Best Dog Strollers for Small and Large Dogs in 2017


Are you a pet lover? Want to ensure the highest protection and comfort for your dogs? A dog stroller can be a great solution for you to keep your dog safe and makes it easier to take your dog with wherever you go out. If a pet owner wants to go for walking, running or even for shopping, then a dog stroller plays a crucial role for taking their loving pet along. The best dog strollers will protect your dog from the risk of overheating in a hot weather and also from cold weather.

There are many dog strollers available in the market. Different brands best dog strollers different facilities. I have listed here top 10 best dog strollers for small and large dogs. I have also included top 3 double dog strollers in this list.

Best Dog Strollers for Small Dogs – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameNo. of WheelsDimensions (inch)Supports Weight
(up to)
Best-Dog-Strollers-for-Small-DogsPet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller330x13x2270 lbs.Check Price
Pet-Gear-Happy-Trails-Pet-StrollerPet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Pet Stroller424x12x2235 lbs.Check Price
OxGord® Pet Stroller313x17x730 lbs.Check Price

Promenade Pet Stroller333.1×20.5×39.860 lbs.Check Price

Best Dog Strollers for Large Dogs – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameNo. of WheelsDimensions (inch)Supports Weight
(up to)
Pet-Gear-Roadster-Pet-Stroller-for-Cats-and-DogsPet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller333x20x21100 lbs.Check Price

Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller432x23x25150 lbs.Check Price

DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller352x30x42110 lbs.Check Price

Double Dog Strollers – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameNo. of WheelsDimensions (inch)Supports Weight
(up to)
Pet-Gear-Double-Pet-StrollerPet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller427x20x2390 lbs.Check Price
OxGord-Pet-Twin-Double-Stroller-cat-dogOxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller438x29x2655 lbs.Check Price
Double-Dog-StrollerBestPet NEW Extra Wide Leopard Skin 3 Wheels Pet Stroller333×14.5×38.530 lbs.Check Price

Top 4 Best Dog Strollers for Small Dogs

1 of 4: Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, with Zipperless Entry Review

Pet-Gear-No-Zip-NV-Pet-StrollerPet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller is one of the most popular strollers available in the market because of its magnificent design and quality of the materials used. The hand folding and no zipper mechanisms make the stroller hassle free and more easy to use. Let’s take a look at the key features of this best dog stroller.

Key Features & Benefits

  • It comes with quick and easy locking system with secure zip entrance.
  • It is designed so smartly so that even the pets inside the stroller can have a panoramic view while resting.
  • This stroller includes weather cover and bolster pad which is machine washable.
  • Pet Gear Pet Stroller, with Zipperless Entry, supports weight up to 70 lbs.
  • Front locking wheel for the safety of your pets.
  • The dimension of this stroller is 30x13x22 inches.
  • It is easy to handle as the rear wheels have safety brake.
  • Easy and safe locking system
  • Lock in front wheel for extra safety.
  • Folding facility.
  • This three-wheeled stroller has super canopy locking system.
  • Storage bin available
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Parent tray in small in size.
  • Handle sometimes causes trouble to adjust.

The Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, with Zipperless Entry comes with an innovative design. Though this stroller is quite expensive,but it is recommended for its easy handling facility and high durability.


2 of 4: Pet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Pet Stroller Review

Pet-Gear-Happy-Trails-No-Zip-Pet-StrollerPet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Pet Stroller is one of the best dog strollers available in the market, and it has a good reputation in the market. Though you may find it a little bit expensive, but it is entirely worth of buying. If you are willing to use for a long time, and on a regular basis then this stroller is the best fit for you.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The stroller supports weight up to 30 lbs.
  • This is a no-zip stroller and easy to lock.
  • It has an elegant and efficient design for the comfort of your pets.
  • The handle height of this stroller is 39 inches which are easy to move the stroller.
  • The dimensions of Pet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Pet Stroller is 24x12x21 inches.
  • It has a waterproof coating and wind guarding facility.
  • To store water and small items, there is a parent tray available in the stroller.
  • The fleece pad is removable and washable.
  • Maximum ventilation facility as there is mesh windows.
  • Comfortable carrying facility.
  • Quick folding option.
  • Easy opening and closure.
  • Good quality of the fabric.
  • Enough space for keeping water and small items.
  • You may find it little bit harder to assemble the product.
  • It doesn’t include weather cover.

