a great source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which keep the skin healthy and the fur coat shiny.

Moreover, brown rice provides fibers and Vitamin B, ground rice provides energy and beet pulp provides probiotic elements. All of these help to maintain a healthy digestive system. This Rachael Ray dog food does not contain any filler, nor does it contain any soy, wheat or corn.

Our canine friends will remain active throughout the day. Why? Well, they will get around 320 kilo-calories worth of energy from every cup you feed them. There are no artificial preservatives or flavors that can cause them harm. Instead it contains added chelated minerals which are proven to help in muscle and bone growth and improve the immune system.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • I’d feed this line of food product to my dog if I want him/her to gain weight over the course of time.
  • This variation of Rachael Ray Diet keeps organs in good shape and joints painless and healthy.
  • Well, I got my dog a healthy skin and glittering fur coat feeding this product. So, no complaints!
  • The high calorie count gives your buddies “Extra Push” for training.
  • This thing is suitable for all ages of dogs of all breeds.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • This is a limited ingredient dog food, you cannot expect this to provide for your dog as a standalone food; use this with other food items.


4. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food

Rachael-Ray-Nutrish-Zero-Grain-Natural-Dry-Dog-FoodMany dog food brands use artificial preservatives and flavors to make their product better (apparently), but these are responsible for allergy attacks. Good thing is, brands like Rachael Ray produce dog foods that are completely safe from any artificial ingredient. Consider the Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food.

By Zero Grain, it means that the food is free from grains or anything that is hard to digest. The grain free quality makes it easy for the dogs to readily digest the food and absorb all the energy and nutrients from the food.

Easy digestion for our dogs means easy excretion. The ingredients themselves are produced natural sources, which makes them friendly to the dog’s health by default.

The main protein source of this Zero Grain dog food is turkey. Rachael Ray uses organic turkey meal from the US farms. The food contains both real turkey and turkey meal. The first of these two assist in physical development by providing protein and strength.

And the second ingredient is a good source of amino acids, vitamins, glucosamine and chondroitin. They are easily digestible, aid in maintaining lean muscle and keeping the joints healthy.

Other natural ingredients include whole potatoes, tapioca, peas and beet pulp. All these provide your dog with the necessary fiber and carbs for leading an active and happy life. The last thing to mention in this Rachael Ray Nutrish Grain Free Dog Food Review is that it does not contain soy, corn or any filler for that matter.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • High contents of protein makes it a legit source of protein for your dog.
  • Like all the other Rachael Ray food lineups, this one strengthens muscles and joints.
  • This thing has peas and beet pulp as sources of Carbs and fiber that are harmless compared to grain-dependent sources.
  • Locally produced elements are used to produce the Zero Grain dog food from Rachael Ray.
  • Fiber content in this dog food solves your dog’s digestion problems and makes it active for training.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • High on carbohydrates and protein; some dogs may not prefer it that much.


5. Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural Dry Dog Food

Rachael-Ray-Nutrish-PEAK-Natural-Grain-Free-Dry-Dog-FoodOur canine friends have a natural liking toward meat. So the Rachael Ray dog food manufacturers have prepared a mix of three different types of meat, which is the PEAK Natural Dry Dog Food. There are two varieties of this product.

Out of the two, this one contains a blend of real beef, venison, and lamb. These are all natural ingredients which come from farms in the USA. As the dog food contains natural ingredients, it is free from artificial preservatives and artificial flavors. This makes the food easy to digest and so the dogs don’t face any digestion-related problems.

Our canine friends can readily absorb the protein and energy from the food. In fact, this PEAK Natural dog food contains 30% high-quality protein which helps them to grow strong and remain healthy.

Another good thing about this dog food product is its grain free quality. It does not have any big pieces that are hard to digest. As a result, your dog can enjoy their meal fully. Grain free food is also friendly for the dog’s excretory system. It does not cause constipation and makes passing stool easy.

Along with beef, venison, and lamb the product contains peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken fat, whole flaxseeds and menhaden fish meal. These ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. In addition to containing all these, PEAK Natural Dry Dog Food does not contain any poultry by-product meal, soy, corn, gluten, and filler.

