How To Take Care Of Puppies: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


One of the best things you could ever get is love from a puppy. Therefore, learning how to take of a puppy is the best way to make sure that you get all the precious love for years to come.

It’s fun to get a puppy for the first time in your life and you probably fell in love right away, right? And now, you need to know what you’re supposed to do in order to keep that puppy strong and healthy over the long haul. It would need some sort of protection since he/she is so small, but how do you do that? And then there are health concerns to take into consideration.

Before you bring your puppy home, clean the house.

Puppy-proofing your home is just as essential as baby-proofing it for infants. Getting things off the floor he could choke on is important to keep your new family member safe. They are inquisitive little darlings who are much like babies, full of curiosity and a need to have everything go into their mouths.

Put all wiring, chemicals, cleaning fluids and the like out of your pup’s way. Electrical cords, cords from blind, and cleaning supplies are a few things to consider. Keeping the cabinets locked or keeping them in a closet with a turn knob may be necessary to prevent poisoning. Wrap electrical cords up and secure with Velcro ties. Wind blind cords up and hang them from the topmost slat to keep them from getting caught and choking in the loops. When you are unable to be around, such as during work, baby gates can help safeguard your pup from getting into things he shouldn’t.

Take time to visit the vet regularly. As a puppy, it would need vaccinations against major diseases like rabies and distemper. Ask your vet what your pup needs and when. As well as keeping it vaccinations up to date, the vet can check your puppy to make sure there are no developmental problems as he/she grows into an adult.

Puppies need more than just treats and collars.

A few things that your puppy will need are grooming tools such as a bristle brush and dog shampoo. They will need two metal bowls, one for food and another for water. Try and avoid ceramic or glass, as puppies are not gentle creatures! They like getting messy and they are rambunctious.

Make her comfortable.

Make a special place for her to sleep. Gather up some safe toys designed for puppies. Getting a bed is a good way to establish boundaries. Getting a crate and crate training early can help them feel safe, and keep them from throwing a frightened fit during trips when they need to travel in that crate.

And what puppy can be a puppy without toys? Find fun things that make noise, are squishy and chewy and those that make great tug-of-war battles is a must. They are full of energy, and if you relish the thought of keeping your favorite slippers, your puppy should be spoiled with a variety of interesting toys.

Treats are wonderful things to not only reward your pup during training but to also lure them into that bathtub. If they won’t listen, bribe, bribe, and bribe. Don’t forget to get different kinds too. Crunchy treats can help with residue control and bad breath, and soft treats can have vitamins and minerals your pup needs.

Petting isn’t a reward, it is a necessity.

Puppies are like babies in many ways. They need your undivided attention several times daily. Petting your pup’s belly, face, legs, and back helps you to create a bond with your pup and makes them feel loved and wanted. This is also a form of imprinting. The more your puppy is familiar with being touched, the better behaved they usually are in the vet’s office.

Dog food is bad; puppy food is good.

Your puppy will need puppy formula. Her body needs more nutrients that it will get from adult dog food. Puppies are not the same as older dogs. They have different nutritional needs. Well yes, it is possible for your puppy to eat dog chow and still be a healthy pup, it’s better to get a puppy chow that will help their growing body and digestion. This is vitally important.

Talk to your vet about your options or at least read the labels of potential foods thoroughly. Fatty acids are important for shiny coats. High proteins from real meat help build muscle growth. Dry food is usually preferable over wet food, as it helps to clean their teeth and prevents gum disease. However, that is not to say that wet food cannot be given as a treat.

Above all, have fun and watch your pooch.

The most important piece of advice anyone can give you is to watch your pup. Watch them eat. Watch them play. Learning how to take care of a puppy is easy if you let your puppy give you clues as to what they need. Watching your puppy is also the best way to enjoy them. Just think of the laughs you are missing when he is out your sight! So sit back, have fun and keep an eye on your new best friend. Just like human babies, puppies grow up so fast, and if you blink you’ll miss out something special.

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