If you want a best pet stroller to keep your pet safe and comfortable, then this stroller can be an ideal choice for you.


3 of 4: OxGord® Pet Stroller Cat / Dog Easy Walk Folding Travel Carrier Carriage Review

OxGord- Pet-StrollerThis pet stroller is very popular because it has multiple mesh screens to provide adequate ventilation and protect your pet from insects. Along with other features, the high quality made this to be listed on our best dog strollers list. Comparing to the other models of similar pet strollers, this is found to have a wider area inside the stroller. Also, the dogs can’t chew through it. Now let go to the other features of this OxGord® Pet Stroller and have a look.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Sufficient mesh windows for the ventilation.
  • This stroller supports weight up to 30 lb. But, it is lightweight.
  • OxGord® Pet Stroller can easily be folded and is durable in strength.
  • It has large undercarriage storage compartment
  • This stroller has rear srcurity brakes.
  • Easy to set up this dog stroller.
  • Folding facility available.
  • Stroller for both cats and dogs.
  • Durable in strength.
  • Zipper lock system.
  • May not be a perfect choice for long time use.
  • Not practical to use it in unpaved terrain.

we can come to the conclusion that this is highly preferable for both dogs and cats because of it’s sufficient space and high quality.


4 of 4: Promenade Pet Stroller Review

Promenade-Pet-StrollerPromenade Pet Stroller is listed on top 4 best dog strollers for small dogs because of its amazing outfit and high comfort. The smart mesh canopy gives it a smarter look. It’s a three-wheel stroller. The stroller has dimensions of 33.1×20.5×39.8 inches. Now let’s take a short look at the highlighted feature of the Promenade Pet Stroller.

Key Features & Benefits

  • It contains parent tray which can hold 2 cup/bottle.
  • This best dog stroller is coated with thick poly fittings.
  • The Promenade Pet Stroller has entry facility from both front and rear side.
  • The front wheel is lockable.
  • There is a parking brake for the stroller.
  • It can be easily folded and transported.
  • Quick assemble.
  • Good gripping.
  • Folding facility.
  • Zipped entry from the rear.
  • Front transformable wheels.
  • Might be a little bit harder to navigate.
  • Not the best choice for overweight dogs.

After considering all the pros and cons, it can be an excellent choice of yours to buy. Also, i would not recommend this product if you are looking for a stroller for a pet which is overweighed.


Best Dog Strollers for Large Dogs


1 of 3: Pet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs Review

Pet-Gear-Roadster-Pet-StrollerPet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller is a unique choice for your lovely cats and dogs. I can recommend you this product for its better protection system. This pet stroller is easy to handle. This product has shock absorber and a waterproof floor. It provides extra flexibility for your pets. If you are looking for a dog stroller for a large dog, you can keep this product on your choice list.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The compartment is large and safe. The large compartment is convenient for the comfort of your pet. It ensures the safety for your pet.
  • Easy to fold. So, you don’t have to be worried about its folding system.
  • You can adjust its height.
  • This stroller has internal pad with waterproof tray.
  • This product is appropriate for large dogs.
  • It has bug proof mesh which ensures better air circulation.
  • Suitable for up to 100 lbs. So, you can use this dog stroller for large dogs. 
  • Large compartment.
  • Waterproof floor.
  • Compatible for large dogs and cats.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Made of 600 denier nylon. 
  • It may seem a little bit large to someone.
  • 100 pounds may not be enough for too much heavier dogs.

 Very few of our or any other top dog stroller collection can provide such combined features and material quality. It would be one of the best purchase decisions if your first priority is your pet’s comfort.


2 of 3: Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs Review

Pet-Gear-Expedition-Pet-StrollerIf you wish to have a high-quality pet stroller, then I will suggest you go for the Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller for your Dog. It lasts for a long time and provides your pets a comfortable place.

This stroller is exceptional for new-born animals and pets as well as the large animals. The hard frame provides extra durability to its lifetime. This stroller offers you the following advantages.

