Best Brush for Goldendoodle Dogs: My Handpicked Shortlist

What is your favorite dog breed?

While people will name some of the pure breeds, I prefer the hybrids. Specially the one between Golden Retriever and Poodle.

Yeah, the Goldendoodle. I adore them because of the hair. Believe it or not, the hair takes some managing. You need a special bit of care along with just the right equipment. By equipment I mean the Best Brush for Goldendoodle that you can possibly find. Finding one took me some time.

If you are on the same boat as me and are looking for a brush to manage all the fur, you are in luck. Finding one will not take you all that time. This article will go into details of things. I’ll discuss why you need a brush for your dogs and which are the best contenders.

By the end of this piece, you’ll know how to choose one for yourselves too. That is, if you are willing to research more into this topic.

Why A Brush for the Goldendoodle Dogs?

It’s fairly obvious. Every dog needs grooming products to stay adorable. Without a comb or a brush, you’ll soon see your dogs’ coats become mess of tangled hair. Some dogs have dandruff problems and shed hair frequently. A brush is a lifesaver for such furry beasts.

Luckily, Goldendoodles are easier to handle. They don’t shade profusely. You won’t need to worry about messing up the carpets too much. BUT, regular grooming and tending to their hairy coats is are necessary. You need to brush the hair, trim it, and comb it to prevent matting.

Dog owners often are advised to give the dogs a soothing bath. Do comb the fur before and after bathing with a dog shampoo. This will keep the hair and coat manageable. To brush the hair or comb it, you need a comb that tends the coat gently without triggering itchiness or sensitivity.

Best Goldendoodle Brush Comparison

Product NameOur RatingPrice
HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush4.8/5Check Price
Hertzko Slicker Brush4.8/5Check Price
Tailmate Pin And Bristle Brush Comb4.8/5Check Price
Chris Christensen A5 III Mark III4.8/5Check Price
FURminator Dog Slicker Brush4.7/5Check Price
2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko4.7/5Check Price

Best Brush For Goldendoodle Dogs – My Recommendations

Dog brushes aren’t so rare on the market. Yet, people struggle when trying to find out brushes for a specific breed. For example, finding one for the Goldendoodles can be tough. Not for you if you are in this segment of my article. Here are 6 Top Brushes for Goldendoodles.

1. HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

HappyDogz-Pro-Slicker-Brush-for-Dogs-and-CatsWhy would you choose the Pro Slicker brush above the others?

The answer is simple, because it is made by the users, for the users.

The main target of this dog grooming product is to spread the pleasure of grooming your pet. Even if it moves one step at a time. This brush gives your furry friend a fast shortcut to a nice glossy and healthy coat that is tangle free!

Trust me, your Goldendoodle won’t feel an ounce of discomfort with the Pro slicker Brush. The pins are made of stainless steel and they are guaranteed to disentangle and won’t make your pup feel even the slightest bit of pain.

Whether it be double layers of thick hair or simple single-layer coat, this brush will work like a wonder. And to make things even better, it’s good for both shedding and non-shedding dogs.

This brush has an ergonomic design which will help you feel comfortable while gripping it.

Plus, this brush is totally eco-friendly and there will be absolutely no damage done to mother nature. It almost effortlessly removes matts, dead hair and other filth from your pet’s coat. Thanks to this, there won’t be any pet hair lying around your house.

Don’t know how to use it properly? No problems.

This product comes with a dog grooming eBook that’s totally free! So help yourself by saying goodbye to a lot of trouble by keeping this product on your priority list the next time you go shopping.

Things I Like about this Brush
  • This is the perfect brush if your dog has a sensitive skin that troubles him.
  • Eco-Friendly materials in the making pose no threats to the environment whatsoever.
  • Pro Slicker brush has an ergonomic shape to it. You won’t have any troubles holding it.
  • Dog Grooming E-book is quite handy filled with additional information for better care of the dog.
  • This thing is suitable both for long and short hair on your dog’s body.
Things I Don’t Like about This Brush
  • Some dogs may not like the sensation this comb causes to them.

2. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko-Self-Cleaning-Slicker-BrushGet rid of your tangling and matting problem with Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. Minus all the hazards.

This accessory not only helps your dog look good but it makes it feel good too. The gentle touch of the bristles increase blood circulation which helps to build a healthy and shiny coat.

