Top 10 Best Dog Playpen Reviews of 2023

best-dog-playpenThe best dog playpen offers proper accommodation for your dog. It allows your dog to do all the general activity but prevent from running off. There are a vast array of playpens on the market with many appealing features and design.

Playpens can be made of various types of materials like steel wire, plastic, plastic coated steel wire etc. So, it’s very important to choose the perfect playpen for your puppy that will be safe and comfortable for it and easy to use for you. So let’s have a look into the some of the best puppy playpens. 

Best Dog Playpens for 2023 – Comparison Table

Why should you buy a playpen for dogs?

Dogs are the most faithful pet than any other animals people ever tried for domestication. Moreover, for the security of your house, you need a dog in your house. When you are a new dog owner and your puppy or dog is highly energetic and has a tendency to get into mischief then a dog playpen may be the best solution for you. For the following reason, you should buy a playpen for your dog.

  • For a long time or in daily basis you need to go outside. Your dog is not secured when it stays alone at home. So, for its security, it needs to stay inside the playpen.
  • It might happen that you can’t control your lovely pet. Then you don’t have any alternative other than buying a playpen.
  • Another major issue is that your pet sometimes enters in the restricted area of your house such as your bedroom, kitchen etc. To stop him, you need to keep your pet in the playpen.
  • If any of your relatives come to your house and they may feel disturbed with the dog. For this case, you also need a playpen in your house.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Playpen

If you think a playpen is really needed for your dog, then without any delay, you must buy a playpen for your dog. But, you need to consider some things before buying a playpen. These are mentioned below.

  • Is the playpen is enough large for your dog?
  • If the dog remains inside the playpen, then, is there enough space for the dog?
  • Are entry and exit system of the playpen easy for the dog?
  • The playpen is a removable thing. Is it enough easy to configure or break down?
  • Sometimes, you need to shift the playpen from one place to another. So is it enough light to carry?
  • When you go outside of the home, you need to provide sufficient food to the dog. Is the playpen is suitable for that?

If you consider these things, I believe you can find the quality dog playpen for your dog. 

Best Dog Playpen Reviews

MidWest Exercise Pen

MidWest-Exercise-PenIf you have a dog in your house, though it has enough freedom there, but there must be some restricted place for it.

But, your lovely pet doesn’t maintain your instruction properly. Now, you may consider to keep it in a playpen for some moment in a whole day. Then, MidWest Exercise Pen can be the best dog playpen for you. If you want to buy one, first you should know the features of this playpen. Please read below.

Features & Benefits

  • For the security system of this playpen, this item being famous to its users. The structure of this playpen support to attach a crate. By this crate, the dog has direct access to the playpen. Many people use this crate when they go out for a long time.
  • If your dog wants to climb up, then I suggest you may take this product. Because of the height of this playpen, your dog can climb up which is helpful to increase the activity of your dog.
  • Double black e-coat finish protection is available to make the product long lasting and durable.
  • Specially made for outdoor uses and has long lasting protection against rust.
  • You don’t need any tool to set up this dog playpen.
  • Potential sharp edges are available.
  • Has a great height for the large dog.
  • Four clips are available to attach a panel to the other cage.
  • Strong and more durable.
  • Zinc is used to made this playpen which is not friendly for the dog.
  • Sharp edge can injure the pet


MidWest Exercise Pen is one of the top rated dog playpens. I think, if you choose it for your dog, it might be happy.


BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen (Outdoor)

BestPet-Heavy-Duty-Pet-Playpen-Dog-Exercise-Pen-OutdoorMost of the people love to have a dog in their own house to keep the home secure. If you have a dog in your house, then a playpen is really needed for you. This heavy duty pet playpen provides you the opportunity to control your dog and allows you to limit the entrance in the restricted areas in your house. The other features of this playpen are mentioned below.

Features & Benefits

  • The configuration of the playpen is easier and faster. That’s why you can use it in both indoor and outdoor. The additional advantage of this product is its easy configuration system. You don't need any tools for that.
  • This playpen has a door which ensures easy entry and exit from the playpen.
  • The height and width of this product are 40" and 31". So this playpen is suitable for both large and small sized dogs.
  • Another advantage of this dog playpen is its flexibility. It is more flexible such that you can carry this product for outdoor uses.
  • Strong materials of this product made this item longer lasting.
  • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor.
  • Suitable for both large and small sized dogs.
  • Easy to configure and also easy to break down.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • More weight so it is harder to carry.
  • The roof of the playpen is empty.


If you set your mind to take a dog playpen, then I suggest you to take this playpen for your dog. It is not only more flexible but also long lasting.