Key Features & Benefits

  • This product is long lasting and provides an outstanding experience.
  • Large compartment for the comfort of your pets.
  • This product comes with four wheels and has dimensions of 32*23*25 inches.
  • This stroller is robust and sturdy.
  • The waterproof internal pad is impervious and brilliant in its performance.
  • The easy folding system provides easy handling advantage.
  • Adjustable height handle for convenience.
  • You can go for a long walk through the park or any mall without any hassle.
  • Large compartment.
  • Waterproof tray.
  • The folding mechanism is easy.
  • The handle can be adjusted.
  • It is one of the best dog strollers for up to 150 pounds. 
  • Sometimes it may be hard to control.
  • Its extra size may seem to be a little bit large. 

For you information, this stroller is not a tool that kids and children can handle. Otherwise, considering all the pros and cons, I believe the above highlighted features are enough to serve your purposes.


3 of 3: DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller Review

DoggyRide-Novel-Dog-StrollerDo you want to get a stylish and luxurious dog strollers?

Then I can suggest you go for DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller. This stroller is perfect for the maximum comfort of your lovely dog. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy. You can convert this stroller to a bike trailer.

This stroller has a lightweight frame for pushing it easily. Multi-functional window screen is its unique feature. So, I will recommend you this one as the best dog stroller. Let’s take a quick look at the key features of this product.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding stylish design. It is stylish and suitable for you if you want a fashionable look stroller.
  • Lightweight hard and durable frame. The frame is made of aluminum alloy.
  • Steel spokes and hubs are stainless.
  • It is manufactured considering the comfort of your dog.
  • Reflective striping improves the safety and visibility of the stroller.
  • Gives you the facility to enjoy a biking adventure as it can easily be converted to a bike trailer.
  • This stroller can also be used for your ill and injured dog.
  • It has water bottle pocket and has the facility of removable rain screens.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Aluminum alloy frame.
  • Quick releasing of wheels.
  • Reflective stripping.
  • Well designed and stylish. 
  • Some people may get trouble for placing the pin while assembling.
  • If you don’t expect style and design, then it is not yours.

This is the last product of our best dog strollers for large dogs list. Still, it’s one of the referenced tool for your pet as long as the comfort and safety is concerned.


Double Dog Strollers

1 of 3: Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller Review

Pet-Gear-No-Zip-Double-Pet-StrollerMany of us look for a pet stroller which can be used for single and multiple pets. If you are in the same situation, then I can suggest you buy Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller. It is well designed considering the inclement weather effect. Its wide design is comfortable both for single and double pets. I recommend you to have this double dog stroller because of its special features.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Both single and double dogs can feel comfortable.
  • NO-ZIP system provides you the facility of quick access.
  • Offer you smooth ride as this stroller has quick-release air tires.
  • Facilitated with weather cover and a plush bolster for the safety of your pets. So, you can relax about the health of your pets.
  • This product is also equipped with the facility of elevated paw rest.
  • Front bar support is most useful for your pets to enjoy all the views.
  • It has panoramic view window and your dog will enjoy the ride with the panoramic windows.
  • NO-ZIP entry system to open and close the stroller easily.
  • Wide space provides a comfortable journey.
  • Plush bolster and weather cover is included.
  • Facilitates with quick-release air tires.
  • Made of water resistance materials.
  • Capacity up to 90 pounds. 
  • NO-ZIP system may be uncomfortable for some users.
  • Sometimes it may be tough to operate.

In the end, I finally suggest you experience the product by yourself. I hope you won’t regret the purchase for your pet as you will be able to carry two dogs in this stroller.


2 of 3: OxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller Cat/Dog Foldable 4-Wheel Travel Carrier Carriage Review

OxGord-Pet-Twin-Double-StrollerAre you interested in taking your pet with you while traveling outside to enjoy a beautiful day? Then I will suggest you to have OxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller Cat/Dog Foldable 4-Wheel Travel Carrier Carriage as this stroller is safe, sturdy, easy to use and comfortable to use for both your pet and you. You can take your pet to walk down the block, shopping and wherever you want.

So, you can operate this without any difficulty. It has adequate ventilation facility for your pets. It has a cup holder for refreshment, undercarriage for snack storage and toy. I can recommend you this multi-functional product for its various useful functions.

Key Features & Benefits

  • This product has 4 wheels with dimensions of 31*31*8 inches.
  • Multiple numbers of windows for better breathability.
  • Manufacturing company – OxGord.
  • Double size pet stroller which can also be used as single pet stroller.
  • Large undercarriage provides additional facility.
  • Its durability, lightweight, and foldability makes it more popular.
  • This stroller is one of the best strollers because of its attractive design.
  • It is designed considering the safety and health protection of your pets.
  • Multiple windows.
  • Easy folding system.
  • Useable for both single and double pets.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Beautiful design. 
  • Weight capacity is comparatively less.
  • Not suitable for too heavy dogs.

