How Can I Help Alleviate My Elderly Dog’s Joint Discomfort?

Dogs age much more quickly than humans; there’s a reason people use the term “dog years” to mean a much longer time than “human years.” While humans’ joints do tend to hurt as they get older, this is a process that may take many years, sometimes over a decade, to fully develop into a problem of some kind. Dogs, on the other hand, may only take a few months to start feeling joint discomfort.

It can be hard to see your dog start to walk more stiffly, or favor one side to another. Elderly dogs may also have a hard time getting up the stairs, going out for walks, or even just walking around the house and playing with other dogs. When this starts happening, you may feel helpless. After all, while adults can be prescribed medication for their joint discomfort, it’s harder to find the right medicine for dogs.

That’s where CBD oil for dogs can be helpful. When you use CBD tincture with your dog, you’re able to help them with their joint discomfort in a more natural way, and you may even be able to help with other factors associated with aging. Although CBD oil tends to be advertised more toward people, the best CBD oil for dogs is actually available as well.

What does CBD oil for dogs do?

There are many pet vitamins and supplements on the market, and CBD tincture, like Charlotte’s Web Paws, is an example of a product that helps with general wellbeing.  Dog supplements are created to address nutrient deficiencies, as many dogs are unable to have a diet that fully encompasses all of their dietary needs. CBD oil for dogs allows you to help your dog achieve a calmer mood and alleviate joint tension and pain.

Specifically, the best CBD for dogs can help encourage healthy joint movement, especially in the legs and hips. Because dogs are often so rowdy, this is extremely important. The stress that dogs place on their leg and hip joints is pretty substantial, much more so than most humans, and so it’s only natural that a supplement to address that would be helpful.

The other effect of CBD oil for dogs is more of an emotional effect. Similarly to how it can support a sense of calm in humans, the best hemp oil for dogs is useful for calming anxiety. Dogs can get anxiety from a number of sources, and having painful joints can even be causing anxiety on its own. In addition, when your dog is calmer, they are much less likely to jump around and hurt themselves even further.

Both of these traits make CBD tincture a good option for elderly dogs that are currently dealing with joint discomfort.

How do I give CBD oil to my dog?

CBD tincture dosage is very easy; the Charlotte’s Web Paws bottle comes with a small dropper, which you can use to draw up a serving and give orally to your dog. Elderly dogs are much more likely to be very docile, which can make giving your dog CBD tincture much more simple than with younger and more excitable dogs.

If your dog doesn’t like to be given things orally, you can also add it to their food. The effects will still be the same, and it may make your dog less anxious.

Is it safe to give my dog CBD oil?

In general, CBD oil for dogs is usually safe, and can be given to your dog with no worries.

Remember that you should always ask your dog’s veterinarian before adding any dog supplements to your dog’s diet, including CBD oil. Veterinarians are very well-versed in these issues, and will be able to let you know if your dog would probably not benefit from CBD oil, or may be allergic or hypersensitive to certain ingredients.

However, Charlotte’s Web Paws is created with extremely high-quality hemp, and the blend is specifically formulated to be easily digestible for dogs. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil for dogs, Charlotte’s Web Paws is definitely your best bet.

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