And do you know what the best part is? This precious little thing cleans itself so that you can make your day easier!

All you have to do is click on a single button and the bristles will retract back. This will make all the hair stuck in the brush super easy to remove. And when you are done the brush will be ready to be used again. Brushing your pet will turn into a comfortable massage.

Having trouble grooming the undercoat? The bristles are specially designed with “Fine Bent” wires that penetrate deeper into the coat without hurting your friend in any way. This brush not only ensures comfort but it is also strong and durable.

Hertzko cares for you too as the grip is designed for a comfortable grip. And the ergonomic design saves you from straining your wrist and arm. So all your worries about having to tire your hand while brushing your pet will become a thing of the past.’

Whether you are looking for the best brush for Goldendoodle or your big bad Husky, this little brush here is guaranteed to make your life a lot easier. There is no regret with investing less than 20 dollars on a quality product that keeps you satisfied in every possible way.

Things I Like about this Brush
  • This brush is very gentle when removing dead hairs, mats, and shedding hairs off the body.
  • This quality product actually is a lot cheaper than the brand name would suggest to people.
  • Cleaning this thing is as easy as pie with the single click of a button.
  • Hertzko not only cleans up the hair and the coat, it massages your pets as well while doing so.
  • This durable brush has an ergonomic design that helps you to hold it perfectly.
Things I Don’t Like about This Brush
  • This thing is all good except the fact that it is too heavy for some dog and cat owners.

3. Tailmate Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush Comb For Long Haired Dogs & Cats

Tailmate-Double-Sided-Pin & Bristle-Brush-Comb As we move to the middle point of our list concerning best brush for Goldendoodle dogs, A double sided brush might not be such a bad idea to include on my list. Pin and Bristle Brush from Tailmate? I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Wondering what’s new? Well, you get rounded pins that penetrate deep inside the coat. It allows you to comb your furry friend’s hair thoroughly. Plus, the handle is pretty easy to grip. Thanks to the ergonomics that went into the design, it is comfortable as well.

Needless to say, the handle won’t slip when you grip it. “Anti-Slip” technology is at work here. Go through tough hairs on your canine’s back without worrying about the comb sticking or bristles breaking up as well.

Unless you’ve missed it, this is a double sided brush. You can use any side to comb your pet’s hair. Comb any type of hair you like. Be it long, medium, or short. Notice I said pets? Well, I say pets because, one can use this on cats and dogs.

Best Goldendoodle brush reviews will tell you that plastic is a big “No-no.” They are right. Plastic can damage the environment big time when disposed. Tailmate didn’t take that route. It switched to “Eco-Friendly” materials instead. These don’t pose any risk to the environment at all. 

Things I Like about this Brush
  • The rounded pins of this brush go deep into the coat of your dog’s coat to clean and manage it.
  • Besides the ergonomics, Anti-Slip technology is at work with the handle. It is easy to grip for you.
  • Eco-Friendly materials of this comb is convenient for the environment as well as for personal use. This is a double sided brush.
  • This adds further convenience for dog owners when using it.
  • This thing is equally useful to cats as it is for dogs.
Things I Don’t Like about This Brush
  • I can’t nitpick this brush for non-existent flaws at this point.

4. Chris Christensen A5 III Mark III Slicker

Chris-Christensen-A5-III-Mark-III-SlickerWant to make your Goldendoodle so gorgeous that it becomes ready for dog shows and becomes a superstar? Well then, the Chris Christensen A5 III Mark III Slicker brush is here to do just the thing. No need to worry about coat damage while you are using this brush.

This beech wood slicker brush is specially hand crafted and its steel pins are of top notch quality. The company ensures comfort for both the pet and the owner by providing a comfortable grip as well.

The pins are not coated, but it makes up for that drawback with super lightweight and a comfortable handle. Worried about wear and tear on your friend’s fur? Not a chance! This brush is designed for delicate treatments.

Try this brush for yourself, you will feel that you have invested every penny on the right place. For the price point, this brush does far better than many of its competitors. After using it your pet will end up looking well-groomed and almost commercial ready!

Make your dog happy and put load off of your wrist. There might be all sorts of reviews out there. But this really is “Got to use it to know it’’ sort of thing. In a fraction of a time this brush will help you disentangle and loosen the undercoat.

