Why Are Dogs So Loyal To The Owners?


If you have any sort of feelings towards pets, you might have known that dog is the most loyal and trustworthy pet animal in the world. But ever wondered Why are Dogs So Loyal? Here we have outlined the reasons in this post.

Statistical Approach Behind Dog’s Loyalty

A study claims dogs have been man’s best friend since between 27,000 and 40,000 years ago. Humans tamed canine ancestors’ centuries earlier than first thought. Animal represents the most recent common ancestor of modern canines. In the first sign of disaster, death, and danger dogs live up to their reputations as a man’s or persons best friend with very strong acts of loyalty.

Why are Dogs So Loyal?- These Are The Key Reasons

  • Dogs can develop better ways of communicating with humans.
  • This ability to communicate with one another – something not found among other species.
  • It says that dogs are more human-like in their behaviors than any other animal.
  • It can express compassion to humans.
  • They can understand verbal and physical gestures from humans,
  • They understand human behaviors as well as their facial expressions.
  • Humans also can accurately interpret the meaning of dog barks.

Loyalty is a common feature among many dogs. Yet, some breeds push that envelope little bit further. Some of the breeds considered to be among the loyalist.

Dogs Can Have Many Different Personalities

  • Loving
  • Trustworthy
  • Faithful
  • Obedient
  • Shy
  • Courageous
  • Aggressive
  • Over protective
  • Extraordinary
  • Confident
  • Loyal
  • Independent

Why are Dogs So Loyal to Their Owners?

  • Loyalty means having a faithful allegiance to another person or institution.
  • Good friends are loyal and stick together no matter what.
  • Dogs don’t like to be alone and away from their owners.
  • According to culture evidence, dogs and humans share a strong and loving bond.
  • They instinctually show loyalty to those who could be part of their pack.
  • Allegiance among members of the pack would be crucial to its success.
  • Dogs are very similar to humans and their emotions.

Some Very Loyal Dog Breeds

Maybe, while wondering about the question- Why Are Dogs So Loyal? you might be thinking of most loyal breeds of dogs. Here is the answer-

  • Great Pyrenees: Regardless of the threat involved this breed protects their loved ones at all costs.
  • Shetland Sheepdog: Having a dog of this breed is like having your own personal shadows.
  • German Shepherd: This breed has razor-sharp instincts.
  • Rough Collie: Breed which is seen as the ‘bigger brother’ of the Shetland Sheepdog.
  • Kuvasz: In Turkish, the name translates to ‘armed guard of the nobility.’ It means you’ve got a companion who will stand by your side regardless of the circumstances.

In most cases, the inborn behavioral qualities of dogs provide themselves with steadfast human companionship:

  • Sensibly and categorically affectionate.
  • Like to stay close to human.
  • Build up attachments to people.
  • Have similar biological clocks—active during the day, sleeping at night.

Some Interesting Stories with Regard to Why are Dogs So Loyal?

  • Dogs loyalty has a significant role in the military operations. They even have their own memorial for loyal service.
    • Allied forces employed some 30,000 canines during WWI.
    • The United States alone used 12,000 dogs in the Second World War.
    • There were about 1,600 military working dogs in the first war in Iraq.
    • At present, there are close to 2,000 canines participating in military operations.
  • In some cases, canine companionship offers real psychological benefits to distressed humans—
    • Renders service to elderly nursing home residents.
    • Maintains companionship with troubled teens, and
    • Fosters children.
  • A Dog named Sadie used to go with her master during hunting in the hills of Kentucky. One day her master suffered a heart attack. Sadie dragged him all the way home and stayed by his side while barking to alert his wife to the door. Thus she saved her master’s life.
  • A blind employee survived in one of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, for the extraordinary loyalty of his seeing-eye dog. The canine led him down the emergency stairwell shortly before the tower collapsed
  • One of the cave paintings, dating back to the Bronze Age, reveals the fact of a hunter surrounded by a pack of dogs as his hunting companions.
  • In Japan, a dog named Hachiko used to wait for his master at the station in order to walk home with him. One day his master died of a heart attack at work. But Hachiko did not stop coming to the station at the appointed time every day for 11 years hoping his master would come home. Hachiko died in the 1930s. But his untiring loyalty was honored with a statue at the station, and his remains are on display at the National Science Museum of Tokyo.

These examples show how loyal dogs are to their owners, which they have shared over the centuries. With the right answer to the question of “Why Are Dogs So Loyal?”, we think you will find more reasons to take your love and affection to your pet to next level.

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