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Merrick Dog Food Reviews, Recalls and Legacy


“My dog poops a lot. I mean, A LOT” or “Mine is a lazy bum compared to the furry devil next door” or “Max scratches his itch like crazy.” Possibility is, you’ve all said these lines about your dogs to someone. Stop scratching your heads.  The problem doesn’t or won’t go away over a few […]

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  • Updated July 29, 2017

Expert Victor Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Updates for 2017


When searching for food for ourselves, we go make a fuss about the expiry date, nutrition content, digestive properties, and even flavor. As a dog owner, I can tell you, our furry friends deserve the same sort of treatment. I know people who’ve been scorching the internet in search of a balanced dog food diet […]

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  • Updated July 10, 2017