How to Choose the Best Dog Stroller with Minimal Research?

dog strollerOh, hello!

If you’ve found your way here and to this article, chances are, you want to learn a thing or two about dog strollers and choose the best one for your dog.

Yes, besides babies, you can buy strollers for dogs as well!

If these products are a mystery to you, trust me; you are not alone in this world. Dog owners are still trying to wrap their heads around this product. That is why I designed this article to help you understand dog strollers a bit better.

Together, we’ll even explore the reasons why you should buy the best dog stroller out there. Lastly, let’s do a small comparison where we’ll look into alternatives and how they fair with these things.

What Are Dog Strollers Anyway?

Dog Strollers (if you don’t know already) are much like baby strollers but for your canine beasts. These are small and portable carts that you can push or pull.

These things can be motor-driven too. You’ll require batteries to run them of course. The top models feature an overhead canopy to protect your canine friends from sunburn.

Strollers come in different shapes and sizes. Besides, the normal strollers that accommodate one four-legged friend of ours, you have twin dog strollers as well that accommodate two.

Why Do People Use a Dog Stroller?

Usually lightweight, these products are quite handy to have when you have a dog/a gang of dogs well into their senior years.

At that age, your dogs will most likely face issues due to aging and health conditions. In such cases, you can use strollers to carry them around. Pets that have arthritis problems, need one of these products to avoid putting pressure on their joints.

These things serve as carrier and comfortable hubs for your dogs where they can rest in extreme weather conditions. An ideal dog stroller can be your savior when you are out for a lengthy shopping trip or are sightseeing while towing your dog around.

Dog strollers are like safe havens for smaller breed of dogs during crisis. In a moment of chaos when everybody is running amuck, there can be instances when you might not get to your dogs in time.

These products secure your dog in a comfortable place for times like these. You can strap your friend snug and cozy while you deal with the problem.

How many of you take your dogs to your office?

Believe me, I’ve seen people using a stroller as a simple solution.  Your friend can remain safe and snug while you work. He can even take a nap while you go about your daily day job.

Lastly, a dog stroller is unique in design. It has special places for your friend’s paws. Remember, I mentioned “Weather Conditions” earlier?

Well, in extreme heat and cold, concrete or asbestos may become harsh to walk on for the little devils. For such cases, strollers feature places designated for the paws. Naturally, these pocket-like segments are well-padded. They never exert too much pressure on your dog’s legs.

Whom Are These Strollers for?

I’d say if you are a proud parent of a dog/dogs, this thing is for you. As parents, we treat our pets like kids. No doubt we want to keep our kids safe. Hence, this is the ideal thing to have by your side.

I’ve pretty much hinted at the specific people who need this stuff. But let me give you a definitive answer to this question of whether you should buy one or not.

You are in need of a dog stroller if:

  • You go to frequent shopping tours and like to tow your dog along.
  • Senior dogs need this product to rest and protect themselves from sunburn and skin issues.
  • I’d suggest a stroller to owners that have dogs with arthritis, bone deformation, broken bones or cuts.
  • If your furry friend has sensitive paws, you need to comfort him with a stroller.
  • Are you one of the people who tow your dog along when visiting your office? Get a stroller today!
  • Just to be safe, get one of these to protect your friends from chaos in crowded areas.

How to Buy a Product Like This?

Okay, let’s assume you are more than ready to buy a dog carrier now. But with hundreds of them around, how can you select the right one for you?

I know the answer to your puzzle.

I really do! You need to keep few factors in mind before you actually hit the purchase button. Just sort the ones that don’t make it through all the hurdles and select the one which ticks all the boxes.

Which are these factors? Let’s find out!

What is Your Dog Type?

What types of dogs you own (I am talking about the breeds here)?

Is it a small puppy that’ll eventually grow into a beast?

Or, is it a Pooch or a small Pug?

According to your dog’s breed, you need to select a stroller that can accommodate it without being too much of a hustle to get into. Plus, look at the life stage your dog’s in.

If it is a puppy of a large breed, it will grow into a large-size adult one day. Obviously, you’d need a product that can support the growing size of your friends for a number of years.

