How to Make a Dog Poop: General Guidelines and 8 Easy Tricks


With the Title or the word, ‘Poop’ may not seem familiar with everyone who may go through with the article. Well, in that case, the word ‘Poop’ refers to that of relieving oneself when someone is in a state of the natural call. Every living creature has a habit of relieving himself/herself in a natural way.

Nevertheless, if I’m the little bit expressive, everyone may find it beneficial for their lovely little pet expressively the dog. Training in a proper manner surely benefits us at its best.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your puppy would relieve itself when and where you wanted him to?           

Reward-based training is very much effective to get your puppy to go exactly when and where you want him to. A good example is training with a playpen.

To be consistent in training method is the only way to achieve the goal. Every pet owner has to follow some easy steps to train the puppies.

1. When to Start

  • It seems you should start on the very first day you bring your puppy home and introducing to its sleeping area first.
  • Immediately move to the place preferably outside to where you want them going potty.

2. Choose a Magic Word

  • Choose a magic word like “go potty” and let it follow your command.
  • Some may say, “Do your business” and “Go poop” but feel free to get creative.
  • It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say it consistently.
  • Stick to use just one command each time you lead him to the potty area.
  • Most important thing is that your puppy knows it’s gone time when you say the magic words so you’re not walking up and down the same street for a normal walk.
  • There’s nothing more satisfying than the moment the magic word is uttered and it realizes what you are trying to get him to do.

3. Follow the Schedule

  • Your dog is a creature of habit and setting a schedule will help it to develop that faster.
  • Find out the time when your dog most predictably goes to the bathroom.
  • Once you get the idea about the timing, then you can set a schedule for it.
  • Your dog will adapt to the schedule within few days.

4. When to Praise

  • Avoid praising or greeting your puppy no sooner you wake up in the morning, rather you just use the command to lead your pet to the potty area.
  • Then, repeat the word “go potty, “go potty” in a soft gentle manner.
  • Establish the phrase as a command word.
  • If it goes in the yard, reward your pet with praise or treat, to show that it has done the right thing.
  • This pattern will stick in his head and he/she will understand what to do in order to get your praise!
  • Use a lot of praise and loving caresses when your puppy properly uses the bathroom.
  • You will find getting potty on command is pretty easy.

5. Follow the Same Path

  • Make it a habit of using the same path every single time.
  • Your practice will help create a pattern so that your doggy will understand that it is time to go for poop.

6. Create an Alternative

  • As part of your training, you may use a crate to take advantage of the puppy’s instinct.
  • It would help your doggy to develop bowel and bladder control.
  • You may choose as per your personal preference.
  • It may be big enough for your puppy but not big enough for an adult-sized dog.
  • Make sure your puppy has enough room to lie down and move around.
  • Remember, the purpose of the crate is to capitalize on your dog’s instinct to keep its bed clean.

7. Accidents

  • The potty accident is not an unusual happening.
  • When it happens, deal it with patience by limiting your pet to the fewest possible accidents and praising your puppy whenever it has done the right thing.

8. Have Patience

  • Potty training a puppy is relatively easy with the right amount of persistence and patience.
  • Stick to a regular routine of potty training, and your puppy should be going in the yard in a matter of weeks.

As additional tips, you should use a soft and orthopedic dog bed for your dog. So that, it’s body muscles won’t be uncomfortable and the digestion system will boost up a lot.

If you can follow the above guidelines perfectly, your dog would relieve itself when and where you want them to do. As the owner, if you get relief from this worry, you can concentrate on other healthcare of your pets like exercise, health recovery etc.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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