Smith built Premium 8-Panel Black Dog Exercise PlayPen

Smith-built-Premium-8-Panel-Black-Dog-Exercise-Play-PenThis SmithBuilt Premium 8-Panel Dog Exercise Playpen has various features for which it becomes popular to the users. Because of this many people choose this product. Let me explain the top features of this playpen.

Features & Benefits

  • The product is around 48” height. If you want to keep your pet active, this playpen is suitable for you. The height of this product makes the opportunity for the dog to climb which makes your dog more active.
  • The playpen is large enough and it is suitable for both small and large dogs. Moreover, if your dog becomes large within a short period of time, I suggest you to choose this playpen.
  • Easy configuration is another additional advantage of this playpen which helps to use it both home and outdoor.
  • The rust protection makes the playpen longer lasting.
  • This is a premium dog playpen. It doesn’t need any tools to configure or breakdown.
  • Suitable for all size dogs.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Flexible
  • Long lasting for its rust protection.
  • If the floor is not supportive for this playpen, then it might be the chance to slide.
  • The structure of this playpen is not so strong.


If you set your mind to buy a playpen for your dog at an affordable price then, I suggest you to go for this product.


My1stPet 8 Panels Metal Exercise Dog Playpen

My-1st-Pet-8-Panels-Metal-Exercise-Dog-PlaypenMost of the dog lover expect to have a playpen for his/her dog. Among all, another playpen My1stPet 8 Panels Metal Exercise Dog Playpen is not only the Best Dog Playpen but also affordable. The other features of this playpen are mentioned below.

Features & Benefits

  • The outlook of this product is very attractive because it has black vein finishing which is also power coated.
  • The dimension of this product is 31’ wide and 48” high. So it is suitable for both all sized dogs and pets.
  • This dog playpen provides you the opportunity to connect multiple playpens with one to another which is one of the most attractive features of this playpen.
  • The weight of this product is just 38 lbs. So it is easier to carry this dog playpen when you go outside with your dog.
  • Two door latch makes it easy to enter and exit for the dog.
  • In this pet playpen, 8 stakes are available so it is more secure to hold on the ground.
  • Black vein power coated is available.
  • The outlook of this product is just attractive.
  • Very light weight.
  • 8 stakes ground secure available.
  • Sufficient height.
  • The door is very loose.
  • The body materials are not so strong.


Though this playpen is not enough strong for a heavyweight dog, but if you want to buy a playpen at affordable price then you may consider to have this playpen.


Best Outdoor Dog Pen - Oxgord Heavy Duty Yard Playpen

Oxgord-Heavy-Duty-Yard-PlaypenAmong all dog playpens, Oxgord Heavy Duty Yard is more popular because of its one unique feature. This unique feature is, it is airplane approved with warranty. That’s why it becomes so popular. If you set your mind to buy a playpen, then this playpen can be the best option for you. Let me outline some features and benefits to explain why this product is appropriate for you.

Features & Benefits

  • This dog playpen is popular for its multiple sizes. Every human being has a different choice. Some people want a small playpen and some other look for large one. Those people who want to get more space in their house, they should choose the small one and those who want to use the same product for many years, then they should choose the large one.
  • This dog playpen is approved by the airline which also indicates its quality. Moreover, it has a 1-year warranty. So, you can choose this product without any doubt.
  • This playpen can be used for both dog and cat. It can also be used in both indoor and outdoor.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Multiple sizes.
  • Suitable for different pets.
  • Warranty available.
  • Collapsible outdoor security.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Hard to carry this product due to overweight.
  • The fence is so heavy which is not friendly for the pet.


This dog playpen is little bit weighty. That's why you may face difficulty in carrying this. But, I suggest you to take this because of its good quality.

Playpens for Puppies

IRIS Plastic Puppy and Dog Pet Playpen

IRIS-Plastic-Puppy-and-Dog-Pet-PlaypenIRIS Plastic Puppy and Dog Pet Playpen is made by plastic. Most of the people want it because the plastic playpens are friendly for the dog. The other feature of this dog playpen is mentioned below.

Features & Benefits

  • This dog playpen has a roof and the rooftop is removable. If your pet becomes very naughty, then you should choose this product because it helps to keep your pet in a chain.
  • This is an uncommon playpen. The whole body of this playpen is made of durable plastic which is friendly material for a dog.
  • It can be used in both indoor and outdoor.
  • Easy to assemble which makes your job so easy when you break down or re-configure this product.
  • Multiple colors make this product more attractive.
  • Built with durable plastic.
  • Friendly material for the pet.
  • Removable roof top available.
  • Door makes the pet entry and exit easy.
  • Attractive look.
  • Mesh roof is not secured.
  • Not enough strong.