You and your pet don’t have to “tolerate’’ anything. This brush will fit in just naturally within your grooming wardrobe. This is indeed a big step up from your regular slicker brushes.

Things I Like about this Brush
  • Unlike the others on my list, this one is made of beach wood. It is eco-conscious and harmless.
  • It is a better brush than the competitors at the same price point according to my experiences.
  • One can disentangle or loosen up the hairy coat in a matter of a jiffy with this brush.
  • This is essentially a commercial-grade brush. People use it to prep dogs for various shows.
  • The steel pins will hold up for a long time. This thing is indeed a durable piece of commodity.
Things I Don’t Like about This Brush
  • I found the handle to be a bit small for my comfort and had trouble gripping.

5. FURminator Dog Slicker Brush

FURminator-Dog-Slicker-BrushFurminator is an excellent choice if you want to handle the grooming of your dogs yourselves. Because we all know that a well-groomed pet is a happy pet. It’s obvious that in our everyday tight schedule we cannot really manage the time to go to a pet stylist very often. That’s where FURminator comes in.

The company produces high quality products to ensure maximum performance and this slicker brush just that. One needs one or two minutes once or twice per week to keep his/her dogs groomed.

Goldendoodles can prove to be a handful when you want to keep them clean and well groomed. Their long curly coats can be pretty difficult to maintain. And this brush right here is ideal for the task.

Whatever type of grooming you need, this baby can provide. With straight bristles on one side and bent ones on the other gives you total liberty for stylizing your pet’s fur. Plus, the head flexes to the sides. You have greater control over the contours of your pets.

To make things even better, this brush has an ergonomic grip. Which means you can say goodbye to unwanted strain on your wrist.

When you are out to shop for the best Goldendoodle brush, this one should most certainly be in your checklist. Because this brush is loaded with effective features. Whether you want a shiny coat, disentangle the fur or get rid of mats, this brush does it all.

It should also mention that this brush is eco-friendly and even friendly on your dog’s skin. It does not put any unwanted pressure and at the same time helps your dog to stay healthy.

Things I Like about this Brush
  • This brush is simple but durable thing that will last the test of time for the users.
  • When removing matts and detangling hairs, it doesn’t pull on the coat of your furry friends.
  • One can buy this thing in small or large size whatever he/she deems necessary for the dogs.
  • The space between two bristles reduce the risk of hair coming off from the coat of your friend.
  • The bristles are straight and bent. You can even stylize the normal furry coat of the dog you love.
Things I Don’t Like about This Brush
  • This brush could have had more features. Yet, a product of less than 20 dollars can only offer you so much things.

6. 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko

2-Pack-Pet-Combs-by-HertzkoAs the last product on my Best Brush for Goldendoodle dogs, this is a combo pack from Hertzko. The beauty of this combo pack is that it is suitable for the entire body of your friend. That includes large and small hairs on backs, behind, and the sides.

These combs are perfect if you are dealing with a furry beast who sheds frequently. These things remove the shedding hairs before they can populate your floors. While doing that, they detangle the coat too! The combo even clears out dirt as part of the process.

These two combs are safe to use for the dogs. These don’t have sharp edges as with most of the models on the market. Instead, you have rounded pins. These help to care for the hair gently. These combs allow the coat to be nice and fluffy. And no, these combs will not leave scratches when they are done.

You won’t find it hard to grip these things as well. These combs come with what manufacturers call the “Comfort Grip.” This gripping area is protected by rubber. This rubber is “Anti-Slip.” Meaning, it will not slip away when one goes through the rough coat.

Besides combing the hairs and grooming the coat, these brushes massage your pet as well. Use it frequently and you’ll see no dandruff or fleas taking hold of them. Plus, the skin will remain shiny. Minus the dead cells of course. A good deal no matter which angle you view it from.

Things I Like about this Brush
  • You have not one but two different coms/brushes to take care of your dog’s coat.
  • Combing with these two combs make the coat fluffy and shinier than in normal times.
  • The rubber grip further enhances the comfort level of any dog owner out there.
  • These things have rounded edges instead of the sharp ones. They’ll not cause your dog scratches.
  • You can manage short, medium, and long hair of the coat of your dog friend.
Things I Don’t Like about This Brush
  • These comb combo doesn’t have any fault of its own for that matter.

How to Buy The Best Goldendoodle Brush?

