Benefits Of Adopting A Dog From A Shelter

Adopting a dog from a shelter has several benefits for you and your newfound animal friend. It’s a life-changing decision to start owning a pet. Perhaps, you want to own a dog because this type of animal looks cute. However, the advantages of adopting a dog from a shelter far exceed the boundaries of having a cute pet. So, if you’re thinking about adopting a shelter dog, here are three benefits of proceeding with this decision:

You’re Going To Save A Life

Take note of the adage, “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.” That saying can be appropriate in the context of this post.

The world isn’t as friendly as you might initially think. As a human being, you have the intellect and defensive capabilities to prevent harm from coming to your life. But, it’s a different story for the pooches in shelters.

Different shelter dogs have different stories to tell. One pup might come from a rescue operation from an abusive owner. Another dog might be a stray, and the shelter acquired the animal in hopes of finding a loving fur parent.

So, if you’re going to adopt a dog from a shelter, you’re going to give that animal a second chance in life. You’re going to give that pet a loving home where it can prance and play to their heart’s desire.

At this point, you might be holding back because you’re thinking about the costs of owning a dog. Yes, it can be expensive to care for a pet. In fact, 42% of dog owners can barely afford their dog. However, you can save cash for the life of your new furry four-legged family member through adoption.

Adopting a dog isn’t free. But, it’s going to be cheaper than buying a purebred from the commercial market.

You’re Going To Receive A Lot Of TLC

Dogs cannot hide their emotions. Ergo, you can read your pet like an open book. So, if you save a canine from a shelter, your new pet is going to shower you with tender loving care for the rest of their life.

A happy dog will wag their tail in excitement every time they see you. Your new shelter dog is no exception to that rule. The animal life you save will shower you with love and compassion in more ways than one.

“Fido” will run up to you upon entering the front door. Also, your pet will always shower you with attention, telling you to come and play when you feel stressed out. On that note, many dogs can feel the emotions of their fur parents. So, it might not come as a surprise if your new pup will come up to you and start licking your face if you’re feeling sad.

Return that TLC by giving love and compassion back to your dog. Even the simplest activities can help show that you love your pet to bits. Buy pet supplies, like dog food or chew toys, take them out for walks, or play fetch with “Max” in the yard. These activities show that your life became livelier than before, thanks to your decision to adopt a shelter dog.

You’ll Become Physically And Mentally Healthier

Think of owning a shelter dog as having a new baby in the house. Caring for a furry four-legged baby comes with several challenges. For instance, the pooch might poop and pee indoors. So, puppy training should be on your to-do list when you have a new pet.

But, the benefits of dog training aren’t for your pet alone. Several physical and mental advantages are also in store for you while you’re teaching your pet new tricks.

For example, teaching your dog to stop and stay while walking will let your pet learn proper discipline while both of you are out of the house. At first, you might find it challenging to control your pet, especially when they get enthused. But, walk your dog and issue commands repeatedly, and your animal companion will learn to heel over time.

Hence, it means that you need to walk your dog frequently for them to learn this particular trick. Walking with your pet keeps you physically fit. Furthermore, you’re always keeping a keen eye on your pet to ensure that they don’t disobey your commands. So, you’ll exercise your mind to become mentally active each time you go for walks.

You’re Likely To Make New Friends

Perhaps, you’re not the only dog lover in your neighborhood. Many dog lovers would like to meet other people with the same interests. So, if you meet another person walking their dog at the park, chances are they’re going to walk up to you and talk about your pet pooch. Otherwise, you can walk up to them to make the first contact.

Aside from parks, you can also make new dog-loving friends at your local dog park. Your furry canine companion should also make new friends with whom they can play in the area.

But, be wary as your dog might feel uneasy when meeting new faces. Make sure to walk to the individual and their furry friend carefully. Watch how your pet pooch reacts with each step. If you can’t walk further because “Fido” is trying to hold you back, you can try and carry your pet as you go near the other individual.

Once near the friendly fur parent, attempt to make their pooch sniff the butt of your canine companion. After you see that both dogs are calm, set “Fido” down to the floor again. You should see a budding friendship commence afterward.

However, if the other dog becomes aggressive as you’re walking to them, apologize to the pet owner that you can’t go near. You may still try to communicate with each other at a distance to form a new friendship, despite the growling or barking dog trying to get in the way of the conversation.


Adopting a dog from a shelter promotes different benefits for both you, as a new fur parent, and your new furry family member. After all, you’re going to save a life. That life you’ll save will shower you with TLC, and you’ll become healthier than before. Talk to your local shelter about your options, and you might come home with a new furry four-legged creature in tow.

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