Though this product is not long lasting, but versatile size and lightweight construction make this a very affordable option.


ESK COLLECTION Blue 45″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen

ESK-COLLECTION-Blue-45″-Pet-Puppy-Dog-PlaypenESK COLLECTION Blue 45" Pet Puppy Dog Playpen is completely different looking playpen. It is suitable for a small dog because it doesn't have enough space for the large dog. Its window system makes it the best dog playpen from others. Rest features are mentioned below.

Features & Benefits

  • The several windows of this product help the baby pet to take breath easily. For this reason, you may choose this playpen for our baby dog.
  • Very simple to install and also simple to break down.
  • Another attractive feature of this pet dog playpen is, it is waterproof. If you don't want to make your puppy to wet in rain, then it could be one of the best options.
  • Moreover, it's a colorful pet playpen. Most of the case, dogs don't want to stay in the playpen. As this is colorful, the little dogs may enjoy to staying inside the playpen.
  • Waterproof playpen.
  • Windows are very necessary for taking a breath.
  • Easy to install and also easy to break down.
  • Suitable size for the small dog.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Not suitable for large size dogs.
  • The zipper is not up to the mark.


This is the most uncommon dog's playpen among my top 10 dog playpens. If your dog is very small, then you should go for this product.


Richell Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Dog Pet Playpen

Richell-Convertible-Indoor/Outdoor-Dog-Pet-PlaypenRichell Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Dog Pet Playpen is popular because it is completely water-resistant and designed with outdoors and indoors in mind. You can get these with 4 or 6 panels. You can use it however you want. That's why it has become the best dog playpen. Other features are outlined below.

Features & Benefits 

  • Richell Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Dog Pet Playpen is famous because it has no definite size. It has the 4-6 panels. The ended two panels can be connected with each other. And make an indefinite playpen.
  • If you want to let your dog to have more space then this playpen can be used.
  • Special water resistant feature is available in this dog playpen.
  • This can be used for multiple purposes such as indoor and also outdoor.
  • No tools are required to configure or break down this product.
  • Comfortable mat available with this dog playpen.
  • Lockable gate door available.
  • Special mat for keeping the pet more comfortable.
  • Easy to configure and easy to break down.
  • More space for the dog.
  • Suitable for both large and small dog.
  • Little bit expensive.
  • The quality of the external mat is not up to the mark.


If you want to get a stylish dog playpen, you may wish to have this dog playpen.


Best Portable Dog Pen - Zampa Foldable Portable Pet Playpen

Zampa-Foldable-Portable-Pet-PlaypenZampa foldable pet playpen is one of the best and more versatile playpens out there. It’s comfortable for small to medium sized dogs. This portable and foldable dog playpen is easy to use at home as well as outside home. The others are mentioned below.

Features & Benefits

  • Zampa foldable pet playpen is a mesh window playpen. It can protect your pet from mosquito or any other annoying insects.
  • A zipper is available to turn off the Zampa playpen. If the pet becomes naughty, then zampa playpen can play a good role to control your pet.
  • A floor mat comes with it to ensure the dog safety.
  • Water resistant and easy to take it outdoor.
  • Mesh window available.
  • The zipper is available to lock the playpen.
  • Two doors available
  • Warranty service available.
  • Water dispenser hole available.
  • The zipper is not so durable.
  • For this mesh window, the pet might not be comfortable.


This product will be delightful for the people who want to take their dog outside while they are moving around.


Pet Trex Playpen for Dogs

Pet-Trex-Playpen-for-DogsPet Trex Playpen for Dogs is an ordinary playpen. But it is long lasting. If you need a playpen for rough use, you can go with this product. The other features are mentioned below.

Features & Benefits 

  • The both height and width of the playpen is 24”. So, it is suitable for any kind of dog.
  • The only 15lb product can be the shift from one place to another. So it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easily set up and also easy to fold up.
  • The dog is more secure here.
  • The door system, makes the dog easily enter in the playpen and easily leave from here.
  • Helpful to use.
  • Light weight makes this product easy to carry.
  • Mattel baby makes the product long lasting.
  • Overall space is 12 square feet
  • One door system.
  • No roof top.
  • Easy to climb out.


Whether you have a small puppy or bigger dog, this is an ideal choice for all size pets.

Final Verdict

The main purpose of a dog play pen is to keep your dog safe and to control its bad habits. But, it can be tough to choose the best dog playpen for your pet amongst versatile options.

When it comes to comfort and space for your beloved dog, we come with the best solution for you. From our expert's calculation, we ensure that our list is the trustworthy one that will help you to choose the perfect playpen for your puppy and large dog.

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