Even though I’ve recommended a few top notch brushes for your Goldendoodle friends, for those of you who want to prolong their research, can take head of this section. Here, I’ll tell you how to choose the ideal comb/brush to groom your friend to be nice and tidy.

Look at the Material in Question

Make sure the material of the brush is sturdy. I am not talking steel here. Steel would be too heavy on the users. Go for wood or plastic instead. These are easier to maneuver compared to steel.

Better yet, go for eco-friendly materials. These brushes are easy to dispose of when they can’t go along for the ride anymore. Disposing them won’t cause concerns for the environment. Plus, these are cheap. You can find one under 100 or even 50 dollars for that matter.

I’d have suggested Aluminum. But combs that are too lightweight can break apart just as easily. You are better off avoiding such stuff.

Check the Size of the Brushes

Dogs can have variable sizes when it comes to their furs. Depending on how sassy you want your Goldendoodle to be, it can end up having long, medium, or short furs.

Further depending on the fur size, choose the size of the brushes. Dealing with long fur can be difficult if your choice of brush ends up to be too small. One can have trouble holding that brush as well.

Choose a comb/brush that is medium in size. That way, you can hold the comb in the right position to manage your friend’s coat. Check your hand size in the process. You don’t want something you have a tough time to maneuver just because your hand is too small or big.

Check the Grip of The Brand

While we are dwelling on the “Size” of a brush, there’s another side to it. Size alone doesn’t determine “Comfort” level. And that, my dear readers, is the grip or the handle quality.

Ordinary dog brushes might come with plastic or wooden handles. Some even have hard plastic in place. But for me, the ideal variety is rubber. When you groom a Goldendoodle with dense coat, you need time. I just can’t imagine myself holding a plastic brush for 30 minutes straight. My hands would get tired.

Instead, I favor those with rubber grips. These things match contours of your palms. They comfort your hands by putting less pressure on it. Also, rubber grips come with “Anti-slip” technology. This further reinforces the chances of your hands not slipping due to sweat.

The Quality of the Pins on your Brushes

People usually brush over the quality of the pins on combs. But this is no laughing stock neither is it a matter to shrug over. Pay close attention to the “Pins” on the combs.

The edges should not be sharp. Sharp-edged pins can trigger itchiness on your furry friend’s skin. Worst case scenario is, your friend might bleed due to combing. If the fur is dense or is long, You might have difficulties moving the brush around. Chances of nicks or cuts increase by the second.

The best brush for Goldendoodle dogs should have rounded pins. The rounded edge tackles hair gently. Trust me, your beloved dog won’t feel a thing. Moreover, rounded pins are better for canines with a sensitive skin.

Take Care of the “Cleaning” of These Things

If you are following along, Goldendoodles don’t shed fur all that often. But you need to groom them regularly. Also, dog owners have to untangle the hairs every now and again.

Here’s where “Cleaning the Brush” needs to be addressed. Sooner or later, even the Best Goldendoodle needs cleaning. My advice would be to go for brushes that have a switch. This switch allows you to retract or bring out the pins or bristles. In doing that, all the stubble of hair is left on the stick.

You can clean that with ease. Finding one with button is not all that hard. You can always go for Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush. In case you forgot, that thing is on my list too.

Few Minor Features

Factors above can pretty much guarantee you a worthy purchase. But just to add the cherry on top, you can add these two on your list as well.

The first thing to look at is the bristle type. Brushes generally have straight bristles. But you’ll find a handful (Hint: Check out my list) that have crossed bristles as well. Crossed bristles help you to untangle Goldendoodle’s coat faster. Also, these don’t cause any scratches on skin. I’ve found these to mimic “Massage Like” feeling for my dog.

The second thing I’d tell you to look for (if possible) is a pivoting or swaying head. A Goldendoodle brush with a swaying head relieves you of going over the same spot over and over again. It works to relieve the hand fatigue as well.

Let’s Wrap it Up

The Best Brush for Goldendoodle isn’t a fix mantle. It can be different for different dog owners. Getting the perfect one that suits your dog is crucial. You have to have some form of choice. Hence, my recommendations should help.

The buying guide will let you know of essential factors you should keep in mind. Be mindful about the crucial elements of a comb or brush as both are different.

Lastly, do read the manual you get with the products. Just choosing the correct one is only a part of the solution. The other part is learning how to use the tool.

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