How Many Dog Waste Stations Are Enough For You?


It’s inevitable to come across dog waste in the outdoors, but walking or running doesn’t have to ruin your day. That is why there should be some dog waste stations that will notify dog owners to clean up after their pets.

Dog waste stations are something that must exist in any dog park or institution. These stations make it easier for dog owners to collect the waste and this means that the entire area should be even cleaner afterwards.

However, if you are thinking about buying dog waste station you might be also wondering how many should there be. While it is hard to determine exactly how much dog waste will be there, we can give you some tips that should help you decide what is the number of dog stations that you should buy.

Think about the ideal areas

It is important to decide where you want to place your dog waste stations. For example, since they will be outside, you should keep them far from sunlight. The smell will be worse if the heat reaches the used waste bags so you should place the stations somewhere in a shaded area. This will also be easier for the dog owners, since they can get out of the sun when they come to take the bags for their dogs.

You should also put the waste stations somewhere close to the entrances to the dog walk areas. This way, the owners can take clean bags when they come and drop them off when they leave, which should make things easier for them.

It’s very important to keep the stations filled with bags, so that dog owners can pick up after their pets. Not many owners walk around with bags in their pockets all the time.

Estimate the surface

Usually, it is recommended that you place a dog waste station on every acre, and if we are talking about apartments, the dog stations should be placed every 50-80 units. However, these guidelines can be changed and it is better to adapt the reality and decide on spot.

You can also use a map of the property for this. Look at the entire surface and calculate how many dog waste stations should be necessary for all that space.

But you must also take into consideration how many people have dogs. So before placing dog waste stations according to the area, you must look into how many dog owners are in that area. If you know the approximate number of dog owners, you can use that information while also taking into account how big the property is.

Knowing how many dog stations you need in an area is not exact science. But you can guide yourself through an experiment. At first you can determine how many dog waste stations you need by buying just a few and placing them in the areas where you know that dog owners will use. In a short period of time you should see if you need more. Check how many dog poop bags have been used. If there are none left, then you should probably buy some more dog waste stations.

And don’t forget to have them constantly supplied with new bags, after having them cleaned and emptied.

Dog stations for private properties

If you own a big property and have a large yard, then placing a dog station near the place your pets do their business will save you a lot of money and time. And you won’t need to clean your favorite shoes every day you ‘step in it’. First of all, you will be able to quickly clean up after your dog or dogs. You will also save a lot of money and will not need to call for a cleaning service. Using a bag and throwing it in a station that you have it emptied once every few days is something you can do by yourself.

And there are a lot of types and sizes you can choose from too, according to your needs and budget. It is better to get one that will not allow water to leak inside and remember to keep it in the shade, or else it will release an unbearable smell!

As for installing and maintaining the dog waste station, there is no need to worry. As with the stations that are placed in the community areas, there should be a local dog waste removal service that will not only install the station, but it will also empty the bin and add bags for the waste dispenser once a week. If there isn’t such a service in your town, then you can hire a contractor or a handyman that will install the station for you.

Get the right dog waste stations

There are various types of dog waste stations and you should think about which one is better for your area. For example, if you decide to buy bigger dog waste stations, you won’t need as many. Additionally, you should also take into account the material. Dog waste stations can be made out of plastic, steel or aluminum. While lightweight materials might look like a better option, there is a chance that they won’t resist in time and you might be forced to replaced them sooner than you would have thought it would be necessary.

Do not forget that you will not only need the stations, but also the right bags to dispose of the dog waste and a sign on the top of the station to remind dog owners to pick up after their pet.

In terms of aesthetics, there are a lot of types of waste stations that will blend in with the background, but will also be visible when looking for one. Once you have come to a conclusion where to place them, you should have the stations anchored with concrete.

Choosing good materials and making the station waterproof and water-tight will ensure you that your community will have durable dog waste stations that are easy to empty and that will help keep your streets clean.

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