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Having a tough time teaching manners to your dog?

I can relate. Not long ago, I struggled to train four Mastiff and Terrier puppies. They ate, played, and pooped all over the place. Well, until I got myself one of the best dog kennels.

Now I can be at ease while my dogs behave. For the last two years I’ve been feeding, playing, and interacting with them without any problems. I even take them for long walks and playing fetch with my automatic dog ball thrower. Nope, no more problems.

So, what changed? To be exact: the Kennel came to my house. I experimented with indoor and outdoor dog kennels. Finally, I settled for outdoors. Case and point: I understand your struggles when picking one for yourselves.

In this post, I am going to speak on these cages. You’ll find a handful of options to pick from. If you want to do your own research, you can! Just follow the buying advice I gave you towards the latter part of the article.

What is a Kennel?

Simply put, “Kennel” is a doghouse. It is bigger than a traditional crate which you can lift and carry. Being big allows it to take up more space than a crate.

Your dog can eat, sleep, and play inside it. Usually, it is protected by steel bars or wire mesh systems. The space inside depends on how much price you put on the purchase.

Kennels come in two types as you now know. The indoor and outdoor dog kennels. Indoor dog kennels are smaller than the outdoor variants.

These things keep your dogs safe and separate from parts of your houses where you don’t want them. A cage is necessary when you are training your canine friends to behave. One can also be used to protect a pack of dogs when the weather’s harsh.

Best Dog Kennel – Comparison Table

Top Dog Kennel Reviews

Now, you might think Dog Kennels are not that big of a deal. But the little we know, they are! I mean, there are a ton of options when you look at things. Ask a layman to choose, and it will take hours if not days. That’s why you need a shortlist that tells you about the top dog kennels out there for purchase. Here’s my list of choices of dog kennels you can buy.

PetSafe Cottageview Boxed Kennel

You know your dog is safe when you see any product from the PetSafe brand. Be it an automatic dog ball thrower or a dog kennel, things are always bright and sunny with this brand.

This little thing uses welded wires in the making. It is less of a cage and more of a mansion for your dog. The welded wires increase the aesthetic value of this thing. Plus, it provides you some much needed durability.

People will find “Black Powder Coating” on the wires. This further enhances the aesthetic value of your dog Kennel. This Kennel is secure as well. The wires are mighty tough. They are “Pinch Proof.” Your dogs won’t be able to put a scratch on the surface.

The gate locks into place quite nicely. When you try to open it, make sure you push from left to right. The door won’t jam into one place as with the case with most kennels out there.

As far as the protection of your dog is concerned, the roof of PetSafe Cottageview Boxed Kennel has a “Sun Block.” This protects your dog(s) from harmful rays of the sun. This is not a cage, this is the second home your dogs will love to live in.

Assembling this thing is as easy as it gets. I could do that myself without any sort of help. The process took me little under an hour. Impressive feat if you ask me!

What I Liked about this Dog Kennel
  • The “Assembly” process is rather easy compared to the competition it has on the market.
  • This thing is secure; the wires are pinch and scratch proof; your dog will stay where he should.
  • The sun block top is a huge help. It saves our pets from scorching heat and harmful rays of the star.
  • Welded Wire design boosts the durability as well as giving it an aesthetical lift that this thing needs.
  • The cage is spacious; your dog won’t feel claustrophobic and confined anymore.
What I Didn’t Like about this Dog Kennel
  • Few dog owners think that this product needs some reinforcements to stop dogs from damaging the wires.

Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel

Advantek-Pet-Gazebo-Modular-Outdoor-Dog-KennelWhy am I referring this as one of the best dog kennels out there? Because it Advantek Pet Gazebo offers you flexibility that a handful brands and models do. For example, you can buy this Kennel in packs of one, two, and up to five.

Besides hosting a family of dogs, the gazebos give you a ton of flexible options. You can buy small-size ones that can host a single dog of up to 50lb weight limit. The medium sized gazebo hosts dogs up to 100lbs of weight. For dogs of 180lbs, you have the large gazebos.

Worried about your dogs being sun-stricken? Advantek Pet Gazebo has got you covered. A Rip Stop nylon shade comes with the “Medium-Size” Gazebo that covers the sides. It protects dogs from weather hazards and when the rain is pouring down on your lawn.

You can even join two gazebos together with this corridor shade and dogs can walk in and out of these shades like we do in two connected rooms of a house.

Do you know, chickens can even lay eggs in this gazebo? I ain’t kidding! You’ll get a “Nesting Box” with medium and large Kennels for dogs. Inside, chickens will lay eggs securely. Accessing the nest is easy, just flip the roof. The asphalt roof is waterproof. One can easily hinge the roof on top of the kennels.

To make sure everything is well-rounded, safe, and snug, manufacturers included a tote bag. This bag allows dog owners to carry the parts of this kennel. They can set up shop anywhere they like and pack everything in just as quickly.