It should also be well-built and should be able to take the weight in the case of heavier dogs. You want a product like this to stay good for years. Buy one that’s durable.

Size of Your Dog Stroller Matters

We already know the basic rule of thumb, “Size Matters.” In lieu of my previous point, you are pretty much onto the point why I am advising you to buy a spacious stroller.

Firstly, it will support your dog’s growing needs and give it some much-needed space. Secondly, you should buy one that expands into a comfortable little bed for your friends.

The bigger your carrier is; the more comfort it offers to your canine companion. More space accounts for more things inside too. For example, in a moderate-size stroller, you can fit in water and milk bottles, combs, ribbons (if you prefer to keep your dogs classy!), and everything nice for your four-legged devils.

Do You Want a Canopy?

I’d suggest you buy a pet stroller with canopy. They might cost you few extra bucks but please go for them.

Many of us neglect that and go for fragile and cheap ones instead. That’s okay if you don’t have the budget.

But here’s the curve ball…

When you are out shopping on a hot day, your dog will take the blunt of the sun and soak up the heat. If you go by any indication he gives you, this is NOT good. Prepare to deal with an itchy skin or sunburn later.

That is why I suggest you buy a high-end dog stroller with a canopy in place. The roof cover will protect your companion from all the threats of the big star.

Also, while he’s under the shade, he’ll be able to sleep better and come out with a playful mood!

Take a Look at the Wheels

People might tell you the stroller with plastic wheels are the best. But while they bring the price down, these things can be flimsy. I’ll advise you to go a different route.

Try and find one with pneumatic inflatable tires. These rubber tires do a great job navigating the stroller through holes and bumps on the road. They are good for all types of terrains too.

Worried about bumps hurting your friends inside or scratches? Don’t. With a quality brand of rubber tires, dogs won’t feel a thing.

Can You Store It Somewhere?

With Dog strollers, you need ensure portability. You should be able to use them well. Then, fold them and store them someplace else.

The products should be compact and compartmentalized with a place for everything. Plus, you need to be able to reduce the size for easy storage. If you can dissect each part and keep it separate and put it back together for use, it is great! But primarily, focus on a product that can be folded and stored in your cupboard.

The Stroller Should Be Cleanable

You might not deep it very important and I can understand. It is only a product that we take outdoors and keep it separate from our rooms, right?

Why should we bother with cleaning it frequently? Why should the maintenance matter anyway?

Because: hygiene.

Yes, even the best dog strollers collect furs, dog poop (well, sometimes), and even bits of dog foods.  So, it is important that your product is made of a material which makes cleaning fur and food particles easy. I prefer those with polyester.

Polyester fabric requires only a brush to shake off the fur, chemicals, and particles. It is perfectly machine washable too.

Dog Strollers vs. Wagons vs. Kennels: Which one Wins?

For several reasons, it is Dog Stroller that I’ll suggest.

Firstly, you can fold it, store it in the house, and wash it easily. Wagons are too big for my liking. Some kennels can’t be kept inside the house because of the stink and sheer size. You can clean them but never as good as the strollers.

Strollers are more comfortable and protective than kennels or wagons. You have several straps to take care of your friend inside. He remains super comfy. He can even enjoy a peaceful nap. Kennels are heavy and don’t have all that luxury to begin with. Wagons have little to no protection.

The third reason for my recommendation is the ease of handling it. You can push and pull the strollers with ease. Kennels on the other hand, are heavy and not that easy to drag along. Wagons require the same effort but you can’t store them inside your office, can you?

Strollers keep your dog’s paws safe and you don’t have to train him to go in. Kennels require training to get used to. Leaving him in there for too long may result in anti-social behaviors too.

My vote goes to dog strollers all the way!

Before I Wrap Up

Finally, my enormous article on how to choose best stroller is at its end. While I cannot pinpoint which are the best models for you guys, I certainly pointed out few factors that should make the research easy on your part.

Many of you would go for “Price” criterion over anything else though. But, when the safety and comfort of our beloved pets are at stake, I wouldn’t compromise a single dime over the quality I am getting. So, rake up some bucks and buy some awesome top-tier dog strollers today!

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