 In the conclusion, i would mention it as one of those very few strollers with perfect ventilation facility. You will explore more yourself once you go for the deal.


3 of 3: BestPet NEW Extra Wide Leopard Skin 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller With RainCover

NEW-Extra-Wide-Leopard-Skin-3-Wheels-Pet-Dog-Cat-StrollerPassing some times and enjoying the outside beauty with a lovely pet is a sweet moment. For carrying your pet dog or cat, you need a pet stroller. This stroller is suitable for two small dogs as this stroller supports maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Moreover, this stroller is smooth and last for a long time and . The cup holder is prepared with original plastic and Nylon is used at all the joints. You can open and fold it in just 5 seconds. You can keep your water bottle, toys in its storage baskets. This product has an adequate ventilation system for the convenience of your pets. You can take a look at its other features.

Key Features & Benefits

  • This product comes with three wheels and with dimensions of 33*14.5*38.5 inches.
  • Ventilation facilities for both front and rear side. So, it is adequate for the proper ventilation.
  • Quick open and fold in just 5 seconds.
  • The storage basket is large. It is used for keeping treats, water bottle, and toys.
  • Denier nylon is capable of resisting water, and it is strong.
  • It is special for its fiber zipped system.
  • Large storage basket and cup holder to keep toys and water bottle.
  • Ventilation for the front and rear side.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Bug-free due to Mesh Window.
  • Entry from both front and rear side.
  • The gripping facility is not sufficient.
  • Wheels are not so smooth on rough surfaces. 

Finally, If you expect to get an excellent dog stroller, then I can suggest you to go for NEW Extra Wide Leopard Skin 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller With RainCover.

Things To Consider – Best Dog Strollers

Before buying a dog stroller for your dog, you need to be aware of some points. When you are comparing the best dog strollers, you must think about where you will be using the stroller the most. If you live in a rainy or cold climate, then buying a dog stroller with weather shields and material that will withstand cold and water is important. If you live in a sunny or hot climate, it is essential to get a dog stroller with a great sun guard and screen with mesh for proper airflow.

By having a look at the above dog strollers for small dogs, dog strollers for larger dogs and double dog strollers, you can get a clear idea about which dog stroller will be more suitable for your dog.Now, let’s take a look how can a dog owner be benefited after buying a dog stroller?

  • For resting your dog and taking your dog a quick nap.
  • For saving your dog from any injury.
  • To prevent your dog from being infected by bacteria.

Let’s talk about the stroller size.From the above stated dog stroller reviews, you can get a clear idea about the size of the dog strollers and which one will be best for you. There are four wheels’ dog stroller and three wheels’ dog strollers available in the market. I personally prefer four wheels because it provides extra balancing facility for your pets.

More than one pet is hard to handle. For fulfilling your purposes, you can find many double dog strollers (mentioned in the double dog stroller reviews above) to take them with you while traveling to any place.

Before buying any dog strollers be sure it has lightweight but durable in strength so that it is easy to carry. It is highly recommended to have container or basket storage to carry toys or foods. Also, you need to be sure that, is there any container for holding water bottles and mesh windows for proper breathing for your pet or not! You can get an entire idea of these facts reading these dog stroller reviews.

Also, you need to check, is there any container for holding water bottles and mesh windows for proper breathing for your pet or not? Because these are the essential elements for your dog when you go out.

To give protection and maintain the good health of your dog, you should be aware of this consideration before buying a best dog stroller available in the market. Also, once you are done buying a stroller for your dog, you might be interested in having a look on our soft dog crates or wooden dog crates and the very popular dog kennels. We hope, these will give ou a hand to ensure more safety and healthcare of your loving pet.

The Final Verdict

At the end, I would like to suggest that for the safety of your loving dog you should buy a stroller. We tried our level best to include the best dog strollers available in the market to our list and revealed all the features, pros and cons. You can buy anyone one of the best dog stroller from the above list as per your requirement. To get more detailed description about the products, please visit the product’s page. Thanks for reading.

Did you like this article? Please let us know in the comments below. You may also consider to read this article: Dog Jogging Strollers.

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