What I Liked about this Dog Kennel
  • This canine kennel comes in multiple sizes; small, medium, and large. Each suitable for dogs of different weights.
  • It comes with a strong steel construction and octagonal design to provide easy access to dogs.
  • The Rip Stop nylon side cover and corridor cover protects your dog and connects two gazebos.
  • People get a split-design nesting house for chickens to lay eggs securely and privately.
  • Assembling this thing takes no time, and no tools to boot. A single person can do the task easily.
What I Didn’t Like about this Dog Kennel
  • I couldn’t find any fault with the advantek product so far.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

Lucky-Dog-Uptown-Welded-Wire-KennelComing at number three on our list of Kennels for dogs is this awesome product from Lucky Dog Uptown. If you don’t mind a moderately pricey product, this cage is the one you should get.

This dog home doesn’t require any tools to assemble. One person is enough for putting it all together. It comes with a manual. You’ll know what to do and how to do it. This kennel comes with modular welded wire. Then you have the connecting hardware. Join them together and Voila! The kennel is ready.

Make sure you anchor the kennel to the ground before beginning to assemble. Solid anchoring gives the cage a strong base to work with.

Speaking of welding, the stainless steel frame is welded nicely. The welding allowed manufacturers to create a strong structure. On top of that, you have black powder coating. It guards the structure against rust and weather damages.

To further protect the kennel and the dogs inside from rain or weather hazards, manufacturers included a water repellent cover with the package. It won’t peel away, get damaged, get snapped, and/or rip away. The roof repels dust, water, and debris too.

Security is never a problem with Lucky Dog Uptown. Be sure that the gate is pretty easy to handle. You can open and close it in a jiffy. There’s a latch that joins two parts together. You can use a normal padlock to close the gate and lock it down whenever you want.

Lucky Dog Uptown Kennel has 1.5-inch raised legs. This foundation allows you to sweep the floor conveniently. As a result, any kind of dirt or filth won’t bear any impact or damage on the cage or kennel. One can clean the floor with water and other cleaners as well.

What I Liked about this Dog Kennel
  • This product belongs in the league of some of the strongest outdoor dog kennels on the market.
  • It is easy to set up like one, two, and three. It is a “One Person” job actually.
  • This thing comes with a raised platform. Thus, you can clean and maintain hygiene really well.
  • You get a waterproof cover to save your friends from weather hazards and pouring rain.
  • The stainless-steel design grants it durability and the black coating finish allows it to be rustproof.
What I Didn’t Like about this Dog Kennel
  • Some of the reviewers showed discontent due to the size of this thing. They had to cut the cage to resize it.

Aleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel


For me, a worthy candidate for best dog kennel is one that can be versatile. ALEKO Dog Kennel is versatile in the sense that you can set it up in multiple ways. Also, feel free to use it indoors or outdoors depending on your preference.

This thing comes with a manual. It tells you how to go about the assembly. One person can assemble everything just fine. This simple object takes less than an hour to put together.

At 4-inch height and 2-1/2-inch width, you can join each panel to form a perfect kennel for your puppies. I do admit, larger dogs will have a bit of trouble fitting in at first.

This thing is super durable. The frame is made of steel. Not just any steel, galvanized steel. It enhances the strength of the joints. You have 20 gauge frame with 1-inch thick tube. This makes ALEKO safe from angry bursts of your dogs.

You can use this as a chicken coup with the product too. Of course managing it will take some doing. If you want to make the most out of this cage/kennel/playpen, buy two at once. Don’t worry, you can connect the two to form an extensive playing area for your dog.

The door opens up and closes easily. Wires form a mesh that your dogs will find hard to chew through. As the door locks securely into place, this thing is as secure as it gets. Plus, it has one-year warranty period in case you or the four-legged beasts manage to damage it somehow.

What I Liked about this Dog Kennel
  • This brand rivals all the reputed brands in terms of the level of its performance and price.
  • Manufacturers have used mesh in the making with 12 gauge wire to keep your dogs in the area.
  • This thing is really easy to assemble; you just need to join a few panels together and that’s it.
  • Unlike other dog kennels, you can use this as a chicken coup or pigeon hut as well.
  • Feel free to buy two instead of one and join them together. Voila! You have a place for multiple dogs.
  • The material is durable and is backed by 1-year warranty which is more than impressive.
What I Didn’t Like about this Dog Kennel
  • My only complaint is the size, it is a bit too short according to my liking.

Lucky Dog Modular Welded Wire Kennel

Lucky-Dog-Modular-Welded-Wire-KennelRemember Lucky Dog? Yes, the one which manufactures “Uptown” dog kennels. Well, we’ve got another model from that manufacturer on my list. We’ll wrap up our list of Best Dog Kennels with Lucky Dog Modular Welded Wire Cannel.

This one is one step further than the last one. You have a stronger construction with no sharp edges. Thanks to this, your dogs won’t hurt themselves when leaning against the wires. Despite being made of wire, this kennel holds up to the torture your dogs put it through. The Kennel is easy to assemble.