Every breed of dog can equally enjoy this dog feed. And there is also no limitation for their ages. There are indications on the package to help you give your dog a healthy and happy meal.

Things I Liked about This Food
  • Perfect for dogs of all ages and any breed that you can think of.
  • According to Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews, it doesn’t contain any by-product of poultry.
  • This thing doesn’t come with gluten, soy, or corn; our dogs will remain safe from the allergies.
  • The natural ingredients take protein ratio to the top allowing your dogs to be stronger and sharper.
  • These kibbles are easy to chew and digest even for the puppies at home.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Food
  • I could hardly nitpick this brand of food unlike the others on my list.


Recalls for Rachael Ray Dog Food

I never refer a shady item to my readers. That is the sole reason I checked on the “Recall History” for this brand. After a thorough check, I didn’t find any account of recent recalls for Rachael and Ray.

However, the only instance I found with this dog food recall is from 2008. So, it has been almost nine years since there were issues with the quality of the product.

How I Choose Rachael Ray Dry Dog Food Over Anything Else?

To tell you the truth, I am always on the lookout for grain-free dry dog foods to review. Since Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews indicated that the majority of the food products came with “Grain-Free” traits attached to them, choosing the brand was a no-brainer. But I still kept a few things in mind while choosing this thing for my gang of dogs. Let me explain them in brief:

I Evaluated My Dog’s Needs Before Making the Switch

Hey, every dog owner should do the evaluation part right. I checked with my gang of training dogs and puppies to see what they were lacking. I also double checked the fact if they needed a “Grain-Free” diet at all. As it turned out, few of them had allergy problems and a dull coat.

I decided to up the ante and removed any soy, corn, and cheap source of Carbs from their diet. I opted for the fresh veggies and fruits this lineup of products offered my friends. Also, the dogs needed a balanced protein to be active all day for training. Luckily, a welcome change to Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food supplied them with protein without making my head spin.

This Dry Dog Food Brand suited Dogs’ Digestive tracts

It is one thing that Rachael Ray Dog Food Range is without grains or it is rich in protein. But, it should perfectly fit your dog’s digestive habits. I did some checking myself when I fed that to my 3-year old pug. It turned out to be perfect!

Most dogs suffer from an upset stomach or roughness in the coat if a certain food doesn’t digest properly. For me, there were no such issues. My pug seems to go about his day perfectly without pooping too much or vomiting after consuming the food.

This is One of the Best Dog Foods in terms of Meat Content

Now people don’t pay close attention to this fact but dogs basically are wild animals to begin with. They need as much protein as they can get. That is why we need to provide them with meat in their food pallets that have rich protein to boost the metabolism of these canines.

Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews mention that you have farm-grown ingredients like venison, turkey, lamb etc. These are right up there when I considered the protein count that my canine buddies would receive from wild meat. The difference was not too great. That is why I decided to go with this dry dog food brand.

Additional Perks I Got from Feeding My Dogs with Rachael Ray Dog Food

Besides the traits that I mentioned above, there were few perks that came along with this dry dog food brand. Let me gloss over few of them just to give you an idea about things.

  • By this time, people have noticed that this food lineup comes with good quality protein source. But I am impressed with the fact that Rachael Ray is a “Home-based Recipe.” It has fruits and veggies to supply those fur balls with anti-oxidants and fiber to remain active.
  • You have meat listed as ingredient of these recipes. But majority of Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews don’t mention usage of any “Meat By-products.”
  • The four-legged beasts get ample fatty acids to improve on their furry coat.
  • You get to choose from various sizes of the packages. Also, the price is very much within the grasp of people to cut themselves a good bargain with this product.

Before I Put This Thing to Rest

Selecting the ideal dog food is kind of dependent on personal choices and dog types. People need to consider the type of lives their dogs live as well. But as far as healthy diets for dogs are concerned, Rachael Ray Dog Food sits right at the top.

After going through numerous Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews and while adding the finishing touches on my own, I’d say these foods do a perfect job nurturing any dog’s needs. A two thumbs up from me and a solid recommendation for anyone who’s looking to alter their pet’s diet.

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