Did I say, “Easy to Assemble?” Well, it is. The steel frames are joined with mesh wires to create panels. You can join the panels easily with hand tightening. But don’t forget, you need to firmly anchor the base with the ground. This is just to make sure the cage doesn’t tip over.

Being sturdy and stylish are the key factors that made me interested in reviewing this thing. On top of that, these frames come with black powder coating. This is to safeguard your kennel from rust.

Do you know you get a sheet roof frame? Then you have the waterproof sheet that tags along the product. This does what it’s supposed to. It saves your dogs from pouring water, snow, scorching heat, and burning UV rays. That’s a lot of hazards negotiated if you ask me.

You can use hose to clean the inside of this kennel. As usual, you have 1.5-inch raised legs. The hose will be pretty easy to be swept under. Don’t worry, proper cleaning job will keep it bacteria, dirt, and odor free for a long… long… time.

What I Liked about this Dog Kennel
  • The stainless steel construction is strong and doesn’t have sharp edges that can harm the dog.
  • Black powder coating makes this thing rust resistant and durable for long-term using.
  • The wire mesh and steel frames are converted into a panel for you to assemble it easily.
  • The roof frame supports a waterproof cover. It protects your dog from water, heat, and dust.
  • You can join two kennels together if you want to look after multiple dogs at the same time.
What I Didn’t Like about this Dog Kennel
  • It can be a bit short for your dog. I would advise you not to use it for adult dogs if they are having a tough time moving around.

Choosing an Ideal Kennel isn’t a Problem Anymore

I understand if you are a bit overwhelmed by these five cages or kennels whatever you want to call them. People will tell you, “Researching for the perfect one isn’t easy mate!” Don’t believe them. Once you know what to look for, it is as easy as pie itself.

This section will answer your queries on things to consider before you select kennels for dogs.

Where Does Your Dog Stay?

Let me rephrase the question for you: Where do you keep your dog most of the time? Indoors or outdoors? Depending on your answer, you might have to choose different brands.

For example, if you prefer to let your dog stay indoors for most of the time, you can choose kennels or cages that are easy to transport inside and outside the house. The cages should be lightweight.

Steel frame increases the weight. It will not be wise to go for steel cages if your dog spends most of his time indoors. Wire construction is good for durability and restriction.

You’ll do well to keep a cage with a roof cover. Whenever it rains, you can hover it over. If you don’t want to, just carry the kennel inside. There’s no need to cover the sides with additional covers.

Consider Your Dog’s Size Before Buying a Kennel

What breed and age of dogs you have? This is a crucial question that you need to ask before buying an indoor and outdoor dog kennels. The bigger your dog, the bigger kennel you’ll need.

For two or three puppies, one cage might do the trick. If you have multiple large breed adults, one cage isn’t enough. You might have to consider buying two or three cages. There’s generally a way to connect multiple cages of the same size.

Make Sure It’s Well Protected

Believe it or not, very often, people think kennels as a comfortable confinement for their dogs and cats. That’s it. They don’t give too much of an afterthought to that.

Truth to be told, safety and security is mighty important. You don’t want your dog to be confined in an unfamiliar steel cage. Likewise, you don’t want him to chew through the barricade and make a mess of your house party.

That is why you need wire mesh that is hard to bite and chew. This mesh is made with 12 gauge wire. Dogs won’t be able to chew through the wire and mesh. Most of the times, rugged design of the cage saves it from your dog’s violent streaks. It trains the canine to be patient and calm throughout the day.

Make Sure the Outdoor Dog Kennel is Raised off the Ground

Many of us buy ordinary ones that are on the same level as the ground itself. Believe me, these things have some drawbacks. Guaranteed, you’ll have a hard time cleaning these things. Sweeping and scrubbing the floor become difficult as hell.

The only way out is to buy kennels for dogs with “Raised Platform.” Buy one with at least 1.5-inch raised platform. This will allow you to clean the kennel effectively. Clean and sweep all you like. The dirt and waste won’t clog. Rather, they will fall down on the ground. All you have to is pick up and dispose of them.

Buy a Spacious Kennel to Make Sure You Can Put in Things Inside

Buying Outdoor Dog Kennels are tricky. People often get confused when it comes to the size of these things. As it happens, they end up buying a smaller cage. Well… most of the times.

My advice would be to buy a spacious kennel. One benefit of this is that you can place a small dog crate or dog house inside. Your dog can go in and out when he pleases.

Some of the dog owners even go for various playthings. They buy dog toys to keep dogs entertained inside. When purchasing a large cage, you can have designated area for the canines to enjoy their foods.

Words of Wisdom

People will tell you to keep “Price” in mind when selecting the best dog kennel for your furry friend. To me, it’s not a problem. Dog Kennel is a long term investment. You won’t probably buy another one if you have one already.

Of course, to buy a quality cage, you need to take some things into consideration. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Following my lead will get you the best kennel in the business. Just make sure to run a maintenance check once every month to make sure it remains in top shape for your friends